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Cool Whip Substitutes: 5 Top Alternatives for Creamy Desserts

Have you ever tried livening up a dessert or dish with Cool Whip?

This popular topping is a delicious way to give flavor to any recipe you can imagine, but did you know that there are also a lot of great substitutes for it?

If you’re looking for creative ways to use other ingredients instead of Cool Whip, there are plenty of useful details on how to cook and use different choices.

Here’s a guide on the five best substitutes for this sensational topping.

So put away your Cool Whip and explore the many exciting options available.

What’s Cool Whip?

Cool Whip is a whipped topping that was first introduced in the United States in 1966 and has since become an iconic staple for desserts and baked goods.

It is sold frozen, making it shelf-stable until you’re ready to use it in your dish.

Cool Whip is popular for its taste and texture – while it’s not identical to real whipped cream, many say that it’s even more delicious.

The texture of Cool Whip is fluffy and light, so you don’t need to worry about overly sweet or heavy desserts if you’re using Cool Whip as an ingredient.

It can be used as a topping or a filling; just thaw out the container at room temperature before mixing it into your cake batter or icing.

You can also make fun recipes like milkshakes with Cool Whip, too.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Cool Whip

If you’re looking for a cool, creamy topping or filling for your desserts, you may be wondering what the best substitutes for Cool Whip are.

Here are the top contenders:

1 – Whipped Cream with a Twist

Whipped cream is a sweet topping for desserts, drinks, and other treats.

It can be made with heavy cream, sugar, and a whisk or mixer until it reaches the desired consistency.

Whipped cream has a light, airy texture and a pleasant sweetness that makes it the perfect complement to various desserts.

It should be refrigerated immediately after use to ensure its freshness.

If you’re looking for an easy way to substitute whipped cream for Cool Whip, try using freshly whipped heavy cream that has been sweetened with powdered sugar or vanilla syrup.

This will give you the same silky texture while bringing out more of the natural flavors of your dish.

2 – Whipped Creme Fraiche

Whipped Creme Fraiche is an indulgent and creamy alternative to traditional whipped cream.

It offers a luxurious velvety richness, unlike any other topping.

Made from heavy cream, sour cream, and buttermilk, it has a tangy flavor along with a subtle butteriness that’s incredibly delicious.

When freshly made, it has airy consistency making it perfect for garnishing desserts or adding to fresh fruit dishes.

This whimsical topping can easily substitute for Cool Whip in many recipes and will leave your mind pleasantly tantalized.

The robust combination of ingredients makes this topping both lusciously sweet as well as wonderfully salty – an unforgettable experience.

3 – Truwhip

Truwhip is a whipped topping alternative made without hydrogenated fats and artificial flavorings.

It offers a healthier, more natural approach to whipped topping that still offers the same taste and enjoyment as its traditional counterpart.

Truwhip features a lighter-than-air texture with every creamy and fluffy spoonful.

Its aroma is naturally sweet and inviting; its flavor is balanced between sweet and airy.

On top of that, it’s perfect for decorating desserts or adding a finishing touch to drinks.

Its subtle sweetness makes it an ideal substitute when you’re looking to add some fun to your favorite treat or drink.

Replacing Cool Whip with Truwhip not only improves health and minimizes guilt but also enhances the sweetness that often lacks in Cool Whip.

4 – Reddi Wip

Redd Wip is a popular whipped topping to top off desserts or add some extra richness to a favorite recipe.

It is made with real cream and has a light, creamy flavor that doesn’t overpower the other flavors in the recipe.

Unlike regular whipped cream, which is rather dense, Reddi Wip provides a soft, airy texture that adds an interesting element to cakes, pies, and other dishes.

If you’re looking for something similar but fresher-tasting than Cool Whip, Reddi Wip is a good choice.

Simply spoon it on top of desserts served cold or allow a few minutes for it to set up as it’s folded into warm soufflés and baked goods like brownies.

With so many uses and its unique flavor, Reddi Wip will be sure to add life to your favorite recipes.

5 – Dream Whip

Dream Whip is a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to homemade whipped cream.

It comes in a powdered format, so it requires time and energy to mix with cold milk and vanilla to make the light, creamy topping.

It has been around since 1957 and is often used as a topping on pies, desserts, and traditional dishes.

Dream Whip can be made with dairy or nondairy milk, so those who are unable to consume dairy products can still enjoy it too.

The texture of Dream Whip when prepared is very similar to Cool Whip; however, while Cool Whip is usually unflavored, Dream Whip has subtle hints of vanilla which add a nice complexity of flavor.

As an option, instead of buying pre-made Cool Whip, you may consider preparing your own Dream Whip as an alternative.


In conclusion, Cool Whip is a popular addition to many dishes and desserts.

However, there are many healthier and tastier alternatives to it that can easily substitute for Cool Whip.

Whether you choose Whipped Cream, Whipped Creme Fraiche, Truwhip, Reddi Wip, or Dream Whip – all offer an irresistible taste experience.

With these delightful choices at your disposal, you can rest assured that your desserts will have the perfect topping to make them extra tasty.

Yield: 1 Serving

The 5 Best Substitutes for Cool Whip

The 5 Best Substitutes for Cool Whip
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • Whipped Cream with a Twist
  • Whipped Creme Fraiche
  • Truwhip
  • Reddi Wip
  • Dream Whip


  1. Pick your favorite substitute from the list above.
  2. Follow cooking directions for your selected substitute with the proper ratio of ingredients.

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