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Chewy Delight: What Does Bubble Gum Taste Like?

Equally loved by kids and adults alike, bubble gum is a classic treat that’s perfect for any occasion.

But what does bubble gum taste like exactly?

Well, it won’t be right to say that all bubble gum tastes the same because there are so many different flavors and brands out there.

But in general, bubble gum has a sweet flavor.

Want to know more about bubble gum? How it’s made? Where does the flavor come from?

Who invented it? Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about this delicious treat.

What is Bubble Gum?

what is bubble gum

Bubble gum is a type of chewing gum designed to be chewed for long periods to produce large bubbles.

It typically contains a sugar or syrup base and ingredients like latex sap (chicle), chewing gum base, flavorings, esters, and colorings.

Some bubble gums are also made of synthetic ingredients like butyl rubber.

And believe it or not, it’s the same material used for making tire tubes.

Did you know that this unique treat was actually invented by accident? It dates back to 1928, when Walter Diemer, an accountant at Fleer Chewing Gum Company, was trying to create a new kind of gum.

He was using a rubber compound that was less sticky and stretchier than regular chewing gum.

The resulting product was a hit that we now know of as bubble gum.

Apart from the chewing gum itself, bubble gum is also categorized as a flavor in itself.

This means you can find tons of bubble gum-flavored candy, cakes, ice creams, and even drinks.

What Does Bubble Gum Taste Like?

what does bubble gum taste like

Now that we know what bubble gum is, it’s time to answer the question: What does it taste like?

As we mentioned before, there are so many different flavors and brands of bubble gum out there that it’s hard to say that all of them taste the same.

Most bubble gum has a sweet flavor, but there are also some that are savory or even spicy.

Bubble gum can be fruity, minty, chocolatey, or even taste like cola.

Truly, there are endless possibilities when it comes to the flavors of bubble gum.

However, if you’re talking about the classic bubble gum flavor that we usually see in dessert and ice cream shops, then it’s mostly sweet, pink in color, and tastes like a combination of fruits.

So, how is this bubble gum flavor made, one may think.

While the recipe of bubble gum may vary between brands, most recipes use a unique combination of esters.

These are chemicals that smell like fruit.

Depending on what the brand is looking for, they can mix the esters to create flavors of strawberry, pineapple, cherry, lemon, vanilla, and so on.

Besides its flavor, bubble gum is a favorite among consumers for its texture.

Whether it’s just to keep your mouth busy or relieve stress, people love to chew on bubble gum.

Yes, you heard that right. There are some medical benefits to chewing bubble gum.

Some of these include increasing focus, reducing stress, combating sleepiness, and managing nausea.

What Happens If You Swallow Bubble Gum?

what happens if you swallow bubble gum

Bubble gum is made of sugar, corn syrup, natural and artificial flavors, and a gum base.

When you chew gum, these ingredients mix and form a sticky substance.

Once you swallow that sticky substance, it goes through your digestive system like any other food.

While growing up, you might have heard that if you swallow gum, it’ll stay in your stomach for seven years.

We’re happy to report that this is just a myth.

Well, it’s indeed true that your body can’t digest the gum (more specifically, the gum base), but it doesn’t stay in your stomach either.

So, where does it go?

When you swallow gum, it goes into your small intestines, where the digestible materials are absorbed.

The indigestible portion, i.e., the gum base, goes to the colon from the small intestines.

Further, it’s released through the rectum whenever there’s a bowel movement.

So, you see, swallowing gum isn’t as harmful as you thought.

But is it recommended? No.

Swallowing gum can be a choking hazard, especially for young children.

Moreover, large amounts of swallowed gum can lead to bowel obstructions.

So, we say, chew as much as you want, but make sure you spit it out before swallowing.

Final Thought

At the end of the day, bubble gum is a fun and delicious treat that comes in many different flavors.

Banana, strawberry, grape, orange – you name it.

And not to forget, bubble gum is also known for its many benefits like reducing stress and increasing focus.

And even if chewing gum doesn’t necessarily offer any health benefits, let’s admit it.

It’s just satisfying to chew on and fun to blow those bubbles.

But just keep one thing in mind – don’t swallow it.

What Does Bubble Gum Taste Like? Does Bubble Gum Taste Good?

Curious about the taste of bubble gum? Wonder no more! Find out what bubble gum tastes like and whether it's a delightful flavor experience.
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  • At the end of the day, bubble gum is a fun and delicious treat that comes in many different flavors.
  • Banana, strawberry, grape, orange – you name it.
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