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The 5 Best Substitutes for Clementines

Clementines are a type of small-sized citrus fruit that is considered to be a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a sweet lime.

The name of the fruit is derived from its place of origin, which is the French-owned district of Oran in Algeria.

They are often used in recipes that call for oranges because of their sweetness and lack of seeds.

For example, they can be added to cakes or used as a glaze for roasted meats.

Clementines can also be used to make marmalade or preserves.

In this article, we will discuss how to cook with clementines as well as the best substitutes for clementines.

What are Clementines?

Clementines are a type of small, sweet citrus fruit.

They are believed to be a hybrid of two other citrus fruits: mandarins and sweet oranges.

Clementines are named after their supposed discoverer, Father Clement Rodier, who found them growing in Algeria in the 19th century.

Clementines are typically smaller and juicier than oranges, with a thin skin that is easy to peel.

They are also less acidic than oranges, making them a popular choice for snacks and desserts.

Clementines can be eaten fresh or used in recipes such as baked goods, salads, and sauces.

For those who enjoy cooking with citrus fruits, clementines add a bright pop of flavor to any dish.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Clementines

If you’re looking for a clementine substitute, you have plenty of options.

Here are five of the best substitutes for clementines:

1 – Oranges

Oranges are a type of citrus fruit that is distinguished by its strong, sour flavor and its thick skin.

The flesh of the orange is very juicy, and the taste is a balance of sweetness and acidity.

The color of orange varies depending on the variety, but it is typically a deep orange.

Clementines are a type of small orange, and they are often used as a substitute for oranges in recipes.

When substituting oranges for clementines, you may want to use a bit less orange due to its strong flavor.

So, if a recipe calls for one cup of clementine juice, you would use about 3/4 cup of orange juice.

2 – Tangerines

Tangerines are a type of citrus fruit that is closely related to mandarins and clementines.

They have a slightly tart flavor with a hint of sweetness, and the flesh is very juicy and easy to eat.

The skin of tangerines is also thin and easy to peel, making them a convenient snack fruit.

When substituting tangerines for clementines in recipes, it is important to keep in mind that tangerines are slightly less sweet and more acidic.

As a result, you may need to add a bit more sugar to balance out the flavors.

Overall, tangerines make an excellent addition to any fruit bowl or recipe.

3 – Satsumas

Satsumas are a type of mandarin orange that originated in Japan.

They are smaller and sweeter than regular oranges, with thin, easy-to-peel skin.

The fruit is often sold in small clusters, making them perfect for snacking.

Satsumas can be eaten fresh or used in recipes that call for citrus fruits.

When substituting satsumas for clementines, keep in mind that they are slightly sweeter and have a more delicate flavor.

For this reason, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar called for in the recipe.

You can also use satsumas in place of oranges or tangerines in any dish.

Whether you enjoy them as a snack or use them in cooking, satsumas are a delicious and versatile fruit.

4 – Tangelos

Tangelos are a type of citrus fruit that is a hybrid of tangerines and pomelos.

They have a deep orange color and a tangy, sweet flavor.

The flesh is very juicy and slightly less acidic than other citrus fruits.

Tangelos can be eaten out-of-hand or used in salads, juices, or jams.

When substituting tangelos for clementines, use the same amount of tangelos as you would clementines.

Because tangelos are more acidic, you may want to add a little bit more sugar to balance out the flavors.

Tangelos can also be used in place of oranges in most recipes.

Keep in mind that tangelos will impart a more tart flavor than oranges.

If you prefer a sweeter taste, add an extra tablespoon or two of sugar.

5 – Pomelo

Pomelo is a citrus fruit that looks like a large grapefruit.

It has thick, yellow-green skin and white or pink flesh.

The taste of pomelo is similar to grapefruit but sweeter and less tart.

It is often eaten as a snack or used as a garnish in savory dishes.

Pomelo can be used as a substitute for clementines in many recipes.

The two fruits have a similar taste and texture, so pomelo can be used in any dish that calls for clementines.

Simply substitute an equal amount of pomelo for clementines in any recipe.

Whether you’re baking a cake or making a salad, pomelo is a great way to add sweetness and flavor to your dish.


In conclusion, clementines can be replaced with any of the following fruits: oranges, tangerines, satsumas, tangelos, or pomelo.

Each of these fruits has a similar taste and texture to clementines, so they can be used in any recipe.

Simply substitute an equal amount of fruit for clementines, and you’ll have a delicious dish in no time.

Yield: 1 Serving

The 5 Best Substitutes for Clementines

The 5 Best Substitutes for Clementines
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • Oranges
  • Tangerines
  • Satsumas
  • Tangelos
  • Pomelo


  1. Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  2. Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.
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