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What to Serve with Angel Food Cake? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Angel Food Cake is a dessert that has passed the test of time and still remains the GOAT in the cake world.

Serving this timeless dessert can make your food spread delicious to the core.

But if you are in the mood for some creativity, then you can always try serving this cake with a few side dishes.

If you are wondering what to serve with Angel Food Cake, then you are at the right place.

The light and airy texture of the cake with the right amount of sweetness makes it suitable for any kind of occasion.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Angel Food Cake?

Suppose you are wondering why then you must know that this cake is very versatile, unlike any other.

In fact, you can use any kind of toppings, from only fruits to only cream, and enjoy this cake always.

Also, do you know that you can use the Angel Food Cake for a full meal? Yes.

Since the cake is sweet, adding savory side dishes to it will enable you to enjoy the palates of a full-course meal.

Try having the cake with a side of crispy bacon or even an omelet for breakfast.

This spongy cake tastes great even with devilled eggs or simply cookies and strawberries.

What to Serve with Angel Food Cake? 10 BEST Side Dishes

The best side dishes with Angel Food Cake have to be the ones that do not dominate the sweet and vanilla-like flavor but instead enhance it.

You cannot choose a side dish that has a distinct flavor, such as salty or spicy.

Let us look at some of the best side dishes you can have with Angel Food Cake.

1 – Strawberries and Cream

There is no going back when you have Angel Food Cake with strawberries and cream.

It is best if you can use heavy whipped cream with something that’s unsweetened since the cake is quite sweet.

This combination can be eaten as breakfast or as dessert.

The crunch and freshness of strawberries blend smoothly with the light and cottony texture of the cake.

If you don’t like fresh strawberries, then top your cake with cream and strawberry compote.

You can even try other fruit options, such as blackberries or raspberries, depending on your choice.

2 – Devilled eggs

It may surprise you, but devilled eggs with Angel Food Cake give you a mix of both savory and sweet in one plate.

Devilled eggs taste great with any kind of dish, and it’s the same with Angel Food Cake too.

You can get creative and try different types of fillings for your devilled eggs apart from eggs.

For example, try adding bacon pieces, shredded chicken, ham, or any other meat.

Since Angel Food Cake doesn’t have a strong flavor, pairing it with devilled eggs gives you a unique taste.

3 – Scones

Scones are a great addition if you are eating Angel Food Cake for breakfast.

The best part is that you can experiment with the ingredients you use for making scones.

As mentioned above, Angel Food Cake tastes delish with berries like strawberries or blueberries.

Hence, you can always use any of the berries to add flavor to your scones.

However, make sure that you don’t add much sugar since the cake is already sweet.

This combination will make a delicious breakfast spread along with a glass of milk or coffee.

The prep time for scones is hardly 15 minutes, so you can quickly make it before the guests arrive.

4 – Fruit compote

A fruit compote is a ridiculously delicious side dish that pairs great with Angel Food Cake.

The tanginess and sweetness of the fruits complement the spongy and sweet Angel Food Cake.

To make the fruit compote, you can use any kind of fruit available.

However, some of the best ones to use for this are berries, bananas, grapes, and more.

You can adjust the sweetness in the compote since the cake is already sweet.

Nevertheless, this combination makes an interesting breakfast spread for you and your friends.

5 – Caramelized bananas

Yes, the name screams SWEET, but try this combination because it’s a match made in heaven.

Caramelized bananas on top of Angel Food Cake are super delicious and unique at the same time.

The mushiness of bananas smoothly blends with the featherweight sponge of Angel Food Cake.

The prep time is easy and takes only about 15 minutes.

You simply need to slice bananas and cook them with cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar.

Be careful with the sugar since Angel Food Cake is already on the sweeter side.

This combination makes a great dessert and is very filling too.

6 – Ice cream

It is obvious that this item had to be on the list.

Go berserk with this combination because you are going to love it and keep wanting more.

The sponge of Angel Food Cake is so soft and airy that you simply need to put a dollop of ice cream on top of it and see the magic happen.

The ice cream melts and enters through the sponge, thus giving you a moist bite every time.

Since Angel Food Cake is vanilla flavored, you can try some interesting flavors like dark chocolate or anything you like.

7 – Tomato Soup

Don’t be surprised because this side dish is a very popular one.

The sweetness of Angel Food Cake is balanced by the tanginess of a good tomato soup.

You can have this for lunch or dinner because the combo has a savory touch to it.

Pairing Angel Food Cake with such savory dishes while tasting delicious is what makes this cake so popular.

Prepping tomato soup is easy since you only need super-ripe tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper.

The prep time is only 30 minutes, so you can quickly stir one up before the guests arrive.

8 – Coconut and Greek Yogurt

Add some flair to your Angel Food Cake by giving it the tanginess of Greek yogurt and the nutty flavor of coconut.

These side dishes give an oomph factor to a plain Angel Food Cake.

It is super easy to prepare this side dish since you only need coconut and Greek yogurt.

Shred the coconut into a bowl of Greek yogurt and spread the mixture on top of the cake.

This combination is light and won’t make you feel stuffed after finishing a slice.

9 – Blueberry Cobbler

A Blueberry Cobbler is an interesting side dish that you can use on your Angel Food Cake.

Since blueberries taste great with Angel Food Cake, it is much used in many of the side dishes for the cake.

You simply need to use a traditional biscuit dough and put it on top of the cake.

You can then add a blueberry filling or paste on top of that and bake the cake until the dough turns golden brown.

While this side dish can take a slightly longer time than the others, it is worth the wait.

10 – Cheese and Ham Pie

Add a savory flair to your Angel Food Cake by using this famous pie as a side dish.

Simply add ham and cheese to a pie crust, bake it, and you are good to go.

The cheesy taste blends well with the sweetness of the cake.

However, this side dish is quite heavy and will leave you feeling stuffed.


Angel Food Cake is a popular cake that’s used in many different ways.

You can have this as a dessert or even pair it with anything savory.

Nevertheless, adding a side dish along with the cake allows an experiential dining experience that your guests would love.

So, don’t wait any longer but try out the above-mentioned 10 side dishes to serve with Angel Food Cake.

What to Serve with Angel Food Cake? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Looking to enhance your angel food cake experience? We've compiled a selection of the 10 best side dishes that will beautifully accompany the light and airy texture of angel food cake.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 1 Serving


  • Strawberries and Cream
  • Devilled Eggs
  • Scones
  • Fruit Compote
  • Caramelized bananas
  • Ice cream
  • Tomato Soup
  • Coconut and Greek Yogurt
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Cheese and Ham Pie


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