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What to Serve with Dan Dan Noodles? 10 BEST Side Dishes

China has provided many mouth-watering dishes over the centuries.

Dan Dan or Dandan noodles is one of them and it originated in Chinese Sichuan Cuisine.

It’s a delightful noodles dish that has a sauce on top of the noodles.

Dandan is a filling dish and you can enjoy it on its own.

But like other noodles dishes, it’s versatile so you can serve many foods alongside.

Asian slaw, Okra salad, Chinese chicken salad, and egg drop soup are suitable items if you’re wondering what to serve with dan dan noodles.

There are more so keep on reading.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Dan Dan Noodles?

We believe you agree that eating a single item is not fun, even if it is as tasty as dandan noodles.

Food always tastes better when you add other items, as you can experience a burst of many flavors and textures.

Dan dan noodles are exceptionally delightful and everyone loves them.

If you serve it during a special occasion, you’ll have to make a considerable portion which can be a difficult task.

Instead, it’ll help if you have some side dishes to increase the food’s quantity.

One dish doesn’t make a complete meal, so you’ll need side dishes to fill the gap.

What to Serve with Dan Dan Noodles? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Here are the items you can enjoy with dandan noodles.

1 – Scallion Pancakes

Most of you may think scallion pancakes are only for breakfast, but it’s wrong.

These savory snacks are so good and versatile that you can serve them whenever you like.

They also go well with dandan noodles, so the dish is a suitable choice.

Making scallion pancakes is also easy and you don’t have to spend much time.

Flour, salt, green onions and oil make up the ingredients for the pancakes.

Besides these, you’ll need both hot and cold water for mixing the flour.

Scallions turn yellow with age and lose their flavor.

They can smell nasty also so buy the freshest leaves to make the pancakes.

If you buy in advance, store the green onions properly and use them as soon as possible.

2 – Asian Slaw

Classic coleslaw is a popular side dish with many foods and so is Asian slaw.

It’s fresh and crunchy and makes a suitable pairing with dandan noodles.

Asian slaw has the same veggies as typical slaw but its seasoning is Asian-inspired and contains a few more ingredients.

Scallions, green chile pepper, sesame oil and seeds, peanut butter, fish sauce, ginger, rice wine vinegar, cilantro and soy sauce are some items that go in Asian slaw.

Salad is good only with fresh veggies so cabbage, carrots, bell pepper and cilantro should all be as fresh as possible.

3 – Stir-Fried Bok Choy

Also called by many names such as pak choi, Chinese cabbage or spoon cabbage, bok choy is a regular feature in Chinese cuisine.

It’s a versatile veggie that you can eat raw or cooked.

Stir-fried bok choy is delightful and complements dan dan noodles.

You don’t need many ingredients, but you must use specific ones.

These include sesame oil, ginger, hot chicken stock, white pepper and sugar.

Salt, garlic and olive oil are the other regular ingredients needed for the dish.

There are several varieties but their flavor is similar and they’re mildly sweet and sometimes with a faintly bitter undertone.

Like other veggies in the mustard family, bok choy can smell and taste bad as it ages so use only crisp and fresh vegetables.

4 – Chinese Fried Rice

Fried rice can be a suitable side dish with dandan noodles if you’re looking for a hearty dish.

The pair will satisfy your hunger and delight you.

Fried is a popular side dish so everyone will enjoy the combo.

Chinese fried rice is similar to regular fried rice in cooking style but uses Asian flavors.

It usually has non-veg ingredients like chicken, egg, shrimp, or pork, but you can also make a veg version.

Medium or long-grain rice is the common species used for Chinese fried rice.

So, you can choose whichever you have though basmati is a popular choice because it’s excellent and offers a lovely fragrance and fluffy texture.

5 – Hot and Sour Soup

Noodles and soup also make a fantastic combo and you can serve any type.

Hot and sour soup is comfort food that pleases anyone that tastes it.

It’s addictive, so you’ll want to keep eating the two items once you start it.

Hot and sour soup belongs to Chinese cuisine and is among the most popular varieties.

