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Exotic Gastronomy: What Do Bats Taste Like?

You may have come across videos on exotic dishes or perhaps an article on unusual cuisines.

Whatever the reason is, it may have led you to ask, what do bats taste like?

Given that it’s very unlikely that you’d find bat meat or meals in your local fast food chain like taco bell or McDonald’s, it may have increased your interest more.

Fortunately, we’re here to provide all the deeds on bat meat.

Today’s post will explore everything bat, including its taste profile, preparation methods, and more.

So, hang around if you’re interested.

What is Bat?

For most comic fans, bats are almost synonymous with batman.

But in general knowledge, bats are flying mammals that reside in caves, buildings, and trees and consume insects or fruits.

Bats are typically black in color with forelimbs that act as wings.

Hence, they are considered the only mammals with sustained flight ability.

In fact, bats are much more agile compared to most birds.

With over a thousand species in existence, bats rank second in the largest order of mammals.

Given its vast population, these mammals are yet to extinct, but humans do contribute to lessening their number due to hunting or killing.

This brings us to the consumption of bat meat.

Although eating bats is usually considered taboo, some people, mainly from countries like Malaysia, China, Mexico, etc., occasionally eat bats.

The bats used to eat have short, stubby tails with tiny wings.

What Do Bats Taste Like?

what do bats taste like

As mentioned earlier, bats belong to a very diverse group of mammals and have a variety of species.

This is why the taste of bat meat cannot be simply classified or generalized into one.

For instance, bats such as fishing or fruit bats, which typically eat fish and fruits, will contain a different flavor than bats that consume other types of food.

Certain bats will contain a much stronger, fishy taste similar to eating anchovies.

Meanwhile, others are categorized as juicy with an identical taste to chicken.

At times, bats may taste like a mix between pork and chicken but also contain a gamey or bitter taste, which usually depends on where they reside.

Its texture often crosses between chicken and beef, but again, it varies based on the species.

In terms of nutritional value, bats are considered to carry heaps of protein with low fat and high mineral content.

They’re also known to have low calories and cholesterol.

But, most people don’t exactly eat bats for the nutritional value but rather due to their unique type of meat offering, which often attracts the interest of those engaged in experiencing different kinds of animal meat consumption.

Since bats maintain a diet composed of nectar, fruits, and blooming leaves, they are generally considered clean animals.

This makes the flavor of dishes like bat soup resemble that of chicken soup as well.

Just be cautious that consuming bats come with its fair share of risks.

One common threat is contracting rabies (among others), which can cause symptoms of headache, confusion, and fever.

How to Prepare and Eat Bats?

how to prepare and eat bats

Bat meat is popularly presented as a type of speciality dish or delicacy in countries worldwide.

It is commonly found in regions of Eastern Africa, South America, and Asia.

Each follows a different way of prepping up the meat for consumption.

This includes grilling, smoking, or deep frying the bat meat.

Another popular option is making bat soup, which is considered a traditional dish in the Northern areas of Ghana.

The soup can also be prepared with a combination of other animal meat.

One way of prepping this up is to catch a fresh bat, boil it, chop it up and then cook it together with ingredients like tomato and pepper until it forms a broth.

It can then be served alongside cornmeal or rice porridge, which helps balance the intense and rich flavoring of the soup.

People often describe the taste as being similar to gamey or rank.

Before grilling or frying the meat in a saucepan, you may also consider boiling the meat first with additional ingredients such as pepper and garlic.

However, keep in mind that bats have high phosphorous content, which can lead to kidney problems when consumed excessively in a short period.

Plus, it can also lead to various other risky diseases like rabies.


In the end, bat soup may not be for all, but if you’re up for trying something new with a unique flavor profile, then trying out these bat meat recipes will be a great start.

Yes, it’s not the ideal everyday dish, but it does present a unique experience of trying a new meal or a type of animal meat.

So, if interested, why not give bat neat a chance and follow some of the recipe ideas we have shared above?

Just be aware of the risks involved in consuming the meat.

Apart from that, we hope our posts have helped in surveying the taste profile of bats.

What Do Bats Taste Like? Do Bats Taste Good?

Looking to explore the culinary curiosity of bat meat? Wondering if bats are a palatable option? Here's an exploration into what bats taste like and whether they are considered a delicious choice.
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