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A Taste of Tradition: What Does Brick Cheese Taste Like?

Cheese may be the most famous food ingredient ever to be invented.

Many types of cheeses are available across the globe, and new ones are being created even today.

It’s an excellent complement to salads, sandwiches, pastas, sauces and casserole dishes.

The art of cheese-making most likely began 10,000 years ago.

During those times, the primary dairy product used was goat’s milk.

The Greeks have mentioned the use of cheese in their mythological narratives.

There is evidence of remnants of cheese found in Egyptian tombs and depictions of this fermented dairy product in murals.

Today, we look at one cheese slowly gaining popularity across the US.

Let’s find out what does brick cheese taste like and how you can eat it.

What is Brick Cheese?

Many cheese connoisseurs will dismiss the brick cheese as a subpar variety, but you shouldn’t knock it till you try it.

There are always a few critics for every great invention, and brick cheese has had its fair share of censorship.

But the cheese is finally getting the attention it deserves.

It has existed since the 1800s and is an original US cheese.

Developed by a Swiss immigrant in Wisconsin during the industrial era, brick cheese has been overlooked for many years.

Semi-soft Wisconsin brick cheese is becoming a staple for people across the US.

The name of the cheese is derived from the bricks used to press and mold the milk curds.

The process of making this particular cheese is almost similar to cheddar cheese.

Therefore, brick cheese is considered a cross between cheddar and Limburger.

What Does Brick Cheese Taste Like?

As most cheeses develop their taste with time and maturity, so does this one.

It’s a semi-soft cheese that is nutty, buttery, and mild when fresh and takes on a more aromatic and robust flavor profile once it’s cured for a more extended time.

It also goes by a different name, the ‘Wisconsin brick’.

Only a few places still manufacture brick cheese the authentic way.

The color of the cheese must be pale yellow or white and prepared with pure cow’s milk.

The smearing method is used to age the molds of curds until they become semi-hard.

While in its fresh state, the cheese has a crumbly texture.

It is high-fat and wonderful for dishes that call for melted or broiled cheese.

Depending on how you like to consume your fermented milk curds, you’ll need to check with the sellers if the bricks have been aged.

Try finding freshly made Wisconsin brick if you want a more subtle sweetness and creamy cheese.

The aged brick cheese will have a distinct nuttiness and tangy taste and a strong aroma.

You should try the aged version if you’re used to more pungent-tasting cheeses.

Its high-fat content makes the Wisconsin brick a rich, decadent cheese worth trying.

It’s tart yet delicate and will leave you wanting more.

For such an underrated cheese, it’s definitely got a wide range of flavors.

How to Serve Brick Cheese?

This cheese is finally gaining notoriety thanks to one particular dish from Detroit.

If you’ve ever been there and ordered a Detroit-style pizza, you’ve tasted brick cheese.

This style of pizza uses original Wisconsin brick to top off its soft pie dough.

The high level of fat from the cheese allows the dough to crisp up and get caramelized.

This will create a rich smoky, creamy layer of delightful goodness that will make anyone a pizza lover.

A traditional way of using this garnish is by serving it with polenta.

This is a common way to eat this meal in the Midwest.

The cheese is thinly sliced, melted under the polenta, and topped off with a generous serving of thick homemade tomato sauce.

Since the cheese is excellent for melting, it’s often used in grilled cheese sandwiches.

It’s also a great flavor contrast to pickles and makes an ideal condiment for your regular cheeseburger.

There are plenty more ways to incorporate this fantastic cheese into your dishes.

You can use it as a substitute for mozzarella and Provolone.

It can also be thrown into your fondue pot if you feel ambitious.


There are so many ways you can enjoy this Wisconsin delicacy.

You can place it on a cheese board and pair it with sweet wine or beer.

Its flavor range is very vast and the possibilities are endless, so make sure you pick up your own block of brick cheese when you’re out shopping.

Wisconsin is truly the cheese capital of the world, with more than three hundred varieties being manufactured daily.

It’s no surprise that brick cheese is also part of that large family.

If you’re yet to try this unique cheese for yourself, make sure you get the original Wisconsin brick.

What Does Brick Cheese Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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