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Chickpeas Deciphered: What Do Chickpeas Taste Like?

Alright, here’s the scoop on chickpeas.

You’ve probably seen these little guys hanging out in salads, snuggled in a warm pita, or mashed into hummus goodness.

But have you ever paused and really thought about what chickpeas bring to the table?

Sure, they’re round, kinda beige, and have a texture that’s hard to pin down, but there’s so much more to them.

Chickpeas are like that quiet friend who’s always got your back, ready to add a punch of nutrition and flavor to any dish.

Today, we’re cracking open the chickpea mystery.

No fluff, no fancy terms, just straight-up chickpea chat. Ready to dive in?

What are Chickpeas?

what are chickpeas

Chickpeas belong to the Fabaceae family and are categorized as an annual legume.

There are two main types of chickpeas, namely Desi and Kabuli.

Did you know? Chickpeas are considered one of the first vegetables to be cultivated on earth.

In fact, the first chickpeas are believed to have grown around 7,500 years ago in Mesopotamia.

Though they’re popularly used all over the world, chickpeas are a key ingredient in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.

They’re used to create popular dishes like falafel and hummus in these regions, which are loved by almost all people around the world.

Besides, chickpeas are also super popular in Indian cuisine.

Indians use this ingredient in salads, curry, chana masala, stews, and soups.

Not just for consumption, but India was also responsible for 70% of chickpea production on a global scale in 2019.

Thanks to their versatility, chickpeas have blended well in almost all kinds of cuisines and have suited the taste preferences of many.

Their low-calorie content and high protein also make chickpeas ideal for vegans.

What Do Chickpeas Taste Like?

what do chickpeas taste like

Let’s get to this straight – chickpeas taste extremely good.

They have a typical bean-like flavor, as expected from something that belongs to the legume family.

Though they have their own flavor, the good thing about chickpeas is that they don’t overpower the taste of other ingredients.

The overall flavor of chickpeas is mild, thereby making them a great addition to any kind of recipe.

Also known as Egyptian pea, chole, gram, or garbanzo bean, chickpeas can be compared to cannellini or pinto beans in terms of flavor.

When it comes to appearance, chickpeas look ordinary, with a pale and dull color.

However, don’t underestimate this legume for its basic looks.

Its flavor is sure to blow your find, and it’ll soon become a staple in your pantry once you taste it.

Both types of chickpeas- desi and Kabulis, taste more or less the same.

Both have some earthy and nutty notes.

However, the final flavor of this legume will depend a lot on your cooking style.

When mashed, chickpeas resemble mashed potatoes with a gooey and grainy texture.

Besides their unique flavor, chickpeas are a true superfood for your health.

They’re not only delicious and healthy but also environmental-friendly.

In fact, these beige-colored nuggets are considered the healthiest plant-based legume.

In a single cup, they pack a punch of protein and fiber; 11 grams and 35 grams, respectively.

In addition, chickpeas are also an excellent source of manganese, folate, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium.

How to Cook Chickpeas?

how to cook chickpeas

You can find chickpeas in two main forms – dried and canned (usually labeled as garbanzos).

While both have their own pros and cons, we think fresh and dried chickpeas provide the most flavor and nutrients.

However, it’s just a matter of preference at the end of the day.

Canned garbanzos are an ideal option for people who are always on the go.

All you have to do is drain the canned chickpeas, rinse them, and cook them in water for about 30 minutes.

You can add in your favorite seasonings and a dash of olive oil for more flavor.

Dried chickpeas, on the other hand, need a tad more patience.

But the result is extremely rewarding.

For making dried chickpeas, start by soaking them in water overnight, or at least for a couple of hours until they swell.

Perhaps you want to cook dried chickpeas right away but didn’t get the time to soak them.

Simply pressure cook them for a few whistles, and they’ll be good to go.

Here are some delicious chickpea recipes that you should definitely try:

  • Chickpea Salad.
  • Hummus.
  • Falafels.
  • Chickpea and Spinach Stew.

Final Thought

Chickpeas are one of the most popular vegetarian foods in the world.

They come in different types and can be used to create an endless list of dishes.

While unripe chickpeas can be eaten raw (out of their pod), mature chickpeas are usually cooked to eat with salads and stews.

They are also mashed to create delicious dips and are often roasted to be eaten as snacks.

Since they’re so easy to prepare and blend with a wide range of cuisines, chickpeas are a favorite among both novice cooks and foodies.

What Do Chickpeas Taste Like? Do Chickpeas Taste Good?

Wondering about the taste of chickpeas? Discover for yourself! Whether in salads, hummus, or stews, chickpeas have a mild, nutty flavor with a slightly earthy undertone. Their versatile taste makes them a delicious and satisfying addition to various dishes.
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  • Depending on the ingredients used, the cooking method, and the type of dish, the taste of the food can vary greatly.
  • Make sure to select a recipe that will elevate the food’s original flavor, and enjoy experimenting with different recipes!
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