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What Does Crab Taste Like? Does Crab Taste Good?

Are shellfish your choice of seafood? You probably are excited to learn everything about them if you like crabs.

Well, this article will discuss the taste of crab and the things you need to know before going all-in on your crab-eating journey.

Aren’t crabs just sophisticated? Their body structure and the change of colors when raw and cooked are simply impressive.

This crustacean is particularly unique in taste as it changes depending on quite a few conditions.

So, what does crab taste like? You’ll find the answer just a few scrolls away.

What is Crab?

what is crab

Crabs are crustaceans found in seashores.

Their bodies are broad with five pairs of legs, and the first pair of legs also look and function as pincers.

Crabs are of different types, and their taste differs accordingly.

They are pricey because they are difficult to fish out, especially the king crabs.

Because of their rarity, crabs are considered a delicacy in cuisines, and this explains how people enjoy the food.

Overfishing and the consequent rarity of crabs have led to the invention of the “imitation crab.

” It is a mixture of fish paste and is made like a crab.

With their similar taste, imitation crabs have become the option of the population not living in coastal regions.

What Does Crab Taste Like?

what does crab taste like

Crab has a slightly fish-like taste that is salty and sweet, and this is the typical taste that all the various species of crabs have.

Unlike shrimp which tastes like chicken, crab meat has a soft texture and resembles fish.

Crab has a high nutrition value and hence, is healthy.

It displays a high level of Vitamin B12, Omega 3, and selenium, and these are nutrients that help build strong muscles.

Taste of king crab: King crab tastes similar to lobster.

They have a delicate texture and are more on the sweeter side than salty.

King crabs are one of the most favored foods among seafood lovers.

They are, however, becoming rarer by the day due to overfishing.

Taste of mud crab: Mud crabs have moister meat than the other species.

Their uniquely sweet flavor is loved by many, and their beautiful appearance is what earns them a spot in many restaurants.

Taste of stone crab: Stone crabs taste somewhat like lobster, and their meat is tender and flaky, a little harder than most crabs.

Their sweetness is toned down compared to other species, and they have a clean flavor.

Taste of blue crab: These crabs have white meat and taste salty with a mild sweetness, and they also have a tender fin favorite among blue crab eaters.

Taste of Jonah crab and Dungeness crab: Jonah crabs smell like the ocean but taste sweet.

Their meat is delicate and pleasant to eat.

They are very similar to Dungeness crab, which is very sweet.

Dungeness crabs are also tender, but the meat on their legs is a lot firmer than other parts.

Taste of snow crab: Snow crabs turn white once cooked, and this property gives them the name “snow” crab.

The taste of snow crabs is not much different than other species.

They taste sweet and have a firmness that is not common in other species.

How to Cook Crab?

how to cook crab

There are many ways to cook crab.

You can make them like sushi, steam them, grill, soup, or even stir fry the cooked crabs.

The best way to eat the crabs would be by steaming them.

When you steam the crabs, it releases the natural flavors of the crab and infuses them with the complementing ingredients.

It is also the simplest way to cook crabs.

Moreover, while steaming, the crabs are in their purest form, without any spices or condiments masking their authentic taste.

Crabs become bitter with a hint of ammonia if they are left for even an hour.

Moreover, a stale crab will only give you digestive issues.

So, the best way to keep them tasting good is to keep them fresh and alive until it is time to cook.

Cautions while cooking crab:

  • Always purchase your crabs from licensed suppliers to prevent the risk of any food poisoning.
  • Cooked crabs are better than raw because cooking kills all the unwanted bacteria.
  • Keep raw and cooked crabs separately to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Avoid overcooking crabs as it will dry out all the moisture and make the crab meat unpleasant to eat.


Among the many shellfish, crabs are one of the most interesting ones.

They have a unique body structure, and their taste varies depending on their species.

The flavors do not overwhelm each other.

Crabs also take in the flavors of other ingredients, so they give out many diverse tastes.

Before consuming crab, you should check if you have a shellfish allergy and proceed with caution.

It would be the dream of all seafood lovers to try the different varieties of food.

If you are one, try out all the different types of crabs available; you will be stunned by the tastes.

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What Does Crab Taste Like? Does Crab Taste Good?

What Does Crab Taste Like? Does Crab Taste Good?


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