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What Does Calpico Taste Like? Reveal the Flavor

Calpico is the secret ingredient you didn’t know your life was missing.

Picture the smoothest, creamiest beverage that dances on your tongue with a sweet yet slightly tart flavor.

It’s the twist in your daily routine you’ve been craving, yet didn’t even realize.

This Japanese drink, often enjoyed in the heat of summer, offers a refreshing break from the usual. It’s a blend of the familiar and the exotic, making every sip an experience to savor.

Curious to find out exactly what makes Calpico so irresistibly unique?

Roll up your sleeves, and let’s dive into the taste sensation that Calpico brings to the table.

What is Calpico?

what is calpico

First and foremost, Calpico is the first name you imagine when you think of a Japanese soft drink.

The drink is extremely common in Japan, but also in other countries.

It can be found in supermarkets, stores, and even vending machines.

The drink is based on milk.

It is a soft drink with an impressive history of over a century – created in 1919.

It also comes in a few different names, but at the end of the day, it is the same recipe.

Now, to most people, it might be a bit unusual to taste a milk-based drink designed as a soft drink.

However, the Japanese have found the perfect recipe.

The flavor is unique for a soft drink, but at the same time, the drink will give you a refreshing experience.

It is normally served chilled.

Now that you know what Calpico is, what should you expect from the taste?

What Does Calpico Taste Like?

what does calpico taste like

Calpico has a few ingredients only.

It is based on water and sugar, as well as dairy milk.

The milk is not fat – instead, it is enhanced with lactic acid culture.

Now, as the recipe has been through a few changes overtime, it is worth noting that some past recipes also included both artificial and natural flavors.

With these ingredients in mind, it makes perfect sense – Calpico is similar to yogurt in taste, but with some differences.

To help you get a better idea, imagine a mix of buttermilk and milk covered in yogurt.

It may feel a bit difficult, but imagine feeling all these ingredients at once.

In other words, the taste is a bit sweet, but it also has a slightly sour aroma.

It is definitely a unique combo of tangy and sweet.

The tangy profile is given by the fermentation of the lactic acid.

The classic recipe is the most popular in the world.

However, you can also find Calpico enhanced with fruity flavors, which are not too bad either.

Despite being advertised to be a refreshing soda drink, the truth is Calpico is also rich in nutrients.

It does not have any caffeine, so you can have it anytime.

It is not lactose free, but features a gut friendly culture.

As it is based on dairy products, it is also rich in calcium.

However, on a negative note, Soda Pop Craft agrees that it is quite sweet due to having sugar in its composition.

Is Calpico the same as Calpis?

is calpico the same as calpis

Both Calpis and Calpico are non-carbonated Japanese drinks based on dairy products.

They are both cloudy in appearance, and they taste similarly.

The name refers to the fermentation of milk – a mix of two words.

Now, if you go to Japan, you will find Calpis is mostly sold as a concentrate, meaning you will have to add some milk and water.

However, you can also find it ready to drink.

Now, is Calpico the same as Calpis? To keep it simple, yes, it is.

Both products belong to the same company.

They have the same recipes, aromas, and taste.

They are also available in the same forms – flavored, carbonated, ready to drink or concentrate.

Calpis is a popular name in Japan.

However, outside of Japan, the beverage may have an unusual name.

Not only is it confusing for the English speaking world, but it may also be a bit offensive.

Therefore, when sold abroad, Calpis becomes Calpico.

Even in terms of benefits and nutritional content, Calpis and Calpico are the same.

They are simply identical, with a twist in the name only.


Bottom line, what does Calpico taste like? If you have never tried it before, it could be a bit confusing.

Since this is a milk-based soda drink, it obviously has a milky flavor.

But soda milk is different to imagine, and this is what makes it difficult to understand.

Throw in some buttermilk, and plain yogurt, a bit of sugar, and you have the perfect taste of Calpico.

Obviously, as there are all sorts of flavors you can find in commerce, fruity flavors will have a slightly different taste.

But at the end of the day, you can still feel the dairy in the drink.

What Does Calpico Taste Like? Does Calpico Taste Good?

Wondering about Calpico's taste? Discover the unique flavor of Calpico and decide if it suits your palate.
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