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Reveal the Flavor: What Does Buffalo Mozzarella Taste Like?

Cheese is one of those foods you can never get tired of eating.

There is always a new one to enjoy with different varieties to choose from.

Buffalo Mozzarella is one of the yummiest and most popular cheeses available.

Not only is it delicious, but buffalo mozzarella is versatile as you can pair it up nicely with many ingredients.

So, you can enjoy the cheese in multiple ways.

But what does buffalo mozzarella taste like? Is it tangy or salty, or plain?

You must be as curious as we are, so don’t look further because we will try to find out the cheese’s taste and how to prepare it and enjoy its flavor.

What is Buffalo Mozzarella?

what is buffalo mozzarella

Cheese made from the milk of Italian Mediterranean buffalo becomes buffalo mozzarella.

There are many theories regarding the origin of the cheese variety.

The main production areas of buffalo mozzarella in Italy include Campania, Lazio, Puglia, and Molise.

Apart from Italy, many other countries produce buffalo mozzarella, including Switzerland, the USA, India, China, Egypt, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil, among others.

The cheese-making process is a technique called pasta filata.

In this technique, cheesemakers heat the milk with a whey starter and include rennet to form curds.

They then put the curds in fresh water and heat them.

The cheesemakers stir the curds until they turn into long strips and become elastic.

Finally, they stretch and knead the product and create round mozzarella balls.

Buffalo mozzarella is also popular among chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

Hence, you will find it across many cuisines and recipes.

There are so many dishes that you can make with it that you will never get bored eating it.

What Does Buffalo Mozzarella Taste Like?

what does buffalo mozzarella taste like

With a vast number of countries producing the cheese, it’s easy to guess that it’s indeed quite popular worldwide.

It must only be because buffalo mozzarella is yum.

But what is its taste exactly? Let’s see what we can learn.

Made from the milk of water buffaloes, it’s one of the yummiest cheese varieties you can find on the market.

Buffalo mozzarella is also unique as none of the varieties taste precisely like it.

However, you can use some types as a substitute when you don’t have them.

You can use Provolone, Queso Blanco, or Fresh cow’s milk mozzarella and Burrata in recipes that ask for buffalo mozzarella.

You can adjust the ratio exactly as directed for the best results.

When compared and eaten side by side with cheese from cow milk, Buffalo mozzarella is softer, creamier, and more delicious.

It’s a bit tangy with an intensity of flavor distinct from the others.

The uniqueness of the cheese is because of the high content of fat in buffalo’s milk.

The best quality mozzarella comes from buffalo’s milk, and it’s superior to those made from cow’s milk.

In Italian, it’s called mozzarella di bufala, and people in different places also have localized names.

So, don’t be confused if natives in a particular area call the cheese by a strange name.

One serving of buffalo mozzarella contains 1g total carbs, 23g fat, 12.5g protein, and 257 calories.

Compared to other cheeses, it has a meager quantity of sodium.

So, you can say that it’s healthier than many different cheese varieties.

A reasonable amount of buffalo mozzarella in your diet can help strengthen your immune system and help fight infections.

It can also improve gut health and reduce the risk of inflammation in your body.

How to Cook and Serve Buffalo Mozzarella?

how to cook and serve buffalo mozzarella

Buffalo mozzarella is firm but creamy cheese and stretchy.

It also melts nicely, so you can do many things with it.

There is certainly no limit to what you can do with the cheese.

You can use it on pizza, vegetarian bakes, and pasta, and you can also make salads with it.

Caprese salad is one of the most popular items made with the buffalo mozzarella, and it’s also relatively simple to make.

The salad’s main ingredients are summer tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and basil leaves.

The colors represent the Italian flag, red, white, and green.

You will also need black pepper, sea salt, and high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

You can also make croquettes with potatoes, sandwiches, and burgers and add them to various veggie dishes.

Fresh mozzarella cheese has a very short shelf life compared to hard cheeses.

So, you must try to consume it as early as possible.

You can freeze it, but the texture and flavor will probably change.


Buffalo mozzarella is a high-quality cheese that you can enjoy in various ways.

You can eat it raw, baked, roasted, and even fried, and it also goes well with most ingredients.

Hence, if you crave some cheese, grab some buffalo mozzarella.

Consume it within five days if you buy a pre-packaged portion.

If you make a fresh one at home, eat it at the earliest.

Since it’s low in fat and calories, it’s also a healthier option.

So, you get both the flavor and goodness from one product.

Look for exciting recipes and make delicious dishes with cheese.

What Does Buffalo Mozzarella Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Curious about buffalo mozzarella's flavor? Discover its taste with a succinct exploration. Does it satisfy the palate? Find out here.
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