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What Does Bread and Butter Pickles Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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The bread and butter pickles make an excellent combo for breakfast or as a snack.

Common all over the world, this dish is often served as a sandwich.

Obviously, one can add more ingredients to make it stand out, but at the end of the day, the match is more than enough to provide a fulfilling dish.

The refreshing taste of the pickles will make this sandwich stand out, while the bread aims to absorb the butter and juices.

Now, what do bread and butter pickles taste like? Here is what you need to know to get an idea.

What are Bread and Butter Pickles?

what are bread and butter pickles

The concept is so popular all over the world that no one really pays attention to its composition.

Its simplicity is what truly makes the difference.

The dish uses a slice of bread as a base – grainy and fulfilling, but also ready to absorb anything you put on top of it.

Cover it in a thin layer of butter, which acts as a glue between the bread and the pickles.

Then, pickles go on top of it.

Now, you can eat it as it is, yet most people turn it into a proper sandwich by adding another slice on the top.

A bit of extra flavor will never hurt, so feel free to cover it in butter as well.

However, if you want a lighter meal, you might as well skip the last slice, but the dish will be a bit more difficult to eat without getting butter on your hands.

What Do Bread and Butter Pickles Taste Like?

what do bread and butter pickles taste like

Bread and butter pickles are often referred to as a pickle sandwich.

Basically, it makes perfect sense for bread in a sandwich to be covered in butter, so this aspect is never mentioned.

Each bite will put an accent on the actual pickle – this is the sour and refreshing element in your bread and butter pickle sandwich.

Fail to use too many pickles and you will also feel the grainy aroma of bread, while the greasy butter complements the dish with its hearty flavor.

All in all, bread and butter pickles taste a bit sweet and mild – it depends on how many pickles you use.

The combo has a slightly tangy aroma as well.

If you like pickles, there is no surprise in the taste whatsoever.

While quite fulfilling due to the high amounts of carbs in the bread, the dish would feel a bit dry if it was not for the butter.

In terms of nutritional content, most calories will come from the bread and butter.

There is a low carbohydrate content in pickles though.

On the other hand, both butter and the pickles will give you a bit of sodium due to their saltiness.

Fat is mostly from the butter.

All in all, the dish is considered to be healthy in moderate amounts – too many such sandwiches will provide too many calories and fat.

BBC Good Food suggests different tastes and aromas based on extra ingredients you may add.

How to Serve Bread and Butter Pickles?

how to serve bread and butter pickles

You can serve bread and butter pickles in two different ways.

First, you can turn this combo into a sandwich.

Simply use two slices of bread and make sure you put butter on both of them or it may feel too dry.

Eating bread and butter pickles as a sandwich will make it easier – no mess, plus, you can have this meal on the go.

If you are at home, you can skip the second slice of bread.

Practically, cover a slice of bread in butter, get some sliced pickles on top and enjoy.

This second option will allow you to enjoy the tangy and refreshing taste of pickles better.

After all, bread absorbs most of the juices and its grainy texture covers everything else.

The meal can be a snack, but it also goes as a main refreshing dish if you bring in a salad on the side.

It is worth noting that you can use other spreads if you are vegan – something salty and greasy, of course.

Besides, too many pickles on top could cause acidity, meaning you may experience the acid reflux – some sort of burning sensation going down your throat.

Obviously, you can enhance this dish by adding different types of pickles or perhaps some extra ingredients, spices and condiments – just a matter of personal preferences.

According to Yummly, there are lots of different options.


As a short final conclusion, bread and butter pickles can go in more directions, depending on what you actually prefer.

There are plenty of recipes for this meal because most people tend to enhance it with extra ingredients or perhaps spices.

The idea is to ensure the pickles dominate, as their tangy aroma is what makes this sandwich refreshing.

You can have it in two different ways and each of them will give you a different taste.

What Does Bread and Butter Pickles Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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