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Fizz to Flat: How Long Does Coke Last? Shelf Life Revealed

Whether you enjoy the sunny season or doing party with friends indoors, coke is a perfect drink with a fizz that helps in digestion and fulfills thirst.

They are available in various forms, including Pepsi, mountain dew, and orange crush.

People normally keep them in bulk at their place as they have them daily.

When you plan to get it to ensure the information on do coke goes bad, it will depend on the time for which you have used the same bottle and how you store the pack.

What is Coke?

Coke is one of the popular drinks among people; they love to have it with various meals.

A million of cola bottles are served daily to people.

The best thing about the drink is that it increases the digestion level who consumes them.

Coke is a drink that contains various elements, including sugar, artificial flavor, and even other preservatives that finally increase life.

Generally, they come with an expiry date; people choose to discard them off after this specific date as no more they are a good option for health, and even a variation in taste will be noticed.

Before having Coke in your diet, just go through if there is any change in taste or color.

Just the expiry date will not make a bad option.

But if there are any signs of spoilage, then it can harm health.

How Long Does Coke Last? Does Coke Go Bad?

Have you not opened the bottle of coke to date? If yes, then in that case, you can still have it as it is safe from the contaminants that enter once you will open the bottle.

You can have the drink even after the expiry date has passed.

If the bottle is not opened and you store them in a clean and dry place, then using them for six to nine months is possible even after the expiry date.

Here it would help if you were pretty careful about the fact that there is no fluctuation in temperature.

Conversely, if you have opened the bottle, an advisable option is to transfer it to a smaller container so that contact with air is less.

You can even use aluminum foil to seal the bottle to reduce the chance of going out of fizz from the bottle.

Normally, if the can of Coke is open, it can retain its carbonation for about 3 to 4 days if you seal them properly and store them in the refrigerator.

Keeping it in a fridge will maintain its taste for a specific time, at least.

But still, if you store them for an extended time, there are chances that fizz will be completely lost, and you need to discard them.

How to Tell If Coke Has Gone Bad?

Damaged Containers

If you notice the container of Coke swallowing up, chances are there that no more Coke is a good option, and you need to throw the bottle away.

If the carbonation gets escapes from the bottle, then it will be of no use.

No Fizz

Consuming coke after meal helps in digestion due to amount of fizz that it contains.

If you notice that there is no fizz in the bottle of Coke, then avoid its use.

You can throw the bottle away as no more drink is a good option.

It is now just water that has sugar content.


When Coke comes in contact with the atmosphere, a reaction is there with oxygen.

It might create a change in taste, ultimately making them bad and no longer a good option for consumption.

Taste will turn out to be watery, which is not an exact taste of a good-condition Coke.

Change In Color

In the original drink, there is brown or reddish color of the Coke; if you see a darker color than the previous one, then it is no more a good option, and you need to throw it away.

The darker color is mainly when they expose to sunlight.

How to Store Coke?

Pantry Area

You can keep Coke in the pantry area if the bottles are closed, as this place generally has a constant temperature.

If the bottle is made of plastic, store them in a dark place, not a place with light.

Keeping them in the pantry will help maintain their temperature, and you will not face cold and cough-related issues.


Once you have opened the bottle, the fridge is advisable for keeping these bottles.

If you plan to keep such bottles at room temperature, they will likely get spoilt.

Keep them in air-tight containers so that the fizz from the bottle does not get away.

In Cool and Dry Places

Mainly coke is a famous beverage, and you should keep it in a cool and dry place away from excessive heat.

If you keep them at excessive temperature, the direct effect will be on coke, and it will no longer remain a good option for digestion.


Coke is undoubtedly one of the favorite drinks of all group people.

It is not only good in taste, but you will also feel completely fresh.

You need to be careful regarding their storage; if not kept in a good place, they might go bad and become a unhealthy option.

As such, no health deterioration is concerned even if you have expired coke.

But having an idea in advance is a must.

Sometimes there can be some symptoms in the coke that denote that it must be thrown off rather than used.

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