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What Does Anise Taste Like? An Aromatic Spice Adventure

You’re probably missing out a lot; if you’ve never tried anise or to make things worse, you might not even know what it is.

Well, worry not. Today, we’re here to guide you through the beautiful world of anise.

It’s perhaps one of the most popular and well-known herbs.

Chances are, you probably heard about it through popular cooking shows like Masterchef.

And since you’re here, the herb may have piqued your interest greatly.

So, if you’re wondering what does anise taste like, we suggest you continue reading to learn more.

What is Anise?

Anise or aniseed is a type of flowering plant belonging to the plant family Apiaceous.

The plant is native to regions of Eastern Mediterranean and Southwest Asia.

However, due to its popularity, anise is circulated and used across the globe.

In fact, various companies grow and sell the plant.

Now, despite sharing similar names, anise is not to be confused with star anise.

The two are very different, and surprisingly, anise is actually closely related to carrots, cumin, fennel, etc.

The anise plant generally contains aromatic stems and leaves, which are often used as herbs.

Moreover, in western cuisines, the plant is popularly used as a flavoring in candies and drinks.

Back in its native kitchen, anise is popularly used and referred to as a seed, which is often infused with various main dishes.

Besides its contribution to several delicious dishes, anise is also widely regarded for its rich nutrient content.

What Does Anise Taste Like?

The most common comparison made for anise is licorice.

The flavor of anise is known to carry a strong licorice-like taste.

This is also one of the main reasons its taste is largely divided among people who are not used to it.

Some people also detect subtle sweetness in anise.

Nonetheless, many often point out that the flavor of anise as a whole closely resembles a combination of several spices.

In fact, many people find it as a mix of fennel and star anise.

But, despite its similarities to other spices, anise still carries a distinct flavor of its own.

Overall, it has a spicy, sweet, and aromatic flavor.

Although the sweet aspect of anise is found to be a little more unique than the common perception of “sweet.

” This is something foodies argue you’ll either love or hate about the herb.

Additionally, anise isn’t as spicy or sour as one would expect.

When trying to restore its complete taste, other spices such as fennel, star anise, and licorice are added.

This further helps us understand the complex flavor of anise.

Additionally, anise is known for its potent health benefits.

The herb is packed with rich nutrients and helps with various problems such as ulcers, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi, etc.

How to Prepare and Cook Anise?

Generally speaking, you’ll often find anise used in a variety of food items ranging from meat to drinks.

Anise can be found in stews, soups, sausage, and other items where licorice flavor is required.

So, anise is perhaps one of the most versatile plants to prepare and cook.

After all, it has been used in the culinary field for centuries now.

For instance, in ancient Rome, spiced cakes containing anise were eaten as digestives post-meal.

In a similar manner, you can prepare and use anise in various dishes.

If you’re not too big on using meat, you can instead use it on baked goods.

You can also try it with fruit pies or some delicious drinks.

For baked items and drinks, various forms of anise can be used, such as extract, whole or ground anise.

If you’re cooking baked goods, make sure to add the anise right before baking.

Moreover, you can also use anise seeds to brew licorice-flavored tea or other types of brewed tea.

You can also try it with alcoholic beverages like ouzo, absinthe, etc.

Lastly, if you have a sweet tooth, you can try anise-infused candies.

This is a smart way of cooking anise, as cooking confectioneries using anise seeds is quite popular across the globe.

Plus, you can always carry out more research on the spice and experiment with new tasty ideas.


Aside from its excellent addition to all kinds of dishes, what makes it even more popular is its beneficial health properties.

Simply put, it doesn’t just help create unique dishes but also enhances your body.

So, if you haven’t incorporated anise into your dishes, let this post be your sign.

You can always start small by using it with a well-loved dish of yours, or you can even look at popular recipes online.

Whatever it may be, we hope our post has helped you become more familiar with anise.

If you’re looking to spice things up in the kitchen, there’s nothing like experimenting with rich items such as anise.

What Does Anise Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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