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Wild and Gamey: What Does Bear Meat Taste Like?

Bear meat may not be the most popular delicacy among regular meat enthusiasts, but it is sure relished in the hunting world.

Compared to commercial meats like beef or chicken, game meats are often scorned, or some find it weird to have them.

Surprisingly, bear meat is quite popular in North American households.

But if you’re on this page, you’re probably here to find out what does bear meat taste like, or you might even wonder if it’s edible? Perhaps curiosity got the best of you.

This post will answer what bear meat tastes like, how to cook it, and its taste variances.

What is Bear Meat?

Bear meat is simply from the bear, a large carnivorous animal available across the southern and northern hemispheres.

A variety of bear species are found worldwide.

They are large mammals with a brilliant sense of smell and are either nocturnal or diurnal.

Their eating habits may vary as they feed on berries and plants, while some eat fish and other animals.

We may say it’s an omnivorous animal.

Before, it was considered venison, but now it’s called bear meat.

It’s categorized as red meat sharing a similar texture to beef.

Bear meat may not be as red as cattle meat but is darker, like purplish-black.

Bear meat has lower calories than beef and is also a great source of protein.

It may not be a popular delicacy in some countries, but it is a staple food in North America.

What Does Bear Meat Taste Like?

Most people who have tasted bear meat say it tastes similar to beef.

It’s gamey like venison but sweeter and shares a similar texture with pork.

The unique aspect of bear meat is its taste variances based on the seasons.

Fall bears that are preparing for hibernation are fattier and tastier if they feed on blueberries.

Spring bears tend to have lesser fat and has a mild taste.

Note that some bear may have a pungent flavor or not taste good if it feeds on fish or dead animals.

Another crucial factor that affects the taste of bear meat is its age.

The meat of younger bears is tender and milder than that of older ones.

Considering all these aspects, it gets challenging to determine the taste of bear meat.

So, what you may do is opt for bear meat based on your preferences.

Spring bear would be better if you prefer mild and low-fat meat.

But if you’re more into fats with deep flavor and marbling, choose fall bear.

Overall, bear meat is nutritious and tasty if appropriately cooked using appropriate ingredients.

It’s a good source of B vitamins, Iron, and protein.

Unlike commercial meat, game meat is not found easily in the market unless you’re into hunting.

Besides, bear hunting is prohibited in some countries due to extinction or comes with specific rules and regulations.

If you plan to hunt bears, ensure that you abide by the rules set by the required authority.

Go through the guidelines and research before you embark.

How to Cook and Serve Bear Meat?

Although bear meat is edible, many have raised concerns about its safety.

Game or wild meat, in general, is suspected of parasites and other bacterial diseases.

Admittedly, bear meat carries various diseases, but it is preventable.

Like how we avoid Trichinosis in pork by thoroughly cooking, you may also apply the same process in bear meat.

You may prepare bear meat in different ways, including sausages, steaks, jerky, bacon, tacos, and stews.

The best method to prepare bear meat is through slow cooking.

In this process, the meat is cooked in a low-medium heat allowing any worms or parasites to die.

One of the best recipes is a bear pot roast.

All you need is a slow cooker, and then throw in seasonings and vegetables.

Here are some of the safe ways to eat bear meat:

  • The standard temperature to prepare meat is 375 degrees per pound for 20-25 minutes. .
  • Cook until the meat is devoid of pink color around the bone and joints.
  • Consume the meat within a week after it’s killed. The flavor becomes stronger as it ages. .


Concluding the article, we hope it has clarified your doubts about bear meat and its taste variances.

The bear may be described as an omnivorous animal as it feeds on plants and animals.

Because of this, the taste of bear meat varies based on what it eats.

Furthermore, the taste profile changes based on the season and age.

When it comes to game or wild meat, proper cooking is crucial to get rid of bacteria or worms that are likely to carry diseases.

So, be wary of this while preparing meat.

Nonetheless, bear meat is nutritious and tasty if cooked right.

What Does Bear Meat Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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