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Cream Soda Delight: What Does Cream Soda Taste Like?

Hundreds of years since its introduction, the cream soda concoction has undergone many changes in its recipe.

Whether it be removing the actual ‘cream’ from the ingredients list or adding vanilla to make it sweeter.

Today the beverage is loved simply as a fizzy, refreshing vanilla drink.

There are a lot of myths and ideas surrounding this sweet, effervescent soda.

However, many agree that it was not always the simple sweet, flavored refreshment we know and love today.

You’ve probably been drinking it your whole life without knowing what it really is.

For those who have yet to try the beverage and are itching to know what does cream soda taste like and the best ways to consume it, keep reading to find out.

What is Cream Soda?

If we were to describe cream soda, it would be categorized as a vanilla-flavored soft drink.

The beverage is also known by other names like ‘creme soda’ and ‘creaming soda.

‘ It was introduced to people in the US during the mid-1800s as an effervescent drink by E.



The original recipe calls for Epsom salts, cream of tartar, sugar, milk, eggs, and bicarbonate soda.

In today’s version of the fizzy treat, you won’t find most of the ingredients that were included in the past.

The drink is said to have its origins in Italy, where the creme soda is made from vanilla, water, sugar, and milk.

There might be slight flavor variations, but it was generally consumed as a form of sweetened milk.

This was then commercialized into a soda during the 19th century.

The milk products added in the past were removed since packaging and storing the drink became difficult, but the name remained the same.

If you were wondering what the ‘cream’ stands for, it is an homage to the original recipe.

What Does Cream Soda Taste Like?

If you look at all the old recipes and ingredients that went into making cream soda, you might not be keen on trying it.

Most would involve eggs, egg whites, milk, bicarbonate soda, and salt.

Now that’s a combination of items you don’t want to consume.

However, it has laid the foundation for the massively successful soft drink we love today.

Nowadays, cream soda is typically a plain carbonated drink with extracts of vanilla added to it.

The beverage’s color is slightly brown or golden, depending on the manufacturer.

Its taste is sweet but not too overpowering and pairs well with the earthy and flowery notes of the vanilla extract.

Depending on what kind of vanilla essence you add to the mixture, you can also taste a slight smokiness and subtle woody aroma.

This drink may have been a dense concoction in the old days, but today you’ll find the bubbly beverage is watery.

That’s because it’s just soda water mixed with vanilla.

But you can find the milk-based drink in other parts of the globe.

For instance, this drink is still traditionally enjoyed with milk in Italy.

The consistency is creamy and smooth, and depending on the flavor customizations you prefer, you can enjoy the beverage any way you like.

Most individuals don’t stray far from the classic vanilla taste since it’s familiar and also pairs excellently with the thick creamy milk.

There are also hints of caramel that are hard to resist.

How to Serve Cream Soda?

Most people enjoy this famous beverage on hot summer days.

The classic sweet vanilla taste and the sharp sweetness make it the perfect drink to help you cool down.

If you’ve kept the soda in the fridge to cool before having it, that’s even better.

Some people prefer to have it the old-fashioned way, which is chilled straight out of the bottle.

But, the liquid has become an excellent base for many classic cocktails.

The mellow vanilla flavor imparts a floral element to drinks; people love it.

For those who cannot purchase the drink from your nearby store, don’t worry; this soda is so simple to prepare you can make it at home.

You’ll need only a few ingredients to create this classic drink.

You’ll probably have the usual suspects in your pantry, like vanilla essence, sugar, bi-carbonate soda, and water, to bring them together.

A variety of drinks can also be prepared using this simple recipe, like vanilla lemonade and a chilled mojito.

But if you’re bold enough to try the original cream soda with milk and eggs, you can look for the recipes online.


There’s no right way to enjoy this drink but there is the classic way, which preparing it with premium vanilla pods and having it chilled.

This beloved American classic soda is one that continues to garner fans even to this day.

Maybe it’s the simplicity of the drink that people enjoy so much.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy the complex tastes of the vanilla plant.

The sugar, water and soda compliment the flavors so much that the drink never goes out of style.

What Does Cream Soda Taste Like? Does it Taste Good?

Indulge in the taste of cream soda and experience its creamy, vanilla-infused flavor with a fizzy finish. Cream soda provides a nostalgic and satisfying beverage option, reminiscent of old-fashioned soda fountain treats.
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