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What to Serve with Carne Asada? 10 BEST Side Dishes

So, what is carne asada? It’s grilled and sliced beef, popular in Latin American and Mexican cuisine.

The meat is usually from the chuck, skirt, or flank steak, with the first one being the primarily used portion.

You can serve carne asada as a main dish or add it to other dishes.

You can add side dishes to the menu when serving it as a main dish.

It’s compatible with various items so that you can enjoy different dishes.

So, do you have any idea what to serve with carne asada? Would you like to learn about lovely side dishes? If yes, stay longer, and we will find out together.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Carne Asada?

Carne asada is delicious food; you can eat it at dinner, BBQ, or any event.

But why settle for only that when you can enjoy so many items together?

Of course, if you’re going to serve carne asada to a large crowd, you will need several items to ensure that everyone has enough to satisfy their hunger and enjoy.

Besides, even if you can consume a large amount of meat like carne asada, it isn’t a good idea to eat significant portions at a time.

It can overwhelm your palate, overload you, and affect your health.

What to Serve with Carne Asada? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Here are some dishes which you can use to have with carne asada.

1 – Mexican Cornbread

We will begin the list with a famous side dish, cornbread but with a Mexican twist.

How do you do that? It’s pretty simple; add jalapenos, and you’ll have delicious cornbread.

It also complements carne asada.

Making Mexican cornbread is easy and requires just a few simple ingredients.

You make the dish with the usual ingredients except for adding the jalapenos.

The final product is spicy cornbread ready to be served with carne asada.

Since it’s easy to make cornbread, it can be a suitable side dish to serve when you have a large crowd.

You can make large portions and have sufficient quantity for everybody.

2 – Pineapple Mango Salsa

When you serve a heavy and filling dish like carne asada, you need fresh items like pineapple and mango salsa to cleanse the palate.

The two dishes pair up quite nicely and make your meal complete.

It’s also a dish everyone loves, so don’t worry about it being a disappointment.

You will be delighted to see everyone rushing to the table to enjoy the salsa.

So, what do you need to make pineapple mango salsa? Well, you need only some items, and all are readily available.

You can add some crunchy tortilla chips and jalapeno for some heat.

Make sure to pick the perfect mangoes; they should be slightly soft to the touch, or the salsa can get mushy.

3 – Grilled Vegetable Kabobs

A combination of grilled veggies can also be a suitable accompaniment to carne asada.

The vegetables take down the heaviness of the meat and balance out the meal nicely.

When making grilled veggie kabobs, the choice of ingredients is endless.

You can mix and match different items, and they will all taste fantastic.

Corn, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms are some of the veggies which can make the perfect veggie kabobs.

Add butter, salt, and pepper, and you’ll have a perfect dish.

If you use fresh corn, remember that it is best to consume fresh corn right after you purchase or harvest it.

Or it will lose its flavor.

Otherwise, you can use frozen corn as the next best option.

4 – Mexican Rice

Since carne asada is a popular item in Mexican cuisine, it’s only fair if we use dishes associated with the country.

Mexican rice is another favorite side dish, often served with beef, so that you can add it to your menu.

Even plain rice is delicious with carne asada, so you can imagine how flavorful Mexican rice can be.

It contains several spices, including garlic, cumin, and chili powder.

It also has tomatoes, so you have a slightly tangy taste, but pleasant.

Like fried rice, Mexican rice is easy to whip up too.

Since it’s also filling, it makes a suitable side dish for large gatherings.

Your guests will enjoy the yummy rice and go home feeling full.

5 – Guacamole

Carne asada is also compatible with dips and sauces.

Hence, including a dish like guacamole on your menu will be a great idea.

It’s fresh, tasty, and complements carne asada; hence what more can you want?

Guacamole is also easy to whip up as you don’t need unusual ingredients.

Along with avocados, you require onion, tomato, cilantro, lime juice, salt, pepper, and garlic.

