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What Do Brazil Nuts Taste Like? Do Brazil Nuts Taste Good?

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If you love nuts, you are sure to enjoy eating Brazil nuts.

They are delicious, versatile and can offer powerful nutritional benefits.

You can eat them as a snack, create a main meal or add them as garnish.

Though grown native to South America, they are a popular delicacy worldwide because Brazil nuts are so yummy.

If you haven’t eaten them, though, you might be wondering what do Brazil nuts taste like.

If you are curious to know, you have arrived at the right place.

Carry on reading to know the taste and many more things about Brazil nuts.

What are Brazil Nuts?

what are brazil nuts

Belonging to the family of Lecythidaceae, the Brazil nut is a tree indigenous to South America.

Brazil nuts refer to the commercially harvested edible seeds.

Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia and Guianas are some places where the species grow abundantly.

Though called nuts, they are seeds because a nut refers to tree fruit in a hard shell that comes in a single piece for each cover.

The Brazil nut, on the other hand, grows in a giant shell, and there can be several seeds in a single pod, and one whole nutshell can weigh up to 2 kgs.

Besides culinary uses, people also make oil from the nuts.

The timber industry also has many purposes for its trunk, and people employ the nutshell to polish metals, ceramics and other materials.

What do Brazil Nuts Taste Like?

what do brazil nuts taste like

Now that we know where the edible seeds come from let’s also find out what Brazil nuts taste like and how you can consume them.

You can eat the nuts raw or blanched, roasted or even fried.

Hence, you can enjoy the nuts raw if you don’t have much time to cook them.

Nuts often have a slightly similar taste, so many people who have tasted Brazil nuts say they taste similar to macadamia nuts in texture.

If you need it for a recipe but don’t have it, you can also use raw coconut flesh or pili nuts.

While Brazil nut is the most common name for the tasty edible seeds, in South America, people also call them Pará nut, or castanhas-do-ParÁ¡, which means nut from Para.

Brazil nuts have a smooth buttery texture with a mild taste.

However, they are extremely fatty, so their taste and smell can turn if you don’t store them properly.

The edible seeds have plenty of nutrients, including calories, protein, fat, selenium, fiber, magnesium, copper, phosphorous, manganese, zinc, vitamin E and Thiamine.

Brazil nuts can benefit your health in several ways.

They can help with thyroid issues, protect heart health, improve brain functions and may even reduce inflammation.

How to Prepare and Eat Brazil Nuts?

how to prepare and eat brazil nuts

You learned earlier that you can enjoy the delicious nuts raw or cooked.

So, you have the opportunity to create a dish in a number of ways.

You must, however, keep in mind that cooking can reduce the nutritional content significantly but not all.

One of the easiest methods of cooking Brazil nuts is to roast them.

They turn out amazingly delicious with a wonderful fragrance and texture.

The cooking process is quite simple, and there are two ways to roast the nuts.

First, you can roast the nuts in a pre-heated oven with a small amount of melted butter or vegetable oil, spices (cayenne powder, cinnamon) and honey or maple syrup (optional).

For roasting on the stove-top, you can use the same ingredients but include them only after you finish cooking, and you place aside the nuts to cool down.

It’s also important to shake the skillet or stir the nuts with a spoon/spatula, or they may burn.

You must also remember that the nuts cook faster on the stove than in the oven.

Hence, you mustn’t leave the nuts while they are roasting/toasting.

Once cooked, place the nuts in a bowl or a plate and let them cool.

Finally, if you can’t spare much time cooking, roast the nuts in the microwave.

They will cook quickly.

Just mix everything and roast for full one minute, and they will be ready to eat.

You can also use Brazil nuts to make cheese and milk alternatives and even mayonnaise.

Besides, they can add lovely flavor and crunchy texture to cakes, brownies, salads and granola.

They are likely to taste great if you create dips and sauces with the nuts.


Yummy Brazil nuts are now available in many places.

Since they have a nutty, buttery flavor and texture, you can use them in plenty of dishes, as mentioned above.

They’re also edible raw, so when you can’t spare much time, you can add them to salads and other items you can eat without cooking.

While they’re nutritious, it can be risky to eat a large quantity at one time.

So, even though you love the nuts, ration the quantity recommended per day.

You will enjoy the nuts without putting yourself at risk.

What Do Brazil Nuts Taste Like? Do Brazil Nuts Taste Good?

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