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What to Serve with Cold Cucumber Soup? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Cold cucumber soup may not be the dish to enjoy in most places as it’s winter.

But summer will come soon, and the soup will be the perfect dish to enjoy on any hot day.

The soup isn’t only refreshing and relatively easy to whip up as there’s no cooking involved.

Besides, it’s versatile and compatible with various dishes.

So, when thinking about what to serve with cold cucumber soup, you won’t have a problem.

Crispy prosciutto, croutons, grilled shrimp, and crostini are some delicious side dishes to serve with cold cucumber soup.

Besides these, there are several others which we’ll list below.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Cold Cucumber Soup?

Soups are generally light, and though they make you full for a while, you’re likely to get hungry pretty fast.

So, you need to have some backup dishes to keep you full for some time.

Though it’s delightful, cold cucumber soup doesn’t make a complete meal.

Your meal will be complete only when you have some more items alongside.

They can be veggies, meat, bread, and seafood because they all make a nice combo with cold soup.

If you wish to serve cold soup at an event, you’ll need more dishes to feed everyone.

Having extra items will also make mealtime enjoyable, or else it can be pretty dull.

What to Serve with Cold Cucumber Soup? 10 BEST Side Dishes

The following are some of the best items to serve alongside cold cucumber soup, and here they go:

1 – Roasted Veggies with Balsamic Vinegar

Vegetables add more flavor to any dish, no matter how you cook them.

While steamed, boiled, and fried veggies taste incredible, roasting them enhances their flavors even more.

Hence, what better than starting the list with roasted veggies? They go side by side with cucumber soup, making your meal heartier.

At the same time, you also get to experience multiple ingredients.

Potatoes, zucchini, butternut squash, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and bell peppers make a great combo.

Add balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper before roasting, and fresh herbs as a garnish; your dish will be perfect.

2 – Fire Crackers

The crispy biscuits are typically made with flour and can be sweet, salty, or bland, and they match perfectly with various dishes.

Fire crackers, on the other hand, are spicy crackers, and they’re also versatile.

You can serve the spicy crackers with cold cucumber soup and enjoy the contrast.

You can eat the crackers separately or even crumble them in the soup.

Red pepper flakes and ranch seasoning are the usual spicy ingredients used in making fire crackers.

You may add garlic, steak seasoning, butter, and sauces to enhance the taste even more.

3 – Garlic Bread

Any bread tastes delicious with cold cucumber soup.

But the pairing would be even better when you turn ordinary bread into something delicious like garlic bread.

Garlic bread looks elegant, and you may think it’s challenging to make.

But once you know the process, you will want to make it every day because it’s easy and delicious.

Crusty bread, like baguette, is the usual variety for making garlic bread.

It’s readily available and ideal to make the dish.

Garlic, butter, or olive oil are the remaining ingredients used in the dish.

But you can add cheese and herbs too.

4 – Grilled Shrimps

Food tastes fantastic when you serve dishes that are different from each other.

That’s why cold cucumber soup and grilled shrimp skewers go so well.

Hence, we had to add the dish to the list.

Shrimp, like other seafood, cook quite fast.

So, serving it will be convenient as you can cook several batches quickly if you invite many people to your event.

The fresh variety is the best option for making the dish.

So, check out the tails of the shrimp when buying.

They should be stringy, blue-green, or grey rather than orange or red.

5 – Crostini

Earlier, we mentioned that bread makes a suitable pairing with cucumber soup.

Hence, we’re adding one more bread so you’ll have more options.

Crostini is also suitable to eat with cold soup.

The word crostini means “little crusts” in Italian, and it’s a crusty bread coated with olive oil and grilled or toasted in the oven.

French bread, like baguette, is the usual variety for making crostini as it’s easy to find.

But you can also use ciabatta bread.

Besides you can also add salt, cheese, black pepper, and garlic if you want more variety in flavor.

6 – Crispy Prosciutto

It’s not only veggies but also meat that tastes great with cold cucumber soup.

How about prosciutto, baked and crisped to perfection? We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the flavor and combination.

Prosciutto (Prosciutto crudo in Italian) is uncooked, dry-cured ham, slightly salty and mildly sweet.

Since the process removes all forms of moisture, it’s safe to eat raw.

Prosciutto, when baked in the oven for ten-12 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, turns crispy, and you can enjoy it as a snack with other items like cold soup.

7 – Croutons

It’s yet another bread dish, but who’s complaining? Croutons also pair nicely with cold cucumber soup.

If you can’t make garlic bread or crostini, croutons will work equally fine.

Croutons are made from stale bread and are usually added to salads and soups for more flavor.

You can make them from various types of bread because all work out fine.

While butter and salt are the usual additional ingredients used in croutons, you can add seasonings such as garlic powder, pepper, onion powder, fresh herbs, and olive oil.

8 – Roasted Rack of Lamb

Since cucumber soup clicks with meat, we’re including one more meat dish but entirely different from the prosciutto.

It’s a roasted rack of lamb and it’s delicious and filling.

A rack of lamb is the unsplit primal rib of a sheep’s carcass, including ribs six to twelve.

Hence, you have seven ribs in the rack, and roasting is the most popular method of cooking the meat.

However, different recipes call for different cooking times.

For example, one dish can take just about 45 minutes, while another recipe can take up to two and a half hours.

9 – Quiche

If bread tastes good with cucumber soup, a tart isn’t far behind.

Quiche is an open-faced, savory French tart that contains a variety of ingredients.

Quiche is delicious, both hot and cold, so that you can serve it according to menu requirements.

Either would be tasty, and you’ll have a lovely combination.

Quiche usually as veggies, meat, seafood, and cheese.

It can also contain eggs, heavy cream, and other items.

Some variants also have bacon and lardons.

You can add different ingredients depending on what you like to eat.

10 – Vegetable Kabobs

We’re finally at the end of the list and we’ll go out with a bang with vegetable kabobs.

Grilled veggies are tasty, versatile, easy to cook, and complement cold cucumber soup.

Veggie kabobs are also convenient because they cook fast and you can your choice of ingredients.

Numerous vegetables grow throughout the year, so you have multiple choices.

Mushrooms, bell pepper, and zucchini are suitable for kabobs.

You can also use onions, tomatoes, butternut squash, and eggplant.

The grilled vegetables taste good even without seasoning so you don’t have to add a lot.

Salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, and dried herbs can do the trick and make your dish flavorful and perfect to serve with the soup.


You will now have at least ten dishes to serve with cold cucumber soup and balance your meal.

Whether you serve cold soup during summer or other seasons, there is no need to worry about side dishes.

All ten dishes match perfectly with cucumber soup.

Hence, you can serve at least 3-4 or 5 dishes so that everybody has something to enjoy.

If you feature the soup frequently, select separate items, so it doesn’t feel boring.

What to Serve with Cold Cucumber Soup? 10 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Roasted Veggies with Balsamic Vinegar
  • Fire Crackers
  • Garlic Bread
  • Grilled Shrimps
  • Crostini
  • Crispy Prosciutto
  • Croutons
  • Roasted Rack of Lamb
  • Quiche
  • Vegetable Kabobs


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