Add some cayenne pepper if you want a spicy affair with your guacamole.

When purchasing avocados, choose one with unblemished skin that slightly gives in to pressure.

Avoid those that are too soft, have spots or are lighter in color.

6 – Cuban Black Beans

We agree that the dish doesn’t look too attractive.

But trust us, you won’t have any problem with its taste.

Yes, it also complements carne asada, and you’ll have a full belly when you finish eating your food.

Cuban black beans are easy to cook, but if it takes some time, you’ll be pleased with the results.

It’s a popular dish with kids and grownups alike.

So, make a large portion so that everyone can have a sufficient amount.

Use dried beans that are cleaned and rinsed, as sometimes they contain unwanted materials.

Besides, don’t forget to remove the seeds from the bell pepper as they can give a slightly bitter taste which can be unpleasant.

7 – Fried Plantains

Want to try something different? How about fried plantains? They can be tasty and also work nicely with carne asada.

Plantains may not regularly feature at dinner tables, but they’re versatile, and you can serve them with different items.

Unripe plantains are suitable for making fried plantains.

While slightly ripe plantains are suitable for frying, mushy ones aren’t.

If you buy them ripe, keep them at room temperature but away from the sunlight because they are ripe quickly.

Fried plantains are yummy, but they don’t need many ingredients.

All you need is frying oil, salt, and sliced plantains, and you’ll have a plate full of plantains, crispy on the outside and tender inside.

8 – Red Potato Salad

You can also add a potato dish alongside carne asada.

It’s yummy, simple to make, and combines nicely with the beef.

Besides, everyone is fond of potatoes, so that the salad will empty pretty fast from the plate or bowl.

Red potato salad is delicious with various dressings, but you can include a mayo-based dressing to obtain a creamy texture.

We guarantee that you will be happy with the results.

Include chives, scallions, and celery for a crunchy and aromatic aspect.

It will make the salad even tastier and more appetizing.

9 – Spanish Cauliflower Rice

If you aren’t too keen to eat rice, cauliflower rice is a healthy choice to include as a side dish with carne asada.

Cauliflower rice is also easy to make, and you can create large portions at a time if there are many guests.

The difference between typical cauliflower rice and Spanish cauliflower rice is the inclusion of tomato sauce, paste, cumin, and chili powder.

These items give a nice color and make the rice look even more flavorful.

You can get riced cauliflower in packets or make it from scratch from fresh veggies.

It may be more satisfying to create a dish from the first step.

10 – Creamy Corn Salad

Finally, we will complete the list with creamy corn salad.

It’s also called Tex-Mex corn salad, a popular feature in many celebrations.

The dish combines nicely with carne asada and is delicious.

It’s also called salsa or a dip, so you don’t need to be confused, as all three mean the same things.

Canned corn is the preferred choice for the dish as it’s more convenient and saves time.

The mayo-based dressing with cheese and sour cream make the dish creamy and flavorful.

Adding cilantro and onion provides a freshness that makes the salsa delightful.

Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.


When you serve carne asada with any of the dishes mentioned above, everyone will have a great time because the dishes are all yummy and combine nicely.

At the same time, you’ll be satisfied to see your guests enjoying their meal and your cooking appreciated by everyone present.

Make sure to cook different side dishes so it doesn’t get boring and feel like you’re repeatedly eating the same items.

What to Serve with Carne Asada? 10 BEST Side Dishes

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Looking for the perfect accompaniments for carne asada? Here are the 10 best side dishes to enhance your carne asada experience.
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  • 1 – Mexican Cornbread
  • 2 – Pineapple Mango Salsa
  • 3 – Grilled Vegetable Kabobs
  • 4 – Mexican Rice
  • 5 – Guacamole
  • 6 – Cuban Black Beans
  • 7 – Fried Plantains
  • 8 – Red Potato Salad
  • 9 – Spanish Cauliflower Rice
  • 10 – Creamy Corn Salad


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