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What Cheese Goes with Buffalo Chicken? 12 BEST Options

Buffalo chicken and cheese is a timeless combo.

Sure, we all know that it’s delicious – but what cheese pairs the best with this flavorful dish?

With so many options available, it’s enough to make any foodie’s head spin with excitement.

To help you out, this article highlights twelve of the very best cheeses to complement your next Buffalo Chicken meal.

From mild white cheddar to spicy pepper jack, these featured selections include something for everyone.

Investigate what we have to offer today and take your Buffalo Chicken game to the next level with these mouth-watering options.

Why Consider Pairing Buffalo Chicken with Cheese?

When it comes to pairing buffalo chicken with cheese, there are several things to consider.

The heat of the buffalo sauce and the mildness of certain cheeses combine for a flavor-packed dish that contains balanced flavors.

Cheese can also give texture and thickness to many dishes, making them a popular addition.

There are several varieties of cheese that pair well with buffalo chicken.

Cheese can also be used in several ways and can either melt, dissolve or hold its structure when heated.

For example, cream cheese can thicken recipes while cheddar and mozzarella might melt in the heat of the dish.

So knowing what type of texture or experience you’re looking for will help you select the right cheese for any dish.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that each variety of cheese has different milk fat contents which will affect moisture levels when cooking with cheese – so remember to pick your variety wisely.

Pairings that work well include: gouda, cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese crumbles, Amercian-style Dijon Havarti and Gruyere (which provide a slight nutty taste), string cheeses (which get creamy when heated) as well as cream cheeses (which become thick like sauce when cooked).

Not only do these varieties pair well with Buffalo chicken but they are also fantastic toppings that add an unexpected creamy contrast to the spiciness from the hot sauce- making them highly diverse and enjoyable companions for this flavorful meal.

What Cheese Goes with Buffalo Chicken? 12 BEST Options

Buffalo chicken is a classic dish with several great cheese options to top it off.

Whether you’re having traditional wings, pizza or a sandwich, these cheeses will pair perfectly with your favorite buffalo chicken dish.

1. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a natural choice for Buffalo chicken — it serves up a delightful contrast to the spicy heat of the chicken.

Its strong flavor stands up to the bold, fiery flavors of Buffalo chicken, while its creamy texture helps settle their heat.

You can pair blue cheese with any type of Buffalo chicken, from traditional Buffalo wings to pizza and dip.

It pairs particularly well with salads featuring both blue cheese and chicken in order to combine two popular ingredients into one delicious dish.

Other options you may want to consider include feta, Monterey Jack, Gorgonzola and Brie.

Soft, mild cheeses like cream cheese or mozzarella can also provide a nice balance to the spice without overpowering your taste buds.

2. Brie Cheese

Brie is a creamy French cheese with a soft white rind.

Its rich, buttery flavor and creamy texture pair nicely with the complex flavors of buffalo chicken.

When selecting brie, look for a wheel that has an even-colored rind without too much orange/red hue.

It should have a uniform texture, with no mold spots or irregular openings in the wheel.

Brie can be served at room temperature, or melted into sauces and dips for extra richness and depth of flavor.

Top traditional buffalo chicken dip or pizza with slices of this delightful cheese to experience its full potential.

3. Camembert Cheese

Camembert cheese is a soft and creamy cheese with an earthy, mushroom-like flavor.

Its mild, buttery taste pairs nicely with the spicy kick of buffalo-style chicken.

This cheese also has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that adds a mellow balance to the meal.

The light and creamy texture of Camembert makes it perfect for melted toppings or even soft spreads.

Try adding some camembert to your dish for an extra flavor boost.

4. Chevre Cheese

Chevre cheese is made from goat milk, which results in a tangy, creamy cheese.

The flavor of chevre is harder to define than other cheeses because it can range from mildly sweet to earthy and sometimes even herbal.

For buffalo chicken dishes that call for creamy, tangy flavors, chevre cheese is a great choice.

This association makes sense as the earthiness of the goat milk balances out the acidic ingredients in buffalo sauce-based recipes.

Additionally, chevre has a milder flavor than many other cheeses, so it won’t overpower the flavor of the chicken or sauce.

It pairs well with chicken because its taste elevates foods without overwhelming them and can be used as an ingredient or garnish on burgers and wraps as well as pizza and salads.

5. Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a briny, crumbly cheese made from sheep’s or goat’s milk.

It has a salty and tangy flavor that makes it an excellent choice when looking to pair with buffalo chicken.

Feta complements the spiciness of the dish, adding a tart and creamy element that helps to balance out the heat.

It is particularly good when served with salads and sandwiches, as it helps to cut through heavier flavors.

For added flavor, try sprinkling some oregano or parsley into your dish for an extra burst of aromatic herbs.

6. Goat Cheese

Though it is a tangy cheese, goat cheese combines perfectly with the heat of buffalo chicken.

Most commonly found in a soft, mild form, its flavor adds a subtle creamy texture to your dish.

Crumble some goat cheese over freshly cooked chicken wings or dip pieces in a melty goat cheese sauce to enjoy the unique flavors together.

