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Bold Citrus Twist: What Does Blood Orange Taste Like?

Blood orange is an outrageous name for a fruit that looks incredible and has an enticing taste.

Its distinct dark flesh stands out from the standard orange, often making people curious about its taste.

Are you wondering the same? Let’s find out through this post.

In this post, we’ll answer, “what does blood orange taste like”.

Besides revealing its taste profile, we’ll guide you on different ways to use this citrus fruit.

What is Blood Orange?

This type of orange is smaller and has thick skin compared to different varieties of oranges.

However, it’s easy to peel compared to other types.

Blood orange originated in the Southern Mediterranean.

It’s a hybrid between the tangerine and pomelo.

It has been in existence since the 18th century and is also commonly referred to as raspberry orange.

This fruit primarily grows in a warm climate and ripens at cold temperatures.

Its exterior may look like a regular orange, but the taste is quite different.

The deep red color of the flesh is due to anthocyanin.

It’s an antioxidant found mainly in blue and red-purple vegetables and fruits.

This citrus orange has almost twelve different types.

Some of the common blood orange types are ruby blood, Moro, Delfino, Maltese, and tarocco.

The taste will likely vary based on the types, but its deep flesh skins stay the same.

In some cases, it’s lighter or extremely red.

What Does Blood Orange Taste Like?

Due to its many variants, giving a specific taste of blood orange can be challenging.

Generally, it’s less tangy than the regular oranges and has a tart taste and floral flavor with fewer seeds.

Some variants taste closely similar to orange juice with added flavors like cranberry, fruit punch, and raspberry.

Since this kind of orange may not be readily available in some places, substitute it with cranberries or raspberries.

They are the closest taste similarity with this orange species.

Let’s take a look at the taste profile of the variants of this orange:

  • Tarocco: It’s a well-known variety with the sweetest taste among the blood orange variants. This type has a potent flavor and is usually available in May. Compared to other types, this one doesn’t have deep red flesh. .
  • Moro: This type is quite popular in the United States. It has darker red flesh to almost purplish. It also ripe the earliest among these types.
  • Sanguinello: This variant is popular in Spain. Its orange flesh has burgundy streaks, while its peel color is yellow-orange. .

Some people also compare this cara cara oranges.

They belong to the same citrus species but differ in taste.

Blood orange falls more toward a tart and tangy taste, while cara is a subtle mix of sweet and tart.

Nonetheless, both taste amazing and can be used in several recipes.

Besides tasting good, it’s an excellent source of vitamins A and C, providing multiple health benefits.

Add this to your meal routine if you’re on a balanced diet.

How to Use Blood Orange?

Not only does this citrus fruit taste incredible, but it’s also quite versatile.

From its rind to the pulp, it has various uses in the kitchen.

Check below some of the ways to use this fruit in recipes;.

  • Cocktails: Add a unique twist to your cocktail by adding this fruit juice. The combination of the orange’s sweet and tart taste refreshes your drink.

Make a mimosa by combining this fruit with sparkling wine.

Or, prepare a margarita mix, which will not only taste incredible but aesthetically pleasing as well.

  • Marmalade: It’s been known that citrus fruits are excellent for making marmalades or jams. Preserve them in jars and use them as a spread in bread and biscuits. .

You can also make a sauce from this fruit by combining its zest with cranberry sauce.

It makes an excellent substitute for maple syrup as it blends well with waffles and pancakes.

  • Salads: This fruit’s sweet and tart taste makes it a fantastic ingredient in salads. .

Make a fresh salad by adding olives, chopped nuts, red onions, and sliced blood oranges.

Add olive oil as a salad dressing.

This salad gives an incredible combination of sour and sweet flavors.

You can add leafy vegetables as this fruit goes well.


Blood oranges are undoubtedly a delight to have.

The tart and sweet combination makes it suitable to use in various kitchen recipes.

This citrus fruit has been in existence for decades and is still relished by the people.

It’s smaller than other orange varieties and comes with a tough rind distinctively dark red pulp.

It is noticeably sweet when it’s fresh and ripe.

However, it will vary based on the climatic and growing condition.

Overall, it’s worth trying if you get the opportunity to have this citrus fruit.

What Does Blood Orange Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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