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What Do Cherries Taste Like? Do Cherries Taste Good?

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Whether it goes on top of a sundae or in a pie, the cherry is one of the most flavorful fruits out there.

It brings in the sweetness and fruitiness that no other fruit can match.

Cherries offer a nice combo in tastes.

Available in a plethora of different varieties, some of them stand out in the crowd – especially the sweet one and the sour one.

Despite being common, cherries are not cheap at all.

They require proper care, as well as lots of irrigation, spraying and work in terms of collecting them from trees.

Now, what do cherries taste like?

What are Cherries?

what are cherries

Cherries belong to the rosaceae family, so despite their different shape and size, they are somehow related to apples.

There are obviously a few common characteristics – such as the freshness and fruitiness.

Just like apples, they also come in more varieties.

Two of them stand out – such as the regular cherry and the dark one.

Now, some cherries are more suitable fresh – they do not require anything else.

They are juicy and delicious.

Some others are more appropriate for pies, while others are better in salads or salsas.

According to Taste of Home, despite all these options, most people would rather have cherries raw.

There is great demand for them, despite the slightly higher price.

Therefore, they are produced all over the world these days.

Of course, a temperate climate is more suitable for their demands.

Now that you know a few things about cherries, what do they actually taste like?

What Do Cherries Taste Like?

what do cherries taste like

Bing cherries represent the most common variety and they are juicy and fresh.

They have a bit of tartness too and they are excellent with ice cream or as snacks.

Black or dark cherries have a darker appearance.

The sweetness is hard to describe in words, especially if you find large juicy fruits.

Montmorency cherries are grown in specific parts of the USA and they are not as sweet as other varieties, but they are excellent for baking.

Morello cherries, on the other hand, are slightly darker and they have a tangy sourness, yet the sweet and sour combo makes them perfect for snacking.

Rainier cherries could be a bit misleading.

After all, they have a yellow green mix with a bit of pink.

They look like they are not ready yet, but wrong – their sweetness stands out.

According to studies, there are over 1,000 types of cherries only in the USA – other parts of the world share similar varieties, but they also have their own unique choices.

Even cherries from the same variety may taste differently – like all fruits, after all.

It depends on the weather and how the tree has been looked after.

Generally speaking though, experts agree that cherries are usually sweet and sour, with slightly woody flavors and almond aromas.

As for dark cherries, they may have hints of cinnamon and rose in their taste.

How to Prepare and Cook Cherries?

how to prepare and cook cherries

You should get used to the sweet taste of raw cherries before deciding to cook them – this is the only way to fully appreciate their unique aroma.

But then, whether it comes to a pie or perhaps a salad, you cannot go wrong with these fruits.

Make sure you stone them before eating or cooking cherries because their pits can break your teeth.

It can be easily done with cherry pitters.

Cherries can be used whole or chopped when cooked – simply use them raw before cooking and let them bake for as long as the dough needs.

There is no such thing as overcooking them – if cherries are overcooked, chances are your dough is also in the same situation.

They will go soft, but you will manage to retain their sweetness and sour profile.

They go very well with:

  • All types of cakes.
  • Puddings.
  • Pies.
  • Gateaus.
  • Yogurts.

In terms of cautions, stoning them is probably the most important consideration.

Even if you use them in a pie or a salad, double check all of them to ensure there are no stones.

Other than that, if you eat cherries raw, having them in industrial amounts might cause upset stomach – just like most types of fruits, after all.


Bottom line, cherries stand out in the crowd because they have a unique taste and they are fun to eat.

They are also more expensive than other fruits, so they could be seen as delicacies in some places.

The taste may vary a little, but normally, they should be sweet with a light touch of sourness.

If they feel too sour, chances are the tree has not been looked after properly or the cherries have been picked up too early.

Learning the difference between different varieties will help you make a more informed decision.

What Do Cherries Taste Like? Do Cherries Taste Good?

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