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What Does Boursin Cheese Taste Like? Does Boursin Cheese Taste Good?

France and other countries with a strong French culture might be familiar with the Boursin cheese.

To many others, this is only a type of fancy cheese.

Even if you are used to good natural cheese, the truth is Boursin cheese can change everything – it will cause a whole cheesy revolution that will change your perception of cheese.

It is definitely a distinctive type of cheese, and fortunately for all cheese lovers, it has long crossed the borders of France.

Now, what does Boursin cheese taste like? What should you know before bringing it into your recipes?

What is Boursin Cheese?

what is boursin cheese

According to Wikipedia, Boursin cheese is practically a type of Gournay cheese.

It is softer when compared to other more popular types of cheese, but it also has a creamy texture.

The flavor is quite diversified because different manufacturers have different recipes, so you may also find all sorts of aromas.

Initially, the cheese was created in 1957.

It carries the inventor’s name.

The cheese maker used classic fromage frais as a base for the cheese.

Clients were allowed to spice it as they wished.

Soon enough, this type of cheese became the first flavored cheese to be sold all over France and became a hit.

These days, Boursin cheese is a representative type of cheese for France and has built its way all over the world.

Now, what should you know about the taste?

What Does Boursin Cheese Taste Like?

Based on Bon Appetit, this cheese comes from cows.

It is usually white, but it may also have a slight pale nuance – even yellowish.

The original Boursin cheese used to have a buttery aroma, but it was also a bit sweet.

Over the past half a century, everything has changed, so you are less likely to find the same taste.

Describing the taste is difficult because different brands use different ingredients.

Moreover, it can be flavored with different spices and condiments, not to mention actual flavors.

Therefore, some types of Boursin cheese can still be a bit sweet, while others may have a slightly neutral aroma.

The point is to retain the original natural taste of the cheese.

The traditional Boursin cheese comes into cylindrical shapes.

Now, obviously, you will find plenty of imitations because the recipe is not really a secret.

If it is said it is natural Gournay cheese, chances are you have the real thing.

According to Montalvo Spirits, Boursin cheese may feel like the predecessor of modern ranch dressings.

This is what it tastes like, but with an old-fashioned sense.

A bit of garlic makes it stand out, but also adds to its saltiness.

On the other hand, herbs make a difference.

While there are many herbs used in different recipes, chives and parsley are classic – nothing else.

You can also find Boursin cheese in shallot and chives flavors, not to mention simple pepper.

However, no matter how many varieties you can find out there, the classic will still dominate the market.

How to Prepare and Use Boursin Cheese in Recipes?

how to prepare and use boursin cheese in recipes

Boursin cheese is extremely versatile, and this is one of its pluses.

For instance, it can be used in sophisticated recipes, but it can also be eaten alone.

When eaten alone, it is normally accompanied by a drink – after all, it makes an excellent snack.

Just cut it into small bite-size pieces, and you will definitely impress your audience.

Once purchased, the cheese must be stored accordingly to preserve quality – keep it in a drawer in your refrigerator and make sure the temperature is stable.

Given the fresh flavor, Boursin cheese makes a good addition to every salad out there.

Its distinctive taste will change everything about your salads.

Then, it is just as handy in a toasted sandwich – mix it in with toast, and you will discover a brand-new world.

It goes with all sorts of breakfasts, too, eggs cooked in different ways, pakoras, soups, pasta, burgers, appetizer boards, different types of fish, and meat.

In other words, there are literally no limits when it comes to Boursin cheese.

While most people will bring it into different recipes in a raw form, the truth is you can also cook it if you use it in a more sophisticated recipe.


Bottom line, what does Boursin cheese taste like? Different recipes and manufacturers come with different tastes.

The classic one is quite straightforward, though – imagine a soft creamy cheese with a buttery aroma and herbs like chives and parsley.

It is soft enough to complement any dish out there, but not soft enough to be easy to spread on a slice of bread.

The taste will surprise you in a good way, but it may take a few bites to get used to it and truly understand its value and capabilities.

Yield: 1 Serving

What Does Boursin Cheese Taste Like? Does Boursin Cheese Taste Good?

What Does Boursin Cheese Taste Like? Does Boursin Cheese Taste Good?


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