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Taste the Rainbow: What Does Blue Moon Ice Cream Taste Like?

“What is your favourite ice cream flavour?”. This is a question we get asked often while ordering one.

Most people answer with vanilla, followed by Matcha, coconut, etc.

But you might change your decision after you have a taste of Blue Moon ice cream.

This particular snack is a favorite among Midwesterners.

You will notice Blue Moon ice cream by its distinct bright blue, almost turquoise shade.

And this dessert packs a flavor that one has yet to discover exactly.

The recipe for Blue Moon ice cream has remained a mystery.

So, we can’t exactly say what gives it that distinct flavor.

But we can provide hints. So, what does Blue Moon ice cream taste like? Find out below.

What is Blue Moon Ice Cream?

Blue Moon is a popular ice cream flavor in Midwestern America.

This ice cream flavor is instantly recognizable because of its turquoise-blue color.

And it stains your tongue in that same color.

There is a debate about which Midwestern city came up with the flavor.

However, many believe it originated in Milwaukee from the genius mind of Bill Sidon during the fifties.

Sidon was a flavor scientist at Petran Products.

This ice cream flavor is so good that it has its own trademark.

The original recipe still remains a secret.

However, different shops sell Blue Moon ice cream variations with unique flavors.

Plus, many of these shops claim their version as the “original.

” But this is debatable because the “real” blue moon flavor is hard to describe.

You can also find similar flavors to Blue Moon ice cream in Europe and South America.

They go by various names and has slightly different taste.

What Does Blue Moon Ice Cream Taste Like?

The mystery of the Blue Moon ice cream flavor is still unsolved.

Some people have stated: “You know what the flavors are when you bite into it. But at the same time, you do not know”.

It is also known as “Smurf ice cream” because of its similarities to the comic characters.

And like the Smurfs, the flavors are playful, cheerful, and blue.

As we said before, you will find different versions of Blue Moon, each with a different taste.

So, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what the ultimate flavor is.

If we were to describe its taste in one word, it would be fruity.

The overall flavor combines different elements to give it that fruity taste.

But it is not like the typical fruity flavor of other fruit-based foods.

Continuing from the fruit theme, it shares similarities in taste to Froot Loops.

We can even say it tastes like bubble gum or cotton candy.

Some versions also taste like a blend of marshmallow, cherry, and vanilla.

It has a distinct citrus-like flavor mixed with hints of vanilla.

Some taste experts also believe manufacturers use almond extract.

To add to the mystery, Andrew Plennert of Weber Flavours stated that the secret ingredient is nothing special.

He said that it was actually an agent used in the beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

One journalist picked up on this and concluded that the secret ingredient is castoreum.

It is an artificial additive that smells like vanilla.

However, this theory is still debatable.

Superman ice cream, another Midwestern favorite, also features blue moon.

It combines blue, red, and yellow colors, with the blue component being blue moon.

How to Make and Serve Blue Moon Ice Cream?

Recreating the classic Blue Moon ice cream flavor at home is beyond reach.

But you can try several recipes that come close to the standard flavors.

Most of the so-called “original” flavors are all different.

But they are not a country mile apart from the real thing.

Hence, you can take inspiration from their flavors.

They contain fruity and nutty flavors, hints of citrus, and bubble gum.

You can use ingredients like lemon, vanilla, raspberry, and pudding mix if you are trying it yourself.

Spices like cardamom also add a kick and make it taste similar.

If you have access, you can also add spice and citrus oils and propylene glycol sugar in appropriate amounts.

These ingredients are essential natural flavoring agents to get or come close to that signature flavor.

You can use gel food dyes to get the signature turquoise blue hue.

Gel food colorings work better if you want a stronger and more vivid color.

Blue Moon tastes excellent by itself.

But you can add your favorite toppings and enjoy them.

Some favorites include dried fruits, pretzels, cookie dough, etc.

Despite its unique and pleasant taste, some people think Blue Moon ice cream is too sweet.

Some think it is more for children than adults.

However, children should also not eat it regularly; otherwise, it can affect the teeth.


Even if you try hard, describing the Blue Moon flavor is difficult.

We can say it tastes fruity off the top of our heads.

But what fruit does it taste like? Yes, that is the problem.

Even if you try several recipes, it takes work to attain the classic flavor.

There is something missing with each attempted recipe; maybe it’s the composition of different ingredients or the absence of some altogether.

This Midwestern delicacy has confused dessert lovers, and sweet tooths for a long time.

And unless someone leaks the recipe to the public, it will continue to do so.

what does blue moon ice cream taste like

What Does Blue Moon Ice Cream Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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