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Sipping Sensation: What Does Black Ooze G Fuel Taste Like?

Gamers or fans of the Venom movie may have heard of or tasted Gfuel’s Black Ooze.

It’s a limited-edition energy drink that was developed to promote Marvel’s Venom.

Gfuel has varieties of energy drinks sold in different flavors.

Their core consumers are gamers, and it is also the official energy drink of Esports.

It has a diverse fanbase spread worldwide, catering not only to gamers but also to content creators, casual gamers, and the public in general.

You’re probably on this page to find out what does Black Ooze taste like? This post will reveal its taste profile and its other variants too.

What is Black Ooze Gfuel?

Black Ooze is a sugar-free energy drink created by Gfuel to promote the movie Venom.

It’s a limited-edition drink used during movie promotions.

Along with Black Ooze, it has also released Red Ooze.

Both consist of different flavors.

Red Ooze is known for its sour taste, while Black Ooze has a sweet taste.

Gfuel is known for its healthy energy drink devoid of sugar, gluten, and artificial flavors.

It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins leaving you energized.

The company offers forty energizing flavors leaving you with ample choices.

It’s focused on providing a clean, healthy energy drink packed with nutrients.

Within a short span, Gfuel has firmly established itself as one of the leaders in the energy drink industry.

It has partnered with well-known brands and creators, including Bandai, Lucasfilm, PewDiePie, Ghost Gaming, and more.

What Does Black Ooze Gfuel Taste Like?

Black Ooze is known for its sweet taste despite its zero sugar content.

It would be primarily due to the presence of sucralose in it.

The taste of this energy drink is closely similar to Cherry Capri-sun.

People who have drunk Black Ooze mostly compare it to this drink.

Despite the similarity in taste, there is a difference in texture.

Capri-sun is fruitier compared to Black Ooze.

Regarding ingredients, it’s also similar since both are devoid of sugar and gluten.

Nonetheless, Black Ooze is an excellent energy drink that leaves you active and allows you to function effectively.

The ingredients in this drink primarily consist of antioxidants and vitamins.

Since this energy drink is a limited edition, it may not be available now.

You may opt for other flavors which are equally good.

Here are some of them:

  • Gfuel sparkling water.
  • Gfuel peach ring.
  • Gfuel Radioactive lemonade energy drink.
  • Gfuel Ice Shatter energy drink.
  • Gfuel Pink Drip energy drink.

Besides energy drinks, it sells energy formulas and other items.

For instance, you may buy a Gfuel shaker cup to mix energy formulas.

You may also opt for Cherry Capri-sun if you have never tasted Black Ooze.

Since it shares a similar taste profile, this drink will give you a gist of it.

Although Gfuel’s energy drinks are marketed as a healthy, sugar-free drink, they may not be the healthiest option.

It still contains artificial sweeteners, which are worse than sugar.

We recommend having it in moderation to avoid negative implications on your health.

How to Drink Black Ooze Gfuel?

Black Ooze tastes good in itself. You may drink it as it is or mix it with other drinks.

Since it’s a versatile-tasting drink, there is room for improvisation.

Before you mix Black Ooze with other ingredients, ensure they complement each other.

It also applies to any type of drink.

It should blend with the ingredients for an excellent result.

You may prepare Black Ooze cocktails or simply add ice cubes and have them.

The sweet and slight note of the fruity flavor of this energy drink makes an excellent ingredient for making mocktails as well.

If you’re making a cocktail with an energy drink, be wary of alcohol content.

Since it contains caffeine, adding too much alcohol may make you super drunk.

It applies to any energy drink, including Red Bull and Monster Energy.

Since Black Ooze is less likely to find in the market, you may use other Gfuel energy drinks to customize your drink.

Based on the flavors, you may infuse the ingredients that are best suitable for each other.

Note that Gfuels energy drinks contain caffeine and sucralose.

It’s advisable to have it sparingly as excess consumption may not be suitable for your health.

Avoid overindulgence in general, which may only backfire in the long run.


Black Ooze is one of the limited-edition energy drinks of Gfuel.

It’s a refreshing drink with a sweet and fruity flavor.

The versatile taste of this energy drink makes it suitable to infuse with any beverage except for coffee.

Like any Gfuel energy drink, it leaves you energized and keeps your mind focused.

Check Gfuel’s official website to see the availability of this energy drink.

You may opt for other items if it’s not in stock.

It may not taste the same but it provides the same energy and performance.

What Does Black Ooze Gfuel Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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