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Sip into Sweetness: What Does Big Red Taste Like?

Big Red is an iconic soft drink next to Dr.Pepper in the United States.

Surprisingly, both originated in Texas.

This soda drink truly sticks to its slogan, “Deliciously Different,” when it comes to its taste profile.

The unique flavors of this soft drink have led to a massive fan following across the country and are well-known globally too.

Besides its unique taste, Big Red is well-known for its bizarre commercials.

So, what does Big Red taste like? In this post, we’ll answer the taste profile of this drink and other vital aspects related to this soft drink.

What is Big Red?

Before, Big Red was known as Sung Tang Red Cream Soda.

The soft drink was established in 1937 by R.

H Roark and Grover C Thomsen in Waco, Texas.

Initially, the drink was marketed within the Texas region and was a hit among the locals and a top seller in the 1950s.

Because of its unique taste, Big Red became popular outside Texas too.

In fact, by 2002, it was the sixth highest-selling soft drink in the United States.

Big Red is currently available in three flavors: Big Red, Retro Big Red, and Big Red Zero.

Besides these, you may also find other flavors with limited availability.

The primary ingredients in this soft drink are artificial and natural flavor, high fructose corn syrup, Red 40, caffeine, carbonated water, and citric acid.

Ingredients may also vary based on different flavors.

What Does Big Red Taste Like?

What makes Big Red a popular drink is its unique blend of flavors.

It allows your taste bud to have a refreshing experience.

Big Red is not like a regular soda drink but is more like cream soda.

It’s extremely sweet, with a vanilla undertone, and syrupy too.

Some people who have tasted this drink say it’s like bubblegum.

Come to think of it, which soda drink has this kind of taste? None, as far as we know.

Some might wonder if it’s similar to Dr.Pepper, but it’s not.

Big Red also gives a hint of cherry and cinnamon.

It’s not surprising that this soft drink is used in making cocktails and other refreshing drinks.

You may expect slight variations in taste since it has different spin-offs.

Some has discontinued, like the Big Orange, Sugar-Free Big Red Vanilla Float, and Big Punch and Fruit Punch.

Big Red also offer various nutritional benefits.

A 600ml bottle of Big Red provides 250 calories, 3% of sodium, and 21% of carbohydrates.

This drink would be a better option compared to other soda drinks.

It’s an excellent summer drink to go with any food items.

It may not be a rich source of Iron, vitamin D, potassium, or calcium, but it has zero cholesterol levels.

How to Drink and Serve Big Red?

Big Red is a versatile drink allowing you to make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

You may also make ice cream sod floats with this soft drink.

Besides, it’s one of the main ingredients in multiple cocktails, including Texas Sunrise and Melted Snowcone.

If you’re a Margarita enthusiast, you may prepare one by adding Big Red.

Check these simple steps to prepare a Big Red margarita:

  • The first step is to get all the required ingredients. Some essential ingredients are tequila, watermelon liquor, blue curacao, margarita salt, Big Red, and lime wedge. .
  • You may need a pitcher to pour the drinks for mixing.
  • First, pour the ice cubes into the pitcher. After that, add tequila, watermelon liquor, and Big Red. .
  • Once all the ingredients are poured into the pitcher, mix gently. Avoid over-stirring because of carbonation. .
  • Take out the cocktail glasses and then pour the drinks. Once done, pour blue curacao over the drinks gently. Since this drink is heavy, it will sink to the bottom. .
  • Avoid stirring after adding blue curacao, or the drink will turn blue. .

So, there you go. The drink is ready to serve.

It’s simple if you have all the ingredients or do some improvisation.

Not only is the cocktail refreshing, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Note that Big Red contains caffeine and high sugar intake.

Therefore, it would be better to have it in moderation to avoid health implications in the long run.


Big Red is, without a doubt, an excellent drink.

Unlike other soda drinks, this one has a unique taste and flavor.

You may have it as it is or make punch, cocktails, and more.

Its versatile flavor makes it an excellent ingredient for any drink.

The taste might be overwhelming for beginners since it’s heavy in flavors.

But once you get used to it, it might become your favorite soda drink.

As we end the article, we hope it was helpful and answered your questions about Big Red and its taste profile.

What Does Big Red Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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