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Blue Apron vs Plated: Comparing Meal Kit Delivery Services

Are you wondering how to get restaurant-quality meals without having to do all the shopping, prepping, and cooking yourself?

Meal delivery services have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to get delicious food conveniently delivered straight to your door.

However, with so many meal kit services now available on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited for your needs.

In this blog post we will compare two of the most popular meal kit delivery services – Blue Apron and Plated – evaluating each company in terms of affordability, convenience, variety of recipes offered, customization options and more.

Let’s dive into this comparison between Blue Apron vs Plated and see which recipe-delivery service reigns supreme.

What is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is a top-notch meal kit delivery service.

It brings fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to your doorstep.

Plus, it offers a diverse menu. Veggie and family-friendly options are available.

Professional chefs curate the weekly menus. You get easy-to-follow recipes with each delivery.

Sustainability is important too. High-quality ingredients, less food waste – this is what they prioritize.

Plus, you get flexibility. Skip weeks or cancel anytime.

Home-cooked meals without grocery shopping and meal planning? Blue Apron is the perfect option.

What is Plated?

Plated is a meal kit delivery service that gives people chef-created recipes.

It provides a convenient and fun cooking experience.

Plated has a wide selection of dishes so it can satisfy different people’s tastes and dietary needs.

They send you top-notch ingredients, in exact portions.

Plated stands out from other meal delivery services because they let you get creative.

You can make amazing meals without the trouble of grocery shopping or finding recipes.

Plated makes it easy to show off your cooking skills and explore new flavors.

Differences Between Blue Apron and Plated

Blue Apron and Plated are two popular meal kit delivery services.

But, there are some key differences between them.

  • Firstly, Blue Apron offers traditional and globally-inspired dishes, whereas Plated offers a wide range of unique and adventurous recipes.
  • When it comes to customization, Blue Apron allows customers to choose from various menu options each week. Plated has the added benefit of offering flexibility in portion sizes, as well as add-ons like desserts and appetizers.
  • Price-wise, Blue Apron is usually more affordable than Plated. Additionally, Blue Apron offers discounts for orders of larger servings.
  • Delivery schedules differ too. Blue Apron delivers nationwide with specific days based on the customer’s location. Plated operates in select areas only, and has a narrower delivery window.
  • Additionally, Blue Apron uses mostly recyclable packaging for sustainability, while Plated provides insulated boxes to keep food fresh during transport.

Meal Variety and Customization

Blue Apron and Plated boast a wide variety of meal options.

Pick from various cuisines, diets, and portion sizes.

Plus, you can customize meals to your liking.

These services provide pre-portioned ingredients and detailed instructions.

Even novice cooks can whip up restaurant-quality meals with ease.

Perfect for busy people who crave homemade meals.

They also offer seasonal specials and chef collaborations. Try fresh flavors and dishes.

Blue Apron offers a rotating menu that changes weekly.

Plated lets you pick from a large menu with vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-calorie options.

Both services provide a great selection of meals, plus customization.

No matter your taste, you’ll find something to enjoy.

Recipe Complexity and Skill Levels

Blue Apron and Plated are meal kit delivery services with varying complexity and skill levels.

Blue Apron has recipes that range from easy to complex.

Detailed instructions make it simple for beginners to prepare restaurant-quality meals.

Plated provides more intricate, chef-designed recipes that require precision and attention to detail.

Both services offer recipes to suit all skill levels, but they have different approaches.

Blue Apron focuses on simplicity and accessibility.

Plated is for experienced cooks who want a challenge.

Ingredient Sourcing and Quality

When it comes to quality ingredients, Blue Apron and Plated are all about providing the best.

From farm-fresh fruits to top-quality proteins, they make sure every ingredient is carefully chosen.

Blue Apron partners with farmers and suppliers for sustainably grown and responsibly raised goods.

They prioritize organic produce and work with local farmers whenever possible.

The same applies to their meats – antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and humanely raised.

Similarly, Plated takes pride in partnering with trusted suppliers who meet their high standards.

They choose seasonal ingredients from sustainable farms, guaranteeing taste and freshness.

Plus, Plated covers different diets, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and low-carb.

What sets Blue Apron apart is their commitment to creating recipes from all over the world.

They aim to introduce customers to new flavors and cooking techniques, with detailed recipe cards for an easy experience.

On the other hand, Plated offers a flexible menu, allowing customers to pick and choose meals to their liking.

This way, they can customize their dishes without sacrificing quality.

In conclusion, Blue Apron and Plated guarantee top-notch ingredients and an enjoyable culinary experience.

Whether you’re curious about new flavors or have dietary needs, these meal kit delivery services have got you covered.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Blue Apron and Plated both offer subscription plans and pricing for meal kit delivery.

Blue Apron’s prices range from $9.99 to $11.99 per serving.

Plated’s prices range from $9.95 to $11.95 per serving.

Both companies have flexible plans.

Customers can choose the number of servings they need & customize meals based on dietary preferences.

Blue Apron’s family plan is for larger households and offers more variety.

The cost per serving between the two is only slightly different.

Blue Apron’s two-person plan starts at $9.99, whereas Plated’s two-serving plan starts at $9.95.

Prices may vary depending on the meals chosen.

Free shipping is offered on all orders over a certain amount.

Blue Apron requires a minimum order of $45, whereas Plated requires a minimum order of $60.

