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What Do Carrots Taste Like? Do Carrots Taste Good?

Carrots tend to go in two different directions.

There are times when you like them, as well as times when their flavor makes you hate them.

This is because you can cook the vegetable in a few different ways and come up with different tastes and aromas.

So, what do carrots taste like? Hard to tell, because each cooking method will give you a different result.

With all these, there are a few things that will never change.

The root vegetable has a few unique flavors that no cooking way can change.

Here is what you need to know.

What are Carrots?

what are carrots

Carrots are root vegetables.

Part of the apiaceae family, it has originated in the central part of Asia.

Today, China is associated with the origins of the carrot and represents the main producer.

Over the past centuries, carrots have been cultivated all over the world.

They are extremely common for their taste, but also for their beneficial properties.

Rich in antioxidants and carotene, carrots are known to improve the immune system and improve eyesight, among many others.

There are more varieties out there and you have probably noticed them in local grocery stores.

For instance, you could find baby carrots, as well as massive veggies.

There are not too many differences in the actual taste, yet the way you cook them redefines the final aroma.

Now, what should you know about the taste?

What Do Carrots Taste Like?

what do carrots taste like

Most people would agree that carrots have a sweet aroma.

According to My Food Job Rocks, carrots can grow in slightly different colors – mostly orange though.

Each color can also affect the taste.

Orange carrots are classic.

They are sweet – whether eaten raw or cooked.

At the same time, since this is a root vegetable, it has a bit of earthiness in its aroma.

The level of earthiness varies based on where it has grown.

Then, you can also find purple carrots – less common, but unique.

They are much sweeter than regular carrots and their aroma is a bit peppery.

These carrots are normally purple on the inside too, but then, you can find carrots with a purple exterior and an orange interior – they are not that peppery.

While even rarer, you can also find whitish carrots.

They actually have a gold appearance and make the best choice if you hate the sweetness in this veggie.

They are mild in flavor.

Their sweetness makes them feel like squash.

Their earthiness is also reduced.

Some may say they taste like licorice, which is great for certain dishes.

Finally, dark orange carrots – also known as red carrots – are similar to the classic variety.

They are sweet and they have a bit of earthiness.

But then, unlike other types of carrots that can be eaten raw, red carrots are mostly grown for cooking purposes.

Bottom line, most types of carrots are earthy and sweet, yet flavors can be more or less intense, depending on the variety.

Health Line agrees that carrots have very few calories and a high water content.

A small carrot has around five grams of sugar and about three grams of fiber.

How to Prepare and Cook Carrots?

how to prepare and cook carrots

There are more ways to cook carrots.

Lots of people like to eat them raw as well, in different combos.

For example, they can go in a salad or they can make a refreshing crunchy side by a meaty dish.

In terms of cooking, there are usually three major options:

  • Boiling carrots – this is the classic way and softens the carrots, while still maintaining their flavors.
  • Roasting carrots – you can give your carrots a bit of crunchiness and enhance the sweetness.
  • Baking carrots – the outside will be crunchier, yet the carrots will also have a slight smoky aroma.

Apart from these options, you can also barbecue carrots or sauté them.

They can also be steamed if you want to reduce their hard crunchiness a little.

When eaten raw, they can be sliced or cut lengthwise, but you can also have them grated or chopped – depending on how you plan to eat them.

No matter what you use them for, keep in mind that large quantities can make carrots take everything over with their sweetness.


Bottom line, carrots have a unique taste that anyone can recognize.

It makes no difference what type of variety you choose.

Orange carrots are more popular than any other variety, yet the other options are also useful for particular dishes and combinations.

The good news is that no matter what you are after, different cooking styles or amounts will help you achieve your culinary goals with any variety of carrots.

Other than that, carrots are inexpensive and easy to find in pretty much any grocery store – they are also easy to grow all over the world.

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What Do Carrots Taste Like? Do Carrots Taste Good?

What Do Carrots Taste Like? Do Carrots Taste Good?


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