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Unveiling the Taste: What Does Blood Pudding Taste Like?

Blood puddings may not surprise some, but many people are horrified by the idea of having blood as a dish.

To bring in a plate of well-seasoned blood links is to divide the people at the table and paint judgy looks on their faces.

However, there are a lot of diners who love the sausage pudding at any time of the day.

This dark pudding, often called ‘black pudding,’ does not actually look the way one might think it would.

It’s not the usual custard or chocolate pudding we all enjoy after a hefty meal.

So, what does blood pudding taste like? Find out more about this English savory goodness in this article.

What is Blood Pudding?

what is blood pudding

Blood pudding, or black pudding, is a type of sausage dish that is made from the blood of pork or beef.

It is a well-known dish within the regions of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It’s been incorporated into the traditional breakfast menus of Scottish and Irish people.

Hearing the name, you may assume it’s a cup of blood that is served as pudding.

However, it’s a simple blend of ingredients stuffed together and sealed.

Recipes can differ from area to area, but the main components include animal fat, herbs, spices, cereal, and animal blood.

Some say the origin of blood pudding comes from the usage of leftover animal organs by butchers.

However, it is a dish that is old yet diverse, so different names in different countries know it.

German people call it blutwurst, while Spanish people know it as morcilla.

Whatever the recipe or name, it is a form of sausage that is ancient but well-loved even today.

What Does Blood Pudding Taste Like?

what does blood pudding taste like

Blood pudding has a flavor profile that includes nutty & earthy tastes.

Although blood is the main character in the ingredient list, it does not resemble the taste of blood, excluding the slight metallic taste.

Because of the seasoning, as well as the spices that are blended in, it has a spicy and herby taste to it.

Like a piece of salami, it is chewy and meaty.

It has a deep & dark color that makes it stand out as a unique-looking dish.

With all the ingredients mashed together, it leaves a chunky feeling inside the mouth after a single bite.

Blood pudding is not just exquisite in taste but also in nutrition.

In fact, it is considered as a superfood.

Due to the presence of different proteins, vitamins, and minerals, like zinc, iron, magnesium, etc.

, presiding within helps bodily function and aids digestion.

It is also an excellent fiber root, so it is known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

The protein and mineral cargo packed inside one dish helps enhance the immune system and provides more oxygen to energize the body.

A plate of blood pudding fosters improvement in brain function due to the fat and calorie content.

Those who suffer from anemia or have any deficiency in minerals can relish some blood pudding.

As animal blood can quickly nurse bacterial growth and diseases, it is deemed unclean.

But, it is one of the problematic ingredients that make the dish illegal in some countries, like Singapore.

However, it is an exceptional food with high-quality flavors if prepared safely.

How to Cook and Use Blood Pudding?

how to cook and use blood pudding

In European countries, it is a dish served best in the morning with some beans and toast.

As a frequent breakfast item, it stays within the top list of well-loved foods like boiled eggs, bread, and bacon.

You can either fry it in a pan, poach it or even grill it on a charcoal barbecue grill.

You can have blood pudding by itself or mix it with other ingredients in your kitchen.

Some prefer to have blood pudding on its own because the taste cannot be complemented by anything else.

However, there are exceptions, such as adding mashed potatoes or pairing them with a hot beverage.

It’s a typical snack inside bars and pubs, so you can open up a nice, cold beer and enjoy it with slices of blood pudding.

Others like to cook up some soup with scallops and top it off with pieces of diced blood pudding.

You can even dice it into small bits and mix it with some sauteed veggies for lunch.

It’s great if you try to keep it traditional; serve it with some sauerkraut and baked vegetables.

For a hefty breakfast, you can make some toast and eggs with a side of blood pudding.

But it’s always easy for you to work with this dish to suit your taste, whether it’s to add savory toppings or sweet ones like honey and applesauce.


Blood pudding is a good root source of protein and minerals to help with your immune system.

It has a texture and taste that will make it a distinctive character on the menu.

If you live in an area where you can’t get this quality item from a restaurant, then you can easily make it at home.

If beef or pork blood doesn’t appeal to you, you can always use sheep, lamb, or chicken.

The unique must-try, blood pudding dish, is popular in all parts of the world and what’s interesting is—everyone has their own rendition of it.

So, you can easily do it too.

What Does Blood Pudding Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Curious about the flavor profile of blood pudding? Wondering if it's a culinary delight? Look no further! We'll explore what blood pudding tastes like and whether it's a savory treat worth savoring.
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