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What to Serve with Cold Soba Noodles? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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Soba noodles are versatile as you can eat them both hot and cold.

The word “soba” comes from “buckwheat” in Japanese.

The noodles are brown and have a nutty taste.

While you can eat them, hot, cold soba noodles are pretty popular, and you can eat them in different ways.

You can also enjoy them with side dishes.

However, if you struggle with choosing what to serve with cold soba noodles, the dishes mentioned below in the coming sections may help.

So, you can continue reading and see what you can eat with the noodles.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Cold Soba Noodles?

why consider serving side dishes with cold soba noodles

If a particular dish is delicious, it’s even better to enjoy it with other foods.

Cold soba noodles also taste different and even amazing when you serve them with side dishes.

Since the dish is rich and filling, side dishes can bring some balance and keep your palate wanting for more and not make you feel overloaded.

Side dishes can come in handy when serving the noodles at a party or a big dinner.

Combining the side dishes with the noodles will keep your guests entertained, and they can enjoy the meal.

What to Serve with Cold Soba Noodles? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Here are some side dishes which you can serve with cold soba noodles.

1. Dashi Soy Sauce

dashi soy sauce

It’s one of the most popular items served with cold soba noodles.

Dashi soy sauce is delicious, and it’s a perfect dish for noodles.

The side dish is made of a few ingredients, and it’s effortless to make it.

You need soy sauce, dashi powder (instant soup stock), sugar, and water.

You can make the sauce in a minute. You have to add dashi powder and brown sugar to the water and microwave for 30 seconds.

You can then mix the blend with soy sauce, ready. When eating the noodles with the sauce, don’t soak too long, or the flavor will fade away.

Just dip and eat, and you will have a great combination.

2. Chopped Scallions with Grated Ginger

chopped scallions with grated ginger

It seems like a salad with just two ingredients but chopped scallions with grated ginger pair well with the cold soba noodles.

The simple side dish is easy to make, and you need time only to prep the veggie and spices.

Scallions and ginger are also nutritious, and they contain several ingredients that benefit you.

Since they are served raw, you receive all the nutrients.

Serve the noodles with the salad and some sauce, and you will enjoy your meal a lot more.

3. Tempura

It’s also a dish which you can eat with cold soba noodles.

Tempura typically consists of seafood, vegetables, and meat that are battered and deep-fried.

You can make different tempuras, including fried shrimp, sweet tempura potato, Japanese pumpkin, zucchini, etc.

If you can come up with the perfect batter, making yummy and crunchy tempura items is not difficult.

While the dish is pretty awesome, it takes some time to master the technique.

So, you can make the dish for the family, and when you can make it perfect, you can serve it at big gatherings.

4. Poached Eggs

poached eggs

Maybe not the usual side dish you hoped for, but raw or poached eggs also make a good combo with cold soba noodles.

If you are not a fan of raw eggs, use poached eggs because either is delicious, and you will love them with the noodles.

Eggs are also nutritious and come under the “superfoods” category.

So, you have flavor and also receive the nutrients simultaneously.

Poached eggs are also easy to make, and you can make many in a small amount of time.

So, if you want to serve cold soba noodles at a party, the dish will be a perfect choice.

5. Fresh Wasabi

fresh wasabi

Fresh wasabi is the answer if you want something hot, fiery, spicy, and savory to eat with cold soba noodles.

It’s also one of the most popular flavorings in Japanese dishes and tastes unique but goes with the noodles.

Wasabi is related to watercress and is similar to horseradish in taste and texture.

You have to clean, peel and grate the veggie to eat with the noodles.

You can also make the wasabi into a paste if you don’t want to eat the grated version.

Whatever version you eat will add flavor to the noodles.

6. Grated Mountain Yam

grated mountain yam

The grated mountain yam or Tororo is another item that can serve as a side dish with cold soba noodles.

It’s a dish made of both Chinese or Japanese yam.

It’s pretty simple to make grated mountain yam, but it’s delicious and combines well with the noodles.

Mountain yam is also a veggie with plenty of nutrients.

Since you can eat the yam raw, the nutrients stay intact, and you get them all.

The yam has a slightly sweet taste, but you can add some seasoning.

Everyone likes different things, so that you can add or remove ingredients according to your preference.

7. Grated Daikon

grated daikon

Called by several names such as mooli, daikon, winter radish, it’s also a veggie that you can use to make a side dish with cold soba noodles.

If you like something spicy and sweet, grated daikon is the right side to eat with the noodles.

The sweet and spicy flavor of the daikon enhances the noodles’ taste and makes it even more delicious.

You can use either fine or rough grater according to preference.

If you use the first one, you’ll have a fluffy texture, and if you use the second one, you will have a crispy texture.

Either way, the grated daikon tastes yummy with the noodles, and if you serve it during an occasion, it will be a hit.


Most of the side dishes mentioned above are raw but delicious.

They are also suitable accompaniment with cold soba noodles.

You can include the sides in your menu whenever you make and serve cold soba noodles.

Almost all are easy to make, so you can create large quantities at one time if you have many guests to serve.

If you don’t have the ingredients at home or can’t find them at the stores, you can add other side dishes.

What to Serve with Cold Soba Noodles? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Dashi Soy Sauce

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  • Tempura

  • Poached Eggs

  • Fresh Wasabi

  • Grated Mountain Yam

  • Grated Daikon


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