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What Does Antifreeze Taste Like? Stay Safe: Know the Risks

Antifreeze is a product we’re all pretty familiar with.

But, surprisingly as a type of (unhealthy) drink rather than a motor product.

Antifreeze is actually a liquid used to prevent frozen vehicle engines during cold weather.

Consumable or not, one thing’s for sure, antifreeze has been gaining a lot of buzz for years.

Of course, some people simply see it as a product for cars.

So, for those wanting to keep it only as a non-consumable motor liquid, good on you.

But, for those wondering what does anti-freeze taste like, this blog right here will answer all your queries about antifreeze.

What is Anti Freeze?

Antifreeze is a type of additive used to reduce the freezing point or increase the boiling point of a water-based liquid.

An example of this in the automotive industry is ethylene glycol, which is used as an engine coolant to prevent engines from freezing during cold temperatures.

The liquid is primarily used to prevent engine damage.

Without the presence of antifreeze, the frozen water in the engine will begin to create internal pressure via expansion.

Hence, it is considered as an essential product for car owners.

But that’s not all.

Over the years, Antifreeze has garnered a massive discussion on its consumption and flavoring.

Although antifreeze is in no way a consumable liquid, many people consume it due to its supposed “sweet” taste.

However, it’s highly recommended by health experts to avoid drinking antifreeze as it can lead to poisoning.

Even without the poisoning aspect, it is still a harmful liquid for the body.

What Does Anti freeze Taste Like?

Before we get into what antifreeze tastes like, let us establish the fact that people should simply not consume antifreeze.

That said, if you’ve ever “accidentally” tried antifreeze, you’ve probably noticed that it has a sweet taste.

This is because antifreeze’s active ingredient, ethylene glycol, contains a sweet taste.

The active ingredient typically tastes like a mixture of sugar, salt, and vinegar.

Given the sweetness of ethylene glycol, the flavor profile of antifreeze has been compared to that of beer and wine.

Some even vouch that the sweet taste blends well with sugary beverages like juice, soda, etc.

The fruity and sweet odor of antifreeze is accompanied by its distinct green color.

Additionally, it carries a very strong smell that can linger for hours when spilled.

Although the liquid does not actually contain any poison, this offensive odor can irritate your senses.

Moreover, some also refer to antifreeze as carrying an aspirin flavor due to its resemblance to aspirin in terms of smell.

So, if you smell aspirin-flavored liquid coming from somewhere, it’s perhaps best not to shower your palate with such a liquid.

The sweetness of the liquid is the main selling point for its attraction, and some even suggest it goes really well with high-sugared drinks.

However, it’s best not to get tempted into trying it.

When inhaled or ingested, your body can suffer from a poisonous reaction as it contains toxic substances like ethylene glycol and methanol.

The best way to avoid this is to ensure you keep the liquid tightly sealed in its container and keep it out of children’s reach.

Why Do Alcoholics Drink Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is a common substance passed around among people with alcoholism.

But why do alcoholics consume such a product despite the risk? The consumption of antifreeze is found in high numbers among the homeless community.

This is because antifreeze is cheaper than alcohol and can be found abundantly, unlike expensive drinks.

Another reason could be due to the taste resemblance of beer and wine in antifreeze.

So, people usually consume antifreeze as they are unable to afford alcoholic products, such as beer, etc.

, from liquor stores.

On the contrary, the liquid can be found abundantly in automotive sections of the grocery aisle.

While the drink has been done and tried by many, with some consuming it quite friendly, it’s best never to drink the liquid.

Antifreeze has strong chemical components that can destroy your kidneys, induce nerve damage, and more.

In the end, antifreeze is still a product made for cars, and those who experience the buzz of regularly usually end up in emergency rooms with severe health issues.


Antifreeze is not some cute consumable drink that recently launched in the market.

It’s a highly hazardous liquid not meant for the internal organ system (unless you’re a car).

While the sweet taste profile, as we’ve mentioned above, may trick you into trying antifreeze, it can prove to be fatal when consumed in significant amounts.

In fact, you should be very careful around it, especially if you have pets or small children around the house.

That said, we hope our post has helped clarify antifreeze and its contents.

We understand the interest behind the product.

However, with the precautions we’ve mentioned earlier, ensure to keep them in mind and resist the urge to try them.

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