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The 5 Best Substitutes for Chicken Stock Concentrate

Chicken stock is a versatile ingredient used in many recipes to add flavor, richness, and depth.

It is also very mild in taste, allowing the flavors of other ingredients to come through.

Chicken stock is one of many types of stocks that exist – beef stock, fish stock, vegetable stock – all are excellent ingredients to cooking.

Chicken stock has a wide range of uses in home cooking.

In many recipes, it can be substituted for water to add flavor and richness, but the best use is as an ingredient itself.

Unfortunately for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet or food allergies, certain dishes call specifically for chicken stock.

Luckily, it’s possible to create a substitute for this taste using ingredients from your kitchen.

This article will look at five of the best substitutes for chicken stock concentrate.

What is Chicken Stock Concentrate?

what is chicken stock concentrate

The chicken stock concentrate is a type of reduction in which the stock is boiled down into a much thicker liquid.

The result is a concentrated broth with a salty, rich flavor.

The chicken stock concentrate is common in many cuisines worldwide and can add flavor to dishes.

It also includes salt to be added to recipes without additional need for seasoning.

This makes it convenient and easy to use.

Making the stock also produces natural gelatin, which can be used as a gelling agent.

This makes it useful in many dishes, such as jellied salads and desserts.

When buying chicken stock concentrate, it’s important to ensure that you only get the highest quality product.

Not all brands of chicken stock are created equally.

Many brands out there have artificial ingredients or preservatives, which can affect the flavor and health benefits.

Look for labels with ‘ natural flavors’ to check if a brand is high-quality.

This means that the chicken stock does not contain additives or artificial ingredients.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Chicken Stock Concentrate

If you are looking to cut back on your chicken stock use, good substitutes for chicken stock concentrate.

1 – Homemade Chicken Stock

homemade chicken stock

It’s important to note that chicken stock is very simple to make.

You can even do it without a recipe – throw together whatever you have available in your fridge.

Vegetables, herbs, spices, bones, and meat are all excellent for this.

Those work well if you do have leftover pork bones or ribs on hand.

You can also use chicken feet or necks, but you shouldn’t waste other parts of the bird.

Lastly, if you don’t have any bones to spare, feel free to substitute with vegetable scraps – carrot peeling and top greens are great.

Using homemade stock is particularly worthwhile if you are using it in a recipe that calls for many other ingredients.

Homemade stock will save you money since you can perfectly control the seasoning and flavor.

2 – Gravy Granules

gravy granules

If you’re looking for a more natural additive, you can get gravy granules.

Gravy granules are thick and rich in taste.

These granules may be made from vegetable extracts or meat extracts of chicken, beef, lamb, or pork.

Because they are thickened with wheat flour, gravy granules are also gluten-free.

This is why it’s an excellent choice for those who are vegan or gluten-free.

If you use this product, be aware that it tends to be very high in salt and should not be substituted unless necessary.

3 – Stock Cubes

stock cubes

Another excellent option for the chicken stock is to use stock cubes.

The major benefit to using stock cubes is that they are very easy to use.

All you have to do is add one to your recipe – no need for measuring.

This can save you a lot of time in the kitchen when cooking since it’s much easier than measuring out and adding different ingredients.

On top of using stock cubes in place of chicken stock, it is also possible to substitute them for beef and vegetable broths.

The flavor is richly savory without being too overpowering.

However, keep in mind that these are often high in sodium – so try to use sparingly if you’re on a salt-restricted diet.

4 – Vegetable Stock

vegetable stock

Using vegetable stock in place of chicken stock has its benefits.

It is cholesterol-free, low in calories and fat, and easily substituted in many different recipes.

Vegetable stock is the best alternative to chicken stock if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet.

This option will cut out all animal products from your meal.

Since vegetable stock doesn’t overpower the flavor of your dish, you won’t have to worry about it affecting the taste.

To make this yourself, chop up some vegetables and boil them in water.

You can add onion, garlic, carrots, peppers – whatever you have available.

It’s crucial to note that vegetable stock is a little bland on its own.

If you use this in chicken stock, add some seasoning and spices before serving.

This will give it an extra kick too.

5 – Bone Broth

bone broth

Another excellent alternative to chicken stock is bone broth.

Bone broth may seem like a new trend, but it has been used as an ancient remedy for thousands of years.

The main ingredients in bone broth are water and animal bones (usually beef or chicken).

This means that you can use whatever bones will not be wasted, including marrow bones and oxtail bones.

The benefit of using bone broth is collagen and gelatin, which both help with skin health.

It also contains numerous amino acids, such as glycine and arginine, necessary for tissue repair and growth.

Bone broth can even help your immune system stay strong.

Bone broth is a fantastic alternative to chicken stock if you are vegetarian or vegan since it is entirely free of meat products.

Bone broth can be used in almost any recipe that calls for chicken stock, so don’t be afraid to give this a try.


Chicken stock can be substituted in many different ways.

If you are looking for a meat-free option, try vegetable stock or bone broth.

If you eat meat and prefer a natural additive, gravy granules or stock cubes will do the trick.

Finally, there is also the option of making your stock from scratch.

Make sure to use chicken bones and vegetables to give your stock the best flavor.

Remember not to overuse these products.

These alternatives can be excellent if you’re in a pinch, but they shouldn’t become the staple of your diet.

Balance is key when it comes to replacing chicken stock with something else.

Yield: 4 Servings

The 5 Best Substitutes for Chicken Stock Concentrate

The 5 Best Substitutes for Chicken Stock Concentrate
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • Homemade Chicken Stock
  • Gravy Granules
  • Stock Cubes
  • Vegetable Stock
  • Bone Broth


  1. Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  2. Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.
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