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What Does Angry Orchard Taste Like? Does Angry Orchard Taste Good?

Cider enthusiasts will probably know Angry Orchard, and for those who don’t know, it is a brand that sells varieties of cider drinks.

It’s a popular American brand offering ciders in different flavors.

So, the question is, what does Angry Orchard taste like? It’s pretty impossible to define the taste as this brand has various variants of hard cider, and the taste may vary accordingly.

It’s common knowledge that Apple is the main ingredient in the preparation of cider.

In contrast, hard cider is made of yeast, sugar, and fermented apples.

Read on as we delve further into the aspects of Angry Orchard and the taste similarities it shares with.

What is Angry Orchard?

what is angry orchard

Angry Orchard is a renowned American brand known for selling ciders in different flavors.

The brand is well known among the masses and is considered the number one cider manufacturer in the United States.

According to Statista, it’s reported that the brand sold over $220 million in cider in 2019.

Furthermore, the brand runs a 60-acre orchard, allowing visitors to tour the area.

We often think that fresh and quality apples make the best cider.

However, in this case, the apples used were tannic and acidic, suitable for fermenting, and not good for eating.

The derivation of the brand’s name is loosely based on this process.

Angry Orchard is owned by Boston Beer Co.

, one of the largest brewers in the United States.

This brand’s cider drinks are pretty popular in American households and are also in demand globally.

What Does Angry Orchard Taste Like?

what does angry orchard taste like

Angry Orchard has an array of cider drinks listed on its official websites.

So, it would be impossible to explain the exact taste in general terms.

Overall, it has a sweet taste with a refreshing flavor.

It’s not like beer but can be a better substitute for this drink.

Some people also compare these cider drinks to wine, but if we are to see the similarities in taste, the closest would-be beer.

Angry Orchard has different variants of hard ciders, and some of the popular ones are:

  • Crisp apple: It’s known for its complex taste yet gives a refreshing flavor like having a bite of fresh apple and has an alcohol content of 5.0%.
  • Rose cider: This dry cider from Angry Orchard has become popular and even viral on social media. It has a distinct and mild flavor with a hint of apple undertone.
  • Green apple: Made from green apple, this one has a slight tartness, and you get a hint of kiwi and honeydew undertone. It’s a well-balanced mixture of sweet and sour tastes.
  • Pear cider: It’s a pear-flavored hard cider with a hint of apple notes. This variant is smooth and has an excellent balance of sweetness. .
  • Tropical fruit cider: This hard cider is a mixture of pineapple, passion fruit, and apple notes. It’s sweet and reminds you of summer and the beach while having this flavor.
  • Nutritional value of Angry Orchard .

Angry Orchard ciders are gluten-free, and anyone can drink them without worrying about allergies.

It has low sodium and is a rich source of antioxidants.

Like in most hard ciders, the alcohol content is low, making it a healthy drink if consumed in moderation.

What Drink Is Similar to Angry Orchard?

what drink is similar to angry orchard

Angry Orchard hard cider drinks are similar to beer but sweeter, refreshing, and flavorful.

Different opinions may arise when it comes to the taste of this drink.

However, we’d say that hard ciders from Angry Orchard are a mellow version of the beer.

If you like to cut on alcohol, perhaps you can start with these drinks.

The alcohol percentage is lower and is quite healthy compared to other alcoholic beverages.

Furthermore, you can add these drinks to other beverages to make cocktails.

Here is a simple cocktail with Angry Orchard’s hard cider drinks as a base.

Here is a list of cocktails you can create using these hard ciders.

If you’re on a quest to become a teetotaler, perhaps you can start with hard ciders from Angry Orchard.

It has an alcohol content of 5.0 % but is quite lower than other alcoholic beverages.

Drinking this beverage in moderation is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid excessive intake of hard ciders, which might cause health implications later.

Final Thought

Angry Orchard is a reputed brand known for producing varieties of hard cider drinks.

Most of their drinks have a refreshing flavor with a sweet taste.

The brand is popular among the masses and is exported globally.

Hard ciders taste similar to beer, but they have a mild flavor and are bubblier.

If you haven’t tried their cider drinks yet, perhaps now would be a good time to try one.

Fortunately, the brand offers varieties of flavors.

You can choose one that you prefer and give it a shot.

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What Does Angry Orchard Taste Like? Does Angry Orchard Taste Good?

What Does Angry Orchard Taste Like? Does Angry Orchard Taste Good?


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