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Unveil Thirst Quencher: What Does Blue Gatorade Taste Like?

A quick history search will show you that Gatorade was invented back in 1965.

But the question is, why is it one of the most popular sports drinks today?

This energy drink is packed with electrolytes, which is essential to power up people in between breaks.

Electrolytes work together with the body to refuel all those who do intense exercise, with new electrolytes, making Gatorade one of the most successful sports drinks today.

Even though intended towards athletes the drink flourished among regular people as well.

Today, considering that there are 22 flavors to choose from, and there are at least several blues flavors to catch up on, you might not be familiar with the blue Gatorade.

If you’re wondering, “what does blue Gatorade taste like” don’t fret.

Read on as we delve deeper into the taste profile of this delicious wonder drink.

What is Blue Gatorade?

Blue Gatorade is the famous energy drink created by the Gatorade Company, a division of the main company PepsiCo, Inc.

Like all the rest, the blue Gatorade is its own unique flavor and is much appreciated globally.

It is known for a fact that this energy drink has garnished a reputation among the masses for being an undisputed enhancer among athletes and regular people alike.

But how so? Not only does it refuel electrolytes when we exhaust them doing intense exercise, but it also helps regular people regain electrolytes whenever they suffer from specific illnesses that deplete them.

The company markets blue Gatorade as a refreshing energy and hydration booster, and the drink, in general, has dominated the sports drink industry by 70%, making it one of the most celebrated today.

What Does Blue Gatorade Taste Like?

Now that we know why this energy drink is popular, let’s talk about what blue Gatorade tastes like and why it differs from the rest.

If you look in the market, there are several known bluish-colored Gatorades that might catch your eye.

Since only two out of the several are marked as blue we’ll be talking about these two flavors.

The first one that we’ll be talking about is named Cool Blue Gatorade, and the second is named Fierce Blue Cherry.

With Cool Blue, Gatorade took the milder approach with its sugary content.

Even though the flavor that the Cool blue is based on, is rich and apparent, there’s not too much power jolt with this one since they lowered the sugar train express.

Cool blue might be the best choice for you if you are into lighter and milder flavors and not Gatorade flavors like the Icy burst.

On the other hand, the next blue contender, the Fierce Blue Cherry is much like your average frozen sweet beverages but it will give you the electrolyte boost you crave for.

However, some people have mentioned that this Gatorade has a mild medicinal aftertaste, but at the same time, some people share stories about how the taste reminds them of old active memories.

The drink has some mixed reviews when it comes to the Fierce Blue Cherry Gatorade, but overall, it tastes pretty great and unlike most flavors, both the blue colored Gatorade has depth.

How to Serve Blue Gatorade?

While you may not need an expert to tell you how to properly drink blue Gatorade, here are some ways to serve and drink it for the best possible outcome.

Since Gatorade helps athletes and normal people refuel their electrolytes after an intense workout or a long day, drinking or serving it after you’ve done the work is best.

To be precise, the best possible time to drink a Gatorade would be 30 to 40 minutes after you’re done sweating out.

This helps you rejuvenate and resupply the electrolytes lost, and you can perform better or feel refreshed.

But even though the blue Gatorade or any other flavors come with various advantages, it is advised that you drink them in moderation.

Since these energy drinks are high in sodium, food dyes, and sugar, they pose various risks to our general health.

Athletes and people who are into fitness and do intense exercise hugely benefit from Gatorade.

Still, regular people with minimal exercise are prone to health risks such as diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay among various other illnesses.


Even though there are several bluish-colored Gatorades, the Cool Blue Gatorade and the fierce blue cherry are the only flavors marketed as blue.

While both the energy drinks lack a demand for sugar, most people that prefer this mildness with a rich flavor will have a ball with these drinks.

Gatorade, in general, has been on top the sports drink industry for years, but despite its benefits, there are disadvantages, like all the other great things in life.

Due its high content in sugar and other various additives, drinking in moderation is key even if you’re working out every day.

What Does Blue Gatorade Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Discover the taste of Blue Gatorade and whether it suits your preferences with our comprehensive guide to its flavor profile and overall appeal.
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