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Boba Bliss: What Does Crystal Boba Taste Like?

Bubble tea, commonly known as boba, has been on-trend for years now.

The popularity seems to grow more with the arrival of new boba varieties such as crystal boba.

But, What is crystal boba? What does Crystal Boba taste like? How do you cook crystal boba?

These are some very common questions around crystal boba.

So, if you’re an avid boba drinker, you may want these questions answered.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here for.

If you’re interested, continue reading on, and by the end of this, you’ll have great ideas about having crystal boba.

What is Crystal Boba?

what is crystal boba

Crystal boba is another variety of boba pearls used in bubble tea.

The pearls are made from white agar powder, known as a gelling agent.

Due to the nature of agar powder, crystal boba is white in color with a gelatinous texture.

This particular boba is named after its transparent-like color.

It has a very chewy texture which you can eat right away.

However, the pearls also come with pre-sweetened flavors that can be used in various drink options.

Its white color also allows you to color the boba in any way by adding various coloring agents.

Hence, crystal boba offers clear pearls that can be painted in any color.

You can purchase crystal boba from any shop and market, as boba pearls are pretty much found abundantly these days.

But if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can also prepare your very own crystal boba at home.

What Does Crystal Boba Taste Like?

Crystal boba, also known by its other names like white pearls or agar boba, comes with a very chewy and gelatin-like texture.

However, it’s not as gelatinous as its other boba siblings.

The original pearls itself does not have much taste, but many wonders can be done with the pearls.

Thanks to its beautiful and transparent spheres, it can be completely immersed in syrup with various flavors such as grapefruit, citrus, etc.

Crystal boba is a very versatile type of boba that can be used as a dazzling topping to flavor different drinks.

You can pretty much add the pearls in various food items like iced beverages, shaved ice, tea, etc.

It is also popularly known as a specialty boba due to its whitish color that can be customized in look and taste.

Due to this unique feature, the boba pearls can have a wide selection of flavoring.

When you’re handling crystal boba, whether it’s black or brown sugar, you’ll have to ensure it’s soaked for 10 minutes in its required mixture.

And the best part is that crystal boba pretty much goes with anything.

This way, you get the freedom of choosing any flavor of your choice and creating exciting drinks.

Plus, it’s also considered to be much healthier than any other type of boba.

About 100 gms of crystal boba carries around 70 calories, which is mainly composed of carbohydrates instead of fats.

Although regular boba is also fat-free, it usually has higher calorie composition.

How to Cook and Use Crystal Boba?

how to cook and use crystal boba

Did you know that you can actually prepare crystal boba at home? Yes.

You can make your very own white pearls at home, and it will barely take ten minutes of your cooking time.

You can prep for your own crystal boba pearls by adding coconut water into the saucepan with low heat.

After this, add a mixture of jelly and agar powder to a pot and stir until dissolved.

Simmer the mixture on low heat for about five minutes, stir and then let it rest for around 10 minutes.

Afterward, place the mixture in a squeeze bottle and squeeze it out in small amounts into a mixture of the water.

You’ll get to know the pearls have set when it starts sinking to the bottom.

Once that happens, strain and wash them.

Once you create the pearls, you can also freeze and store them away for days.

This means you’ll get to experiment with different tea flavors and figure out which suits your taste buds the best.

Normally, jasmine, lychee, and matcha are known to pair well with bubble milk boba.

Original crystal pearls also combine well with flavored iced teas and add great texture to balance out the sweet beverage.


Crystal boba pearls are extremely popular due to their ability to experiment in varied ways.

Hence, it’s able to ensure people can enjoy a variety of drinks simply by indulging in the art of crystal boba making.

Plus, it’s also incredibly easy to make, which explains its growing popularity among boba lovers.

Not only does it have a great taste, but it also serves as an excellent start for first-time boba drinkers.

That said, we hope our article has helped in your quest to understand crystal boba much better.

What Does Crystal Boba Taste Like? Does It Taste Good?

Curious about the taste of Crystal Boba? Wonder no more! Discover its unique flavor profile and find out if it's a delicious addition to your drinks.
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