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What to Serve with Coffee and Tea? 7 Best Side Dishes

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee or tea to get their day started?

Extracted from coffee beans and tea leaves, they are brewed into hot and cold beverages and are primarily consumed in the mornings.

They provide the required energy to start the day!

Tea and coffee are both beneficial to our health when consumed moderately.

Since they are consumed as beverages, they can pair with many side dishes or snacks that will help enhance their flavors.

So, the main question is – What to serve with coffee and tea?

Let us go ahead and find out what they are below!

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Coffee and Tea?

why consider serving side dishes with coffee and tea

It is not healthy to drink coffee and tea on an empty stomach.

So, there should be something to snack on along with the hot beverages.

You can serve many snacks as side dishes with coffee and tea, from bread and cookies to sandwiches and pastries. The options remain limitless.

However, there are different kinds of tea and coffee.

The regular black coffee, robusta, arabica, cappuccino, green tea, milk tea, and masala tea, to name a few.

Hence, it is essential to know which side dish pairs well with what kind of tea or coffee.

Serving side dishes with coffee and tea is a good idea to bring more variations on your breakfast/lunch table.

Moreover, side dishes will fill you up to keep you going throughout the day. After all, you can’t just function on beverages alone, can you?

What to Serve with Coffee and Tea? 7 Best Side Dishes

Coffee and tea are beverages that pair really well with biscuits, cookies, pastries, sweets, etc.

The sides can range from sweet to savory depending on your personal tastes or the types of coffee and tea that are being served.

They are great beverages to drink especially during the winter season.

Without further delay, let’s look at the snacks we can serve alongside coffee and tea.

1 – Butter Cookies

butter cookies

Butter cookies are one of the world’s favorite cookies.

It is simple to make, does not require many ingredients, and goes exceptionally well with coffee and tea.

Take a bite of that cookie and wash it down with coffee or tea.

Their combination with the cookie will give an excellent taste of butter and saltiness to your tastebuds.

Butter cookie also tends to be light and airy, so you can have as much as you want since it is not very filling!

But of course, watch out for the fat content too!

2 – Poached Eggs with Brown Bread

poached eggs with brown bread

Bread and eggs are a classic pairing for breakfast, along with tea and coffee.

They provide ample energy to last till your next meal.

Brown bread is a good source of carbs and fiber, and the poached eggs provide plenty of protein.

You can toast the bread too if you prefer it that way.

The combination of the bread with the warm poached eggs is just delightful.

As you have sips of your tea or coffee, it will combine with the flavors of the egg and bread to bring out a beautiful mixture of flavors inside your mouth.

What a delicious way to start your day!

3 – Fruit Cake

fruit cake

Don’t like creamy cakes that are usually packed with sugar?

In that case, fruit cake is perfect for your taste buds!

It goes well with tea and coffee and is a fantastic snack for hot beverages.

It is spongy and fruity with no icing. Take a bite of it and wash it down with your choice of hot beverage.

This is a classic cake and is simple to make. Most people prefer such a cake compared to the super sweet ones.

4 – Toasted Sandwich

toasted sandwich

For those people who have some time to spare in the kitchen, you should definitely give toasted sandwich a try!

It goes well with coffee and tea and makes for a light breakfast item filled with vegetables and proteins.

Toast two slices of bread and smear mayo on the bread.

Prepare a simple recipe of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese with either eggs or ham according to your preference.

Serve it on a saucer with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

This is also a beautiful combination to serve during your afternoon tea party!

5 – Veg Samosas

veg samosas

Samosa is like an Indian fried dumpling that consists of vegetable fillings inside.

It is a very famous tea-time snack in India, and its popularity is growing worldwide by the day.

It is the perfect side dish while sipping on a cup of masala tea.

The fillings are stuffed inside a dough kneaded with oil and water. It has mashed potatoes with green peas, turmeric, chili, and fennel seeds.

A bite of the samosa along with a sip of the masala tea brings a nice kick to the tastebuds and complements each item excellently.

6 – Cinnamon Bread

cinnamon bread

This bread is also a classic pairing with coffee. It is flavored with cinnamon and often contains raisins.

This bread blends well with black coffee, to be specific.

The bitter flavor of the black coffee merges with the sweetness of the cinnamon bread and provides a beautiful explosion of flavors.

You have to try out this pairing if you still haven’t yet!

7 – Pakodas


Pakodas (pronounced as pa-ko-ras) are Indian fritters that are deep-fried in hot oil.

They are made of various veggies and green leaves and are crispy, crunchy, and perfect to pair with masala tea!

You prepare the pakoda by dipping the vegetables like chopped cauliflower, onions, etc., in a batter made of gram flour.

Sink them in the hot oil and fry till golden brown. Serve them with a cup of special masala tea.

The fritter’s crunchiness and the flavors of the tea blend together to give out exotic flavors.

You should give this enjoyable pairing a try!


Coffee and tea are a constant in most peoples’ lives, and it is hard to imagine morning or afternoon meals without them.

Coffee also helps to keep you awake in the office when your body feels tired.

However, even coffee and tea need some side dishes to go together.

They combine well with cookies, biscuits, pastries, bread, etc.

Their flavors get enhanced because of such side dishes.

It would help if you understood that the side dishes should be compatible with your coffee or tea to have the best experience.

But why go through all that when we have gathered the perfect list of side dishes for your coffee and tea?

Give them a try and taste all those wonderful flavors!

What to Serve with Coffee and Tea? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Looking to enhance your coffee and tea experience? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the 7 best side dishes that will beautifully complement the rich flavors of your favorite brews.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Side Dishes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Butter Cookies
  • Poached Eggs with Brown Bread
  • Fruit Cake
  • Toasted Sandwich
  • Veg Samosas
  • Cinnamon Bread
  • Pakodas


  • Pick your favorite recipe from the article.
  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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