The best fit for you depends on individual preference and dietary needs.

Similarities Between Blue Apron and Plated

Blue Apron and Plated are both popular in the meal kit delivery industry.

They both offer many recipes that suit everyone’s tastes.

Plus, they provide fresh, tasty ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Sustainability is a similarity between the two.

They reduce food waste with portioned ingredients and use packaging that’s recyclable or made from sustainable materials.

Flexible subscriptions let customers customize orders.

There’s also the option to skip weeks.

Plus, there are recipe cards and step-by-step instructions, helping even novices to cook.

Customer service is a priority.

Both have user-friendly websites and apps, and responsive support teams for any inquiries.

Delivery and Packaging

Delivery and packaging are key to customer satisfaction.

Blue Apron and Plated understand this.

Blue Apron offers reliable delivery, carefully packaging ingredients in a refrigerated box.

This guarantees fresh produce and high-quality meals.

Plated also focuses on efficient delivery and eco-friendly packaging materials.

Their boxes keep ingredients secure, preventing damage or spoilage.

The two services differ in portion control.

Blue Apron pre-measures ingredients.

Plated provides exact measurements but allows customers to adjust portions.

They both provide detailed recipe cards with step-by-step instructions.

Blue Apron adds cooking tips and fun facts.

Plated focuses on unique flavors and culinary techniques.

So, customers can choose the service that best fits their needs.

Delivery and packaging are essential.

Cooking Experience and Convenience

Cooking experience and convenience are different between Blue Apron and Plated.

Both services have easy-to-follow recipes, pre-portioned ingredients, and convenient delivery options.

But the cooking experience varies in terms of the recipe selection and complexity.

Blue Apron has many diverse recipes for vegetarians, pescatarians, and those with gluten-free diets.

Their dishes are flavorful, balanced, and all ingredients are in one box.

Time and effort are saved for busy individuals.

Plated offers a more refined culinary experience.

High-quality ingredients from local suppliers are used where possible.

Recipes are unique and innovative.

Selection might be smaller than Blue Apron’s.

Detailed instructions for each dish are given by both services.

Pre-portioned ingredients help reduce food waste.

Subscription plans are offered by both services.

Customers can modify their meal selections or skip weeks.

In conclusion, Blue Apron and Plated have convenient meal kit delivery services with easy-to-follow recipes.

But they differ in terms of recipe selection and complexity.

The choice depends on personal taste preferences and willingness to explore different cooking techniques.

Customer Support and Flexibility

When it comes to customer support and flexibility, Blue Apron and Plated both offer top-notch services.

They value their customers and want to give them the best experience.

Blue Apron has multiple ways for customers to contact them.

You can reach out through email, phone, or live chat.

They are efficient and try to solve problems fast.

Plated also understands the need for good customer service.

They have a team of experts you can contact via email or phone.

They are knowledgeable and ensure a pleasant experience.

Blue Apron has an online FAQ section with info about orders, deliveries, recipes, and more.

It’s a great resource if you prefer to solve problems on your own.

Plated includes cooking instructions and recipe cards with each order.

This makes cooking easier and serves as a reference after you eat.

User Reviews and Satisfaction

User reviews and satisfaction are critical when comparing meal kit delivery services, like Blue Apron and Plated.

Their customers’ experiences and contentment are key to the success and popularity of these companies.

Blue Apron and Plated have both received great feedback from their customers.

People appreciate the convenience and ease of use they offer.

Busy folks love that they can receive pre-portioned ingredients and detailed recipes, without needing to meal plan or shop for groceries.

Plus, customers are satisfied with the quality of ingredients from both Blue Apron and Plated.

Freshness, taste, and variety are factors users value in meal kits.

Both companies source top-notch ingredients and have a range of recipes to meet different diets.

Furthermore, customer service is an area where Blue Apron and Plated shine.

Users get quick responses, helpful help, and swift resolution of issues.

This makes them feel valued and supported during their subscription – adding to the positive experience.

It’s vital to note that user reviews and satisfaction are great for both Blue Apron and Plated, but individual experiences may differ.

Personal preferences, cooking skills, and specific requirements can affect a user’s satisfaction with a service.


The contrast between Blue Apron and Plated shows major distinctions in meal kit delivery services.

Blue Apron offers a vast array of recipes, and caters to various dietary preferences.

On the other hand, Plated focuses on better ingredients and more premium choices.

Both services are top-notch when it comes to convenience and recipe quality.

So, it is hard to pick a clear-cut winner.

Yet, Blue Apron’s affordability and Plated’s customizable options could influence customers’ decisions.

Ultimately, the choice between these two meal kit delivery services depends solely on personal preferences and needs.

Blue Apron vs Plated: Comparing Meal Kit Delivery Services

Searching for the best meal kit delivery service? Your quest ends here as we compare Blue Apron and Plated. Dive into our analysis to discover the nuances that set these services apart, helping you make an informed choice for a delightful and convenient culinary experience.
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  • Choose between Blue Apron and Plated based on your meal kit delivery preferences.
  • Select your desired meal options from the menu provided by your chosen service.
  • Follow the provided cooking instructions and ingredient ratios for your selected meal.
  • Enjoy a delicious and convenient home-cooked meal from your chosen meal kit service.
  • Explore various recipes and meal options to make the most of your meal kit subscription.
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