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Coffee Cherry Chronicles: What Do Coffee Cherries Taste Like?

Do coffee cherries sound familiar? If they do, it’s precisely what you are thinking about.

Coffee cherries are the form before the coffee beans are roasted, and they do not taste bitter at all.

But you might be mistaken if you think coffee cherries have no use other than cashing out coffee beans.

You can actually make coffee cherry flavored skin products, eat them raw as delicious fruits, and add them into making your desserts exceptionally delicious but not limited to this.

That said, if you’re far from a coffee tree and you’re wondering, “what do coffee cherries taste like?” you’ve come to the right place.

Today we delve deeper into the taste profile of coffee cherries and how you can cook and serve them.

What are Coffee Cherries?

In all simplicity, coffee cherries are fruits grown in a coffee tree.

They are also known as stone fruits, and the seeds are taken out to make the coffee beans that we all crave.

Coffee cherries are small berry-like fruits that are fully green when unripe.

Later on, when they are mature and ripe, they usually take on a bright or dark red-colored form.

But depending on the variety of the coffee cherries, they can also take a yellowish form.

It typically takes around two months to get them to be fully ripe, but in the worst-case scenario, depending on the landscape and weather in certain places, they could even take a whole year.

The coffee beans are seeds taken out from the coffee cherries, and they usually appear quite greenish before they are processed.

The coffee beans are then roasted and turned into the dark coffee beans we drink today.

What Do Coffee Cherries Taste Like?

Now that we know what coffee cherries and coffee beans are let’s get straight into what these heavenly cherries taste like.

Unlike most roasted coffee beans, coffee cherries, when fully ripe, taste exceptionally sweet like most berries.

They contain mucilage, known to be great dietary fiber, and because it is slimy, it helps with our overall gut health.

While the sweetness of the coffee cherries is compared to a raspberry, the texture might not be very pleasant for people trying it for the first time.

It’s rather coarse, and since the cherries are tiny, you’d have to consume more than you bargained for.

That said, the coffee beans’ taste depends on how the cherries are taken care of.

While you can take out the coffee beans from an unripe coffee cherry to roast, it will not provide the same flavors as a coffee bean from a fully ripped cherry.

It is still edible but does not taste as pleasant.

Ironically these coffee beans are healthier to drink than those taken out at the right time.

But most experts say that they taste rather unpleasant when done so.

Hence, the sweetest coffee beans are taken out from fully ripened coffee cherries that taste mind-blowingly sweet.

How to Cook and Serve Coffee Cherries?

While the coarse texture may put you off, the ripe, full-red coffee cherries straight from the tree are basically just sugary berries that you can devour raw and have an awesome eating experience.

However, if you want the exposure of sweetness in your palate but don’t prefer eating the cherries raw, you can cook them together with other ingredients and brace yourself for a better sugary journey.

You can easily put these exceptionally well-tasting cherries into a drink.

Brew a coffee or tea or create a sports drink of your own using the simplest ingredients.

Want something more filling? Bake a cake using coffee cherries as your base flavoring ingredient.

They are sweet tasting and bring all the right elements, like being an antioxidant for one.

So not only are you eating a sweet cake, you’re adding extraordinary antioxidant properties along with other health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and the like, that come with coffee cherries into your body.

While these are just some of the ways you can cook and serve your coffee cherries, you’ll not be disappointed by how well they go when you try different variations and recipes.

Just keep the goal of being imaginative and making the best out of these magical cherries.


Coffee cherries are one of the best stone fruits that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Not only do these cherries offer you some of the most vital essential nutrients that are useful for your general health, but if you have a sweet tooth, they are one of the luscious fruits you can binge on.

While you have the option to eat them raw, you can make so many different pastries or add intense flavors to your favorite drinks.

With coffee cherries, the possibility is endless; we hope this article answers all your queries.

Lets us know what you planning when you get your hands on them.

What Do Coffee Cherries Taste Like? Do They Taste Good?

Delve into the flavor of coffee cherries and uncover whether they offer a pleasant taste experience, along with insights into their flavor profile and culinary uses.
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