It usually contains bamboo shoots, a red chili sauce and meat.

Soy sauce and ginger are also essential ingredients in the soup.

You can use mushrooms or tofu if you don’t want meat in your soup.

You’ll get a meaty feel even though there’s no meat in the dish.

6 – General Tso’s Cauliflower

You have heard of tasted general Tso’s chicken but what about General Tso’s cauliflower? It’s a delicious veggie version of the former, and it pairs nicely with dan dan noodles.

The key to the dish’s fantastic flavor is its sauce made of soy sauce, cornstarch, rice wine vinegar and orange zest as the main ingredients.

It also has ginger, dried red chiles, sugar, garlic, salt and pepper.

But you have to use only the freshest veggie so you should be careful when buying cauliflower.

Make sure to choose firm and tightly-closed heads and use the veggie as soon as possible.

7 – Okra Salad

You must have a lovely salad to go with dandan noodles.

Okra salad can be the perfect side dish if you want something different.

It offers freshness and the much-needed veggie aspect of your meal.

Okra often doesn’t get much attention because it tends to get slimy.

But when cooked perfectly, it tastes incredible and you may even want to eat it daily.

You must boil okra for only one minute or two minutes at the most and give the veggies an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

But you should use the best and freshest okra.

It will have a very sticky texture when it’s too ripe so look for brightly hued okras devoid of any spots.

8 – Egg Drop Soup

You already have a soup and it’s delicious but everyone has a preference.

So, it will be nice to have another soup on the list.

Egg drop soup is wonderfully delicious and it clicks nicely with dan dan noodles.

From the way it tastes, it feels like egg drop soup is difficult to make but it’s the opposite.

Making the soup is easy, and you’ll need only a few ingredients like chicken broth, eggs, salt, cornstarch ginger, and fresh chives.

Eggs are essential in the soup, so you should use the best ones.

Avoid any eggs with cracks or breakage and check for the expiry date.

You must also reject eggs that come with unknown labels.

9 – Chinese Chicken Salad

It’s another salad but different from the others listed above so the menu won’t feel monotonous.

Chicken salad in Chinese style also makes a fine pairing with dandan noodles.

So, you’ll have a complete meal and feel full.

Chinese chicken salad contains multiple ingredients but they’re readily available.

The main ingredients are Napa cabbage, scallions, chicken, carrots, chestnuts, and toasted almonds.

You’ll also need chili-garlic paste along with soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, ginger and garlic.

These will be sufficient to create a delicious salad.

10 – Chinese Green Beans

It’s the last dish on the list but it isn’t the least when it comes to taste.

But Chinese green beans pair nicely with dan dan noodles and add the vegetable element.

Making Chinese green beans is also easy and you won’t need too many ingredients for the same.

You’ll need green beans, garlic salt, ginger, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes and vegetable oil.

There are wide varieties of green beans, and anyone can be suitable for the dish.

But you can go with French green beans also called Haricots Verts as they’re more tender, smaller, and faster to cook.


Whether you serve dan dan noodles for lunch, family dinner or a special occasion, the ten side dishes will come in handy.

You can serve light items if you don’t wish to feel too full, depending on the occasion.

If you want everyone to go home feeling full, choose heartier dishes.

But you should not use the same dish every time or mealtimes can get boring even if the items are delicious.

Always rotate the dishes to feel like having a new item.

What to Serve with Dan Dan Noodles? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Embark on a culinary journey with our guide to the 10 best side dishes to serve with Dan Dan Noodles. From crunchy cucumber salad to fragrant jasmine rice, discover the perfect accompaniments to balance the bold flavors of this Sichuan delicacy.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
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Servings 4 Servings


  • Scallion Pancakes
  • Asian Slaw
  • Stir-Fried Bok Choy
  • Chinese Fried Rice
  • Hot and Sour Soup
  • General Tso’s Cauliflower
  • Okra Salad
  • Egg Drop Soup
  • Chinese Chicken Salad
  • Chinese Green Beans


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