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What to Serve with Chimichurri Steak? 7 Tasty Side Dishes

If you’ve ever relished South American food, you probably know how delightful they taste.

Whether it is Ceviche from Peru or Empanadas from Argentina, all South American foods will keep you wanting more.

Chimichurri steak is a South American classic that is a staple food across Uruguay and Argentina.

You can prepare Chimichurri steak using beef’s top tenderloin or sirloin coupled with Chimichurri sauce.

While many prefer marinating the steak to enhance the flavors, you can also serve it with a lemon slice and roasted potatoes.

Add some Chimichurri sauce in the mix, and voila, you have yourself a treat.

But what to serve with Chimichurri steak? Can you add some side dishes?

Yes, you can, and this article will reveal seven of the best accompaniments that elevate Chimichurri steak to a whole new level.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Chimichurri Steak?

why consider serving side dishes with chimichurri steak

Since Chimichurri sauce is the hero ingredient of Chimichurri steak, you get most of the flavors from the sauce.

It features a refreshing taste with savory and tangy flavors from garlic and vinegar.

While you will get the herbaceous flavor most of the time, you can also experience proteins with each bite.

So why should you consider serving side dishes? Although Chimichurri steak is a tasty standalone dish, incorporating side dishes elevates it to another level.

Side dishes also help you devour a balanced meal or embrace other flavors.

Additionally, side dishes can provide valuable nutrients and help you satisfy your palate better.

What to Serve with Chimichurri Steak? 7 BEST Side Dishes

You can pair Chimichurri steak with many side dishes, and we have 7 of the most exciting and mouthwatering treats for you.

1 – Coleslaw


Salad is one of the best side dishes to pair with Chimichurri steak, and as Coleslaw features shredded cabbage, it can complement Chimichurri steak very well.

Coleslaw is a raw cabbage salad made with carrots, mayonnaise, and shredded cabbage.

You can also add raisins or apples to give it a different flavor profile.

So how do you serve Coleslaw? A chilled Coleslaw salad can do wonders with Chimichurri steak.

The raw, shredded cabbage with mayonnaise will complement the tangy and savory flavors of the Chimichurri sauce, making it a delicious treat.

While Coleslaw can be served plain, many people add sweet corn, potatoes, or sugar to elevate its flavors.

2 – Fried Potatoes

fried potatoes

Fried potatoes go well with any protein dish, and Chimichurri steak is no exception.

This side dish can elevate your grilled meats and enhance the flavors of Chimichurri sauce.

For instance, hash browns or French fries can add a crispy and delicious sidekick that will allow you to enjoy Chimichurri steak in a whole new way.

The golden brown appearance also adds to the aesthetics, and we bet you will deny waiting any longer.

Apart from frying potatoes, people also bake them, making it healthy to consume potatoes without compromising the crispiness.

Add some pepper and salt, and you have a delicious treat in your hands.

3 – Fruit Salad

fruit salad

Another popular contender for Chimichurri steak side dish is fruit salad.

While fruit salad can is a standalone dish, it can add a fruity layer to your grilled proteins.

Fruit salad allows you to incorporate your preferred fruit flavor into the dish.

For instance, apples can create an umami flavor when coupled with the savory taste of Chimichurri sauce.

However, ensure that you prepare your fruit salad before grilling the steak.

Additionally, choose fresh and crunchy fruits in your fruit salad to get the best experience.

You can also add some honey to make your fruit salad delicious and sweet.

4 – Fried Noodles or Rice

fried noodles or rice

While fried noodles or rice compliments every dish, nothing is more competent than protein meals, such as Chimichurri steak.

Rice adds a layer of crunchiness to the overall dish and increases the flavors.

Likewise, you can go with fried noodles if you are a chow mein enthusiast.

You can prepare fried rice with carrots, onions, or other vegetables and spice up the flavor by adding soy sauce before serving.

Eggs are also a delightful addition as it adds a layer of buttery fats that makes your fried rice more delicious.

However, it would be best to keep the noodles or rice crunchy to get the best experience.

Sprinkling some soy sauce is an excellent way of adding spark to the overall flavor.

5 – Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes

One of the most effortless ways of adding a side dish to Chimichurri steak is mashed potatoes, as it is an excellent option for people who want a simple yet delightful side dish.

Mashed potatoes feature a creamy, smooth texture, which complements the tangy and savory flavors of Chimichurri sauce.

While some people like adding milk while mashing potatoes, the simple version of this dish can suffice your needs.

However, ensure that you don’t overcook the potatoes and add some butter while mashing the potatoes.

Serve it with Chimichurri steak, and we’re sure you will have guests that will ask you to cook these dishes every time.

6 – Grilled Potatoes

grilled potatoes

Apart from mashed potatoes, grilled potatoes also make a great side dish for Chimichurri steak.

Grilled potatoes can ignite flavors in your palate, primarily when you serve them with Chimichurri sauce.

The savory, tangy flavors of Chimichurri sauce compliment grilled potatoes’ crunchy, low-fat properties, making it an excellent combination.

While there are many versions of grilled potatoes, we recommend adding some butter while you grill them.

This method allows the potatoes to get the mouthwatering brownish color, which enhances the visual aesthetics of the dish.

7 – Herbed Flatbread

herbed flatbread

One of the simplest ways of serving a side dish with Chimichurri steak is an herbed flatbread.

This dish takes around 20 minutes to prepare and is possible even with pizza dough.

You can add whipped feta (a mixture of olive oil and crumbled feta cheese) into the mix, which will enhance the flavors.

While you can shape your dough as you like, we recommend shaping it into a rectangular shape to get the best experience.

After spreading whipping feta on your dough, you can leave it in the oven for 5 minutes.

Add some herbs and oregano into the mix, and we bet you will never forget this experience.


Chimichurri steak is a mouthwatering delight and a must-try food for all South American food lovers.

While it tastes delicious on its own, you can pair it with different side dishes to enhance the overall experience.

The list of side dishes to Chimichurri steak is endless.

Whether you are a salad person or love eating different potato versions, a blend of both worlds can ignite the passion for food.

While salads are a tasty and healthy option, we couldn’t resist the temptation of adding other side dishes with Chimichurri steak.

What to Serve with Chimichurri Steak? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Ready to elevate your chimichurri steak? Search no more! We've compiled the top 7 side dishes that flawlessly complement the robust flavors of chimichurri-marinated steak.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Coleslaw
  • Fried Potatoes
  • Fruit Salad
  • Fried Noodles or Rice
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Grilled Potatoes
  • Herbed Flatbread


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