The combination of heat, salty and tart flavors creates an unforgettable experience.

7. Monterey Jack Cheese

Monterey Jack is one of the most versatile cheeses to use with buffalo chicken.

It has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor and a creamy, stringy texture that adds amazing depth and flavor to any dish.

Its mild yet distinctive flavor makes it an ideal choice for spicy dishes such as buffalo chicken.

It also melts very well, so it’s perfect for hot dishes served on a sandwich or in tacos.

Monterey Jack can be used in place of cheddar cheese in many recipes if you’re looking for more complex flavors and textures.

Try making a homemade creamy buffalo sauce with butter, garlic, onions, hot sauce and Monterey jack or use it as a topping on nachos for extra cheesy goodness.

8. Neufchâtel Cheese

Neufchâtel cheese, sometimes referred to as French cream cheese, is a semi-soft cheese that has a very creamy texture and mellow flavor.

On its own, it’s not too strong or flavorful.

However, when added to dishes like Buffalo chicken, it adds an extra layer of creaminess and tanginess that perfectly complements the heat from the chicken.

Neufchâtel cheese can be purchased in blocks, slices, or cubes and is often used as a substitute for soft cheeses such as ricotta or cream cheese.

It’s usually served cold straight from the fridge but can also be consumed at room temperature for an even richer flavor.

When using Neufchâtel with Buffalo chicken, try topping it with a drizzle of ranch dressing or hot sauce – the results will be mouthwateringly delicious.

9. Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta cheese is a mild, creamy cheese that makes a great addition to buffallo chicken.

Ricotta is particularly well suited for dishes with lots of flavor because it can absorb and balance out the sensation of spiciness.

The cheese is made from whey left over from the production of other cheeses and has a light, slightly sweet flavor that does not overpower other ingredients.

Ricotta is available in both part-skim and full-fat versions which have different textures; part-skim is generally preferred for this dish because it has a smoother and lighter texture without sacrificing flavor.

Using ricotta on buffalo chicken allows you to enjoy the classic combo of rich creamy cheese with spicy flavors without taking away from either.

10. Roquefort Cheese

Roquefort cheese is a type of blue cheese from the south of France.

It has a distinctive aroma and smooth, crumbly texture, with a distinct salty flavor with notes of nuttiness.

It is delicious as an accompaniment to buffalo chicken for its bold flavor that can stand up to the spiciness of the dish.

Roquefort pairs well with white or red wines and creamy sauces such as carbonara or alfredo.

11. Stilton Cheese

Stilton cheese is an English cheese first made by a farmer near the village of Stilton in the 18th century.

It is one of the few British cheeses to be granted protected geographical indication EU status.

This means that no other cheese produced anywhere else in the world can be called Stilton.

The texture of this cheese is semi-firm and crumbly, while its flavor ranges from mild to sharp and tangy with a blue-green ‘stretch’.

It pairs well with many different wines, sweet and savory dishes, and strong flavors like Buffalo chicken.

If you choose Stilton as your cheese accompaniment for this dish, remember to take it out of the refrigerator about one hour before serving for optimum flavor.

12. Swiss Cheese

Swiss cheese is an excellent cheese pairing for spicy buffalo chicken because of its mild flavor.

The light and slightly nutty flavor of Swiss cheese complements the heat and spiciness of the buffalo chicken.

It also melts quickly so it can easily be spread over the top of your dish.

Swiss cheese is a popular cheese option when adding extra flavour to any sandwich or hot dish, like a buffalo chicken pizza or chicken tenders.


Tastes vary from person to person, so there is no definitive answer as to what cheese goes best with buffalo chicken.

However, since buffalo chicken has a robust flavor, it usually pairs well with cheeses that are mild and creamy such as Monterey jack, cheddar, cream cheese, and mozzarella.

For a more satisfying combination of flavors and textures, some people prefer bolder-tasting cheeses like blue cheese or gorgonzola.

Additionally, you can enjoy extra creamy taste by adding feta or ricotta for an added kick of mediterranean flavor.

No matter which type of cheese you choose to pair with your buffalo chicken dishes, one thing is certain: you’re in for an unforgettable culinary experience.

With these 12 delicious choices to try out other combinations you create unique flavor profiles each time.

What Cheese Goes with Buffalo Chicken? 12 BEST Options

Wondering which cheese will enhance your buffalo chicken dish? Explore our list of the 12 best cheeses that perfectly complement the spicy tang of buffalo chicken.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 1 Serving


  • 1. Blue Cheese
  • 2. Brie Cheese
  • 3. Camembert Cheese
  • 4. Chevre Cheese
  • 5. Feta Cheese
  • 6. Goat Cheese
  • 7. Monterey Jack Cheese
  • 8. Neufchâtel Cheese
  • 9. Ricotta Cheese
  • 10. Roquefort Cheese
  • 11. Stilton Cheese
  • 12. Swiss Cheese


  • Choose your favorite pick from the comprehensive selection provided in this article.
  • Gather all of the essential ingredients required for the recipe.
  • Prepare a delectable dish with your selected pick in under 30 minutes, following the provided instructions.
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