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Nature’s Sweetness: What Does Buckwheat Honey Taste Like?

Who doesn’t love honey? Not only is it tasty, but it is equally beneficial to our health.

Do you know there are many variants of honey? One such is buckwheat honey.

This type of honey is dark and is produced by bees that convert and harvest the nectar of buckwheat flowers into honey.

Darker the color of the honey, the more content buckwheat resulting in a strong flavor.

Want to know more about this honey?

Keep reading as we answer, “what does buckwheat honey taste like” and different pairings and recipes to go with this honey.

What is Buckwheat Honey?

Before we answer what this honey is, let’s take a brief dive into buckwheat to understand the taste profile of this honey.

Going by the name, some may think it’s a part of the wheat family or closely related to grains.

However, it’s an edible plant belonging to the rhubarb family.

The seeds, flowers, and leaves of this flowering give off a nutty, earthy, and malty taste.

You may think these influence the taste of buckwheat honey, but it’s primarily made from its flower nectars.

Bees collect nectars from the buckwheat flower, not from the plant, which many people make the mistake of.

Anyway, it results in a highly nutritious honey but not sweet like the traditional ones.

It’s also rich in vitamins and antioxidants, making it a healthy food.

The color of this honey varies from dark purplish to black, which is heavily influenced by buckwheat’s flowers which are dark colored.

What Does Buckwheat Honey Taste Like?

Now that you know what buckwheat honey is, let’s look into its taste profile.

Compared to traditional honey, this one is unique.

This honey type has a range of flavors which some may find off-putting.

Range of flavors you’ll notice while having this honey are:

  • Nutty.
  • Musky.
  • Malty.
  • Chocolatey.
  • Clay-like.
  • Earthy.
  • Cherries.

These flavors cover the taste aspect of this honey with a subtle sweetness level.

It has an overwhelming taste due to its strong and varied flavors.

Unlike standard honey, which is light-colored and sweeter, buckwheat honey is quite the opposite.

Even its aroma is woodsy, which is relatively different from the traditional ones.

Additionally, the taste of this honey is expected to vary based on the buckwheat subspecies pollinated by bees.

People who have tasted this honey say it’s like black treacle which is true.

Both are dark-colored and also slightly bitter.

When it comes to texture, it switches between smooth to granular.

Due to the presence of polyphenols, it results in a dark color, which is also found in dark chocolate, berries, and red wine.

Regardless, it’s a different flavored honey that isn’t like your regular ones but quite sophisticated.

It’s an acquired taste, but what better food than this if you want to try exciting flavors and refine your palate?

Moreover, it’s healthy and nutrient-dense, providing multiple health benefits, including low cholesterol levels, boosted antioxidant levels, and skin care.

How to Use Buckwheat Honey?

This honey may have a distinct taste profile, but it blends well in most recipes and makes an incredible pairing.

Check some of the pairings below to go with this honey:

  • It makes an excellent pair with cheese like aged cheddar and stilton due to its pungent and earthy characteristics.
  • This honey goes well with meat, including chicken and pork. It also makes an excellent accompaniment to cured meats.
  • Given its earthy flavor, some may think it will pair poorly with a sweet dish. However, it makes a wonderful accompaniment. Simply pour the honey over the pancakes, ice cream, and crepes.

This dark-colored honey is also used in various recipes.

If you’re wondering how to use it, check the list below:

  • You may use honey to glaze the ham, which results in fantastic color and taste.
  • Convert this honey to barbecue sauce since it’s intensely flavored and heavily textured.
  • If you’re out of maple syrup, substitute it with this honey.
  • It makes an incredible marinade for Asian-inspired cuisines, especially stir-fry recipes.
  • Make the traditional French gingerbread using buckwheat honey. .

If cooking is your forte, you may improvise recipes using this honey.


Buckwheat honey is popularly known for its dark color and subdued sweetness with a slight hint of bitter note.

Some may find its taste overwhelming due to its varied range of flavors.

This honey is produced from the nectars of buckwheat flowers through pollination by the bees.

Taste variance is also expected based on the subspecies of this flowering plant in which the honey bees pollinate.

It has a distinct taste profile that is relatively different from traditional honey.

Nonetheless, it’s highly nutritional and worth trying if you have yet to taste it.

The honey is readily available in online stores, but we recommend getting it from a farmer’s market or local beekeeper.

What Does Buckwheat Honey Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

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  • Depending on the ingredients used, the cooking method, and the type of dish, the taste of the food can vary greatly.
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