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Eating Crow Mystery: What Does Crow Taste Like?

We’ve all seen crows sitting on wires or heard their infamous cacaws.

But, has the thought of, “what does crow taste like?” ever crossed your mind? If it has, you’re in luck.

Crow meat is something you wouldn’t usually find in your local diner or restaurant.

Despite the lack of consumption of crow meat, it’s still considered a delicacy in certain cultures.

Today’s article will dive into the world of crow meat, its flavor profile, and whether you can eat it or not.

So, continue reading if you want to know more about the taste of crow.

Let’s begin.

What is Crow?

A crow is a type of bird that’s typically black in color and is usually found across the world.

Crows are highly praised for their intelligence, as they can adjust quickly to different environments.

They’re also known for their distinct cawing sounds.

Crows are widely known for associating with superstitions, folklore, and mythologies.

For instance, Native American cultures view crows as a symbol of wisdom and regard them as magic-possessing creatures.

Meanwhile, certain European cultures view them as carriers of death and bad luck.

Regardless of their association with myths and superstitions, they continue to fascinate people in various ways.

But did you know that crows are also eaten? Yes.

Although it’s not a common thing, certain cultures consider their meat as a type of delicacy.

But, it’s not the most nutritious treat, as crows eat just about anything, which can tend to be harmful to humans when their meat is eaten.

What Does Crow Taste Like?

Many people claim that crow meat is dark and chewy.

It’s known to have an intense gamey flavor that differs depending on factors like their diet and surroundings, which can make it a challenging meat to cook and eat.

Due to its stringy and tough meat, crow often follows slow cooking methods like stewing or braising to gain a more tender texture.

Hence, its texture largely depends on how it’s prepared and cooked.

The flavor of crow meat can differ depending on various factors like the bird’s diet, surroundings, and the cooking method employed.

Some individuals compare its taste to other game birds like pheasant or wild duck, but most people find crow meat less appetizing.

Smell-wise, crow meat is known to carry a pungent gamey smell.

However, this can be changed depending on the preparation and cooking techniques used, similar to its texture and taste.

Since eating crow meat is not a common practice around the world, many people might not find the smell of its meat familiar.

Plus, it also tastes and smells more potent than regular meat, which doesn’t appeal to most people.

Generally, crow meat flavor and taste depends on a personal preference.

Hence, much like any wild and game meat, its description may also vary from person to person.

Additionally, there’s also the potential risk of exposure to certain diseases by eating crow meat.

So, it’s essential to follow safety precautions when preparing crow meat and thoroughly cooking it to ensure safety.

Can You Eat Crow?

Crow meat is not exactly forbidden food.

However, there’s a potential risk of being exposed to harmful substances such as pollutants or heavy metals when eating crow meat, as such chemicals often gather in the tissue of crows.

Moreover, there’s also a significant risk of contracting zoonotic diseases when eating crow meat.

This is because crows, much like other wild animals, carry several infectious diseases, which can be easily transferred to humans by eating their contaminated meat.

As mentioned before, crows are also scavengers that eat just about anything.

Hence, their food sources like waste, carrion, and dead animals increase exposure to harmful substances, which in turn can negatively affect those eating their meat.

So, although you can try and eat crow meat, it’s essential to get their meat from a reliable source to ensure proper removal of contaminants before cooking and eating them.

Many cultures also consider the consumption of crow meat socially unacceptable or taboo, leading to crow meat as an unreliable food source.

However, if you’re interested in crow meat, you can give it a try, given it’s cooked appropriately.

Like other game meat, eating crow meat is entirely subjective and must be adequately cooked and eaten, knowing all the health risks involved.


Crow meat might be uncommon, but that doesn’t stop people from poking around the topic of its consumption, which is still largely debatable due to health risks.

Regardless of it, crow meat is pretty similar to other wild or game meat.

Although it might not appeal to everyone, there are still people that enjoy eating crow meat.

If you’re interested in trying as well, make sure to follow safety measures to avoid eating contaminated crow meat.

That said, we hope our post has provided valuable insight into crow meat, its flavor profile, and the risks associated with eating the meat.

If you plan on scoring some crow meat, always go through reliable dealers and cook the meat thoroughly.

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