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Crystal Clear Insights: What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like?

Crystal Pepsi sounds like the type of fictional drink a funky chemist from the future would offer in a sci-fi movie.

But, it’s just a regular soda with a hint of interesting details.

It is a type of soft drink produced by PepsiCo and popularly sold during the early 90s but was subsequently discontinued.

This might make you wonder, why are we talking about crystal Pepsi when it was discontinued? Well, this soft drink entered the market back in 2015 due to renewed success thanks to the internet.

So, what makes it different? What does crystal Pepsi taste like? How do you serve and drink crystal Pepsi? Continue reading our post to learn all the buzzing details on crystal Pepsi.

Let’s begin.

What is Crystal Pepsi?

what is crystal pepsi

Crystal Pepsi is basically the softer and clearer version of Pepsi.

It was marketed as a soft drink by PepsiCo and was first released in Canada and the U.S during the early 90s.

The flavor of Crystal Pepsi closely resembles the standard Pepsi except for one thing – it doesn’t have the signature brownish, caramel color, which allegedly makes the drink contain less acid.

Much like its name, Crystal Pepsi is indeed clear and shows no color at all.

However, if you smell the Crystal Pepsi and the regular one, it still produces the same smell.

Although, the former does come with a slightly different flavor.

In comparison, Crystal Soda is described as having a lighter taste (but we’ll get to it in detail in the next section).

This clear crystal drink is seen as the ultimate nostalgia soda for many people.

Hence, resulting in its renewed release frequently and eventually becoming a collector’s item.

What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like?

Many people describe the feeling of drinking Crystal Pepsi as very “smooth” when you gulp it down.

It has a refreshing and unique flavor that combines the taste of lemon and regular Pepsi.

Crystal Pepsi comes with a citrusy note and gives consumers the feeling of consuming something “pure” due to its transparent look.

Crystal Pepsi is a vegan drink with a lower calorie count than regular Pepsi.

Due to its reduced sweet content and lemony note, it is described as having a refreshing taste similar to beer.

Its lack of color and sweetness also makes it a viable option for making alcohol blend drinks.

The smell of this particular soda is quite similar to its colored regular counterpart.

However, it gives off a hint of lemon along with a lighter taste.

So, Crystal Pepsi, in a nutshell, does taste like the standard Pepsi but not really.

The overall flavor of Pepsi is present in Crystal Pepsi, but small elements like its citrusy hint, lighter taste, and smell easily allow it to stand on its own as well.

Its lighter taste is seen as the result of the lack of caffeine and sugar.

People consider Crystal Soda as the healthier option than regular Pepsi.

Crystal Pepsi has only a 250 calorie count per serving with less sodium and 0% fat.

It is usually considered as a safe drink for breakfast (or at least over other drinks like bottled juice) thanks to its somewhat low content of sugar and carbohydrates.

How to Serve and Drink Crystal Pepsi?

how to serve and drink crystal pepsi

Sodas undoubtedly taste the best when chilled.

So, one of the best ways to consume crystal Pepsi is by serving it nice and chilled.

Nevertheless, crystal Pepsi tastes equally delicious even at room temperature.

Avid drinkers of crystal Pepsi also prefer to spice up the drink by combining it with whiskey.

So, hard liquor is an excellent choice to serve Crystal Pepsi as it can help enhance its taste.

Here are some famous drink options people drink Crystal Pepsi with:

  • Crystal Pepsi and vodka .
  • Crystal Pepsi and white rum.
  • Crystal Pepsi and white wine.

The drink is also seen as a good companion with Captain Morgan, a flavored rum.

The combo provides an enjoyable drink with a well-balanced flavor.

Due to its resemblance to standard Pepsi, it can also be effectively used as an alternative with a unique flavor twist to regular Pepsi.

That said, whether crystal Pepsi is for everyone or not, one thing is for certain – it is an exciting drink that can provide a unique experience for those willing to experiment with the drink.


Crystal Pepsi is a lot of things – it’s refreshing, it’s sweet, it’s interesting, and it is available for consumption.

More importantly, it can serve as an excellent alternative for people that prefer light and fresh soda in contrast to strong, raw ones.

This soda may not be for everyone, but if you’re willing to try it, you can try some of the pairings provided above for Crystal Pepsi.

You can grab your crystal Pepsi from popular shopping markets like Target, Amazon, etc.

Granted, the drink will leave a unique impression on your tastebuds.

What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like? Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Good?

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