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Elevate Your Cocktails: 5 Best Cocchi Americano Substitutes

Have you ever tried Cocchi Americano? If not, you’re missing out on a delicious Italian aperitif wine.

Often used in classic cocktails like the Negroni, Cocchi Americano is a sweet, slightly bitter wine that is perfect for sipping before dinner.

But what is it exactly, and how can you use it? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Cocchi Americano.

In addition, we also recommend some of the best substitutes for Cocchi Americano in case you can’t find it at your local liquor store.

What is Cocchi Americano?

Cocchi Americano is a sweet wine-based aperitif from Italy.

It’s made by infusing Moscato d’Asti wine with cinchona bark, giving it a distinctive bitterness that is offset by its sweetness.

Cocchi Americano can be enjoyed on its own or used in cocktails.

It’s also a versatile ingredient in cooking, adding a touch of sweetness and complexity to savory dishes.

Are you curious about Cocchi Americano but not sure how to use it? Here are five ways to enjoy this delicious Italian aperitif.

  • Serve it on its own. Cocchi Americano is best enjoyed chilled, so try serving it over ice with a twist of orange peel.
  • Use it in cocktails. Cocchi Americano makes a great addition to cocktails like the classic Negroni or the Paper Plane.
  • Cook with it. Cocchi Americano can add a touch of sweetness and complexity to savory dishes like risotto or roast chicken.
  • Make a spritz. Combine Cocchi Americano with prosecco and soda water for a refreshing summertime spritz.
  • Substitute it for vermouth. If you’re out of dry vermouth, Cocchi Americano makes a great replacement in cocktails like the Martini or Manhattan.

The next time you’re looking for a unique aperitif or cooking ingredient, reach for a bottle of Cocchi Americano.

This delicious Italian wine-based aperitif is perfect for sipping on its own or using in cocktails and cooking.


The 5 Best Substitutes for Cocchi Americano

If you’re a fan of Italian aperitivo drinks, then you’re probably familiar with Cocchi Americano.

This wine-based aperitivo is bittersweet and floral, making it the perfect ingredient in many classic cocktails.

While Cocchi Americano is definitely delicious, it can be hard to find (and expensive).

If you’re looking for a Cocchi Americano substitute, try one of these five options.

1 – Aperol

Aperol is an Italian aperitif that is often compared to Campari.

It is a bit sweeter and less bitter than Campari, and it has a brighter orange color.

Aperol is often used in spritz cocktails, which are popular in Italy.

In recent years, Aperol has become popular in the United States as well.

If you’re looking for a delicious summer cocktail, give an Aperol spritz a try.

You can also substitute Aperol for Cocchi Americano in many recipes.

Cocchi Americano is an Italian bittersweet aperitif wine.

It has a similar flavor profile to Aperol, but it is less sweet and more herbal.

If you’re looking for a bittersweet flavor in your cocktail, Cocchi Americano is a great option.

2 – Campari

Campari is a type of bitter that is often used in cocktails.

It is made from a blend of herbs and spices, resulting in a bitter taste that some people compare to coffee or chocolate.

While Campari can be enjoyed on its own, it is more commonly used as a mixer.

One popular way to enjoy Campari is to mix it with soda, water, and ice.

This drink, known as a Campari spritz, is refreshing and perfect for summer days.

Campari can also be used as a substitute for Cocchi Americano in cocktails such as the Negroni.

When substituting Campari for Cocchi Americano, keep in mind that the cocktail will be slightly less sweet.

For this reason, it is important to adjust the other ingredients accordingly.

3 – Cinzano Rosso

Cinzano Rosso is a type of red vermouth originating from Italy.

It is made with a blend of red wine, herbs, and spices.

The taste is slightly sweet, with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.

Cinzano Rosso can be enjoyed on its own or used as a mixer in cocktails such as the Negroni or Americano.

Cocchi Americano is a similar Italian aperitif made with white wine and herbs.

It has a bittersweet taste with notes of citrus and cardamom.

Cocchi Americano can be substituted for Cinzano Rosso in any cocktail recipe.

To make a classic Negroni, simply swap out the Cinzano Rosso for Cocchi Americano.

You’ll end up with a beautifully balanced cocktail that’s perfect for sipping on a warm evening.

4 – Gran Classico Bitter

Welcome to the world of Gran Classico Bitter.

This unique bitter liqueur is made with a blend of herbs, roots, and citrus peel that give it a complex and flavorful profile.

Whether you’re enjoying it on its own or using it as a mixer, Gran Classico Bitter is sure to add a touch of class to your next cocktail.

So what does Gran Classico Bitter taste like? The answer is: it depends on your palate.

Some people find it woody and citric, with notes of cardamom, cloves, and orange peel.

Others perceive it as floral and fruity, with hints of lavender and bergamot.

Either way, it’s an incredibly versatile liqueur that can be enjoyed in many different ways.

One great way to enjoy Gran Classico Bitter is to substitute it for Cocchi Americano in your favorite cocktails.

Cocchi Americano is a similar Italian liqueur, but it can be difficult to find outside of specialty stores.

Gran Classico Bitter makes excellent substitute, and it’s sure to add its own unique flavor to your drink.

5 – Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro

Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro is a type of Italian bitter that is made from rhubarb.

It has a strong, bitter flavor that is reminiscent of quinine.

Because of its bitterness, it is often used as a substitute for Cocchi Americano, another type of Italian bitter.

When substituting Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro for Cocchi Americano, it is important to use half as much, as the Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro is twice as bitter.

Additionally, Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro can be used to make a variety of cocktails, such as the Negroni and the Boulevardier.

So if you’re looking for a bittersweet addition to your cocktail repertoire, give Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro a try.


In conclusion, there are several substitutes for Cocchi Americano that can be used in cocktails.

Campari, Cinzano Rosso, Gran Classico Bitter, and Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro are all excellent options.

Each of these bitters will add its own unique flavor to your drink, so be sure to experiment to find the perfect one for you.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Cocchi Americano

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  • Aperol

  • Campari

  • Cinzano Rosso

  • Gran Classico Bitter

  • Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro


  • Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  • Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.

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