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Tangy Elegance: What Does Buttermilk Taste Like?

An item that’s just as essential as milk in the kitchen is buttermilk, particularly in the case of Asian households.

However, the use of buttermilk is growing extensively across the globe, and many have started to acquire a taste for it.

Despite many not knowing the traditional use of such a unique drink, it has amazed people nevertheless with its taste time and again.

In fact, it has boosted in popularity due to its versatile use.

But if you’ve never tried buttermilk before, you’re probably thinking, “what does buttermilk taste like?” If you’re interested in the answer, continue reading to learn more about its taste, recipes, etc.

Let’s begin.

What is Buttermilk?

When you hear the name “buttermilk,” you might think of fat and buttery milk.

But that’s not how the drink goes about.

Buttermilk actually contains zero butter, and its fat content is much lower than regular milk.

Buttermilk is simply just fermented milk created through culturing and fermentation of the actual milk.

Typically, you’d notice that this drink is much thicker than milk and sometimes may look clumpy as well.

The drink usually carries an acidic and tangy smell, yet it is not sour.

This particular acidic nature is what makes buttermilk pretty versatile for cooking.

From sweet and savory to baked goods, buttermilk is now a staple ingredient known for its creamy richness and flavor.

Despite its increasing popularity, buttermilk is not a new food item.

It’s a well-prized drink among the older generations for its flavor.

Today, the drink is used in various recipes and doubles as a refreshing summer drink.

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like?

The flavor profile of buttermilk is pretty complex, with different elements such as color, smell, and texture.

These combinations are what make buttermilk the drink it is today.

Buttermilk usually has a creamy, thick, buttery, and sour taste.

Owing to its creation through fermentation and inoculation process, the drink is exceptionally rich in lactic acid, which helps deliver its signature tanginess.

Although it’s still pretty much a dairy product, buttermilk varies quite a bit from regular milk in terms of taste.

Usually, buttermilk is considered thicker compared to regular milk.

This is pretty noticeable if you regularly consume it as a drink.

But modern buttermilk, which is seen as having a creamier and thicker texture, differs from traditional buttermilk.

The traditional form typically contains a much more sourer taste with less thickness and cream.

Overall, buttermilk produces a sour and tangy smell, which is a significant differentiation factor from regular milk.

However, this tangy smell is entirely normal for buttermilk.

If you’re worried about your buttermilk being spoilt, worry not.

Spoilt buttermilk is relatively easy to differentiate due to its powerful and sour smell.

Now, apart from its unique taste and flavor profile, the drink is also known for its nutritional value.

It’s considered an excellent protein source, which helps your body build healthy bones, skin, and muscles.

Moreover, most commercial buttermilk found today is fortified with additional minerals and vitamins, including potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A and D.

How to Drink and Serve Buttermilk?

Buttermilk as a beverage is still in its discovery phase for many.

Although it has been a popular and traditional drink in Asian countries like India, many are only catching up with it now.

Of course, buttermilk has made a name for itself as a popular ingredient in various dishes.

However, when it comes to drinking, people either avoid it entirely or chug it down as a refreshing drink.

Due to the drink’s tangy and sour nature, it’s not easy for many, especially for first-timers, to drink it as it is.

But there are several ways you can reinvent and drink buttermilk.

Infusing the drink with other ingredients can help make it taste better if you’re not a fan of its original taste.

For starters, you can sprinkle some pepper and salt and drink it cold.

You can also prepare a type of smoothie using fruits such as strawberries along with buttermilk.

For those interested in keeping its original taste intact but with a twist, you can use ginger, which will help add a hint of spiciness to the drink.

But buttermilk itself is a great beverage and is best drank in its original or traditional form.

It’s also highly recommended to serve the drink cold to bring out a refreshing taste.


Buttermilk is a great summer drink.

Moreover, it’s a type of dairy product that’s not just thick and tangy but also creamy.

This makes it an incredible asset for many cooks.

You can easily find buttermilk in most grocery stores among the dairy section.

Moreover, opened buttermilk can last longer in the fridge than milk.

So, if you’re looking for a milk substitute, buttermilk can be a great start.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should start by first having it in its original form as a beverage and eventually move on to making various dishes.

That said, we hope our article has provided knowledgeable insight into understanding this delicious drink.

What Does Buttermilk Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

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