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Demerara Syrup vs Simple Syrup: What’s the Difference?

Summary of key points

The main difference between Demerara syrup and simple syrup is the type of sugar used. Demerara syrup is made with demerara sugar, which has a dark brown color and a richer molasses flavor compared to regular white sugar used in simple syrup.

This distinction also affects the texture of each syrup, with demerara syrup being thicker and more viscous. In cocktails, demerara syrup can add a deeper and more complex sweetness while simple syrup tends to be more neutral in flavor.

If you’re looking to add a unique touch to your mixed drinks, demerara syrup may be worth trying. But for everyday use, simple syrup is a reliable option.

Stepping into the kitchen, we often find ourselves staring at bottles and asking: What sets demerara syrup apart from simple syrup? Demerara, with its caramel notes, dances differently on the palate compared to simple syrup’s straightforward sweetness.

I’ve tried both in my iced coffee. The result? A morning game-changer. One brings depth, the other, simplicity.

Both syrups start life similarly – sugar and water. Yet, demerara, hailing from Guyana, packs molasses in its punch. This isn’t just about sugar highs. It’s about crafting the perfect sip.

Every cocktail shaker and baker understands this. Our experiments in taste push the boundaries of what each syrup can do.

What is Demerara Syrup?

Demerara syrup is unique from other syrups.

It’s made with Demerara sugar, which is minimally processed and has large grains.

The syrup has a deep amber color and a distinct taste.

Simple syrup uses white granulated sugar.

But Demerara syrup uses Demerara sugar, which has natural molasses that give the syrup a caramel-like flavor and smokiness.

To make Demerara syrup, the brown sugar is dissolved in water over low heat until fully combined.

This results in a thicker syrup than simple syrup.

Demerara syrup gets its name from Guyana, where it was first produced.

It was popular in colonial times when it was exported from Caribbean British colonies.

Demerara syrup is an interesting ingredient for drinks.

It has a robust flavor, depth, and complexity.

What is Simple Syrup?

Simple syrup: A sweetening agent popular in many dishes.

It’s made with equal parts sugar and water.

Its liquidy texture makes it easy to blend and incorporate into drinks.

Plus, it’s simple ingredients make it flexible and simple to use in baking, preserving fruits, and more.

Its quick solubility also helps it to distribute sweetness throughout a dish or drink.

Simple syrup serves as a neutral backdrop for creative flavor combos, since it infuses easily with herbs, fruits, and spices.

Differences Between Demerara Syrup and Simple Syrup

Demerara syrup and simple syrup may not be the same.

Origin and Processing

Demerara syrup and simple syrup have intriguing backgrounds.

Demerara syrup hails from Guyana, formerly known as Demerara.

It’s made from evaporated cane juice, boiled & concentrated to make a golden-brown syrup with a toffee-like taste.

Simple syrup has a simpler origin & production process.

Sugar and water are simmered then cooled & stored for future use.

Demerara syrup offers a deeper complexity with its caramelized notes, while simple syrup has a neutral sweetness that doesn’t overpower other flavors.

Both serve as sweeteners in culinary applications, but their differences in flavor profiles & uses should be taken into account.

Next time you reach for a sweetener, consider the origins & craftsmanship behind these syrups for a more nuanced culinary adventure.

Sugar Type and Flavor Profile

When it comes to sweeteners, there are many options.

Demerara syrup and simple syrup are two popular choices.

Both sweeten drinks, but they differ in sugar type and flavor.

Demerara syrup is made from demerara sugar.

It has large golden-brown crystals, giving it a unique depth of flavor.

Molasses and toffee notes make cocktails or coffee-based drinks complex and flavorful.

Simple syrup is made with regular white granulated sugar and water.

It has a neutral flavor, so it won’t overpower other ingredients.

It’s great for when you want sweetness without changing the taste.

Demerara syrup stands out for its distinct character.

Its deep flavors make it perfect for bold drinks like Old Fashioned or Dark ‘n’ Stormy.

With demerara syrup, you can upgrade the taste experience.

In conclusion, demerara syrup and simple syrup have different sugar type and flavor profiles.

Demerara syrup adds richness while simple syrup adds sweetness without changing the taste.

Knowing their differences allows you to customize drinks precisely.

Color and Appearance

Demerara syrup and simple syrup stand out in mixology.

They are both used as sweeteners, but differ in visual appeal.

Demerara syrup is a rich amber color that catches the eye.

It has a deep caramel hue that adds character to drinks.

Its surface glimmers, making it attractive to customers.

Bartenders use demerara syrup to give drinks an alluring look.

Simple syrup is clear, which shows simplicity and grace.

It does not have the same drama as demerara syrup, but its clarity adds a level of sophistication to cocktails.

Its colorless beauty allows other ingredients to have the spotlight.

Simple syrup helps balance flavors.

Apart from color, these syrups have different textures and consistencies.

Demerara syrup is thicker and stickier, while simple syrup is lighter and more fluid.

It melts easily with other liquids in a cocktail.

Uses in Cocktails and Beverages

Demerara syrup and simple syrup can really bring out the flavor in cocktails and other beverages.

Both are popular in mixology to balance and sweeten drinks.

Whether you’re making classic drinks or something creative, these syrups have a place in your bar.

Demerara syrup has big crystals of brown sugar in it.

It has a deep, molasses-like flavor, making it great for dark spirits – like whiskey and rum-based cocktails.

It adds an extra layer of flavor that makes drinks more complex.

Simple syrup is made from water and white sugar.

It’s tasteless, so other ingredients in the cocktail can really stand out.

It works best with refreshing drinks like mojitos, daiquiris, and margaritas.

It’s also versatile and easy to use.

These two syrups can be used for different purposes.

Demerara syrup adds richness, while simple syrup adds sweetness without overpowering.

Plus, they can be used in non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, and desserts.

Similarities Between Demerara Syrup and Simple Syrup

Demerara syrup and simple syrup might be similar, but they have their own unique traits.

There’s also some overlap between the two.

One similarity is their purpose – they’re both sweeteners for drinks and desserts.

Use them to add sweetness to cocktails, coffees, teas, pancakes, or ice cream.

Both syrups are made from sugar and water.

Simple syrup is usually white granulated sugar, which dissolves quickly.

Demerara syrup is made with Demerara sugar, which is larger grain and has a caramel-like flavor.

Despite the similarities, each type has its own distinct details.

Demerara has a richer taste and can make drinks and desserts more flavorful.

It’s often preferred for classic recipes that need specific flavors.

Simple syrup is more neutral since it’s made with white sugar.

It’s good for any drink or dessert where you want the sweetness to stand out.

To sum up, both Demerara syrup and simple syrup can sweeten drinks and desserts.

The choice depends on the flavor you want.

When to Choose Demerara Syrup Over Simple Syrup and Vice Versa

Demerara syrup and simple syrup are both great for sweetening up cocktails and drinks.

But, which one should you choose?

Demerara syrup has caramel and molasses notes, plus a beautiful amber color.

Simple syrup is made of sugar and water, with a neutral taste.

For added complexity and a hint of caramel and molasses, go with Demerara syrup.

It works in Old Fashioneds and Rum Punches.

Simple syrup is best when adding sweetness without overpowering the flavor of the drink.

It’s great for delicate cocktails.

Some bartenders use Demerara syrup instead of simple syrup, since it adds flavor without taking away from the drink’s taste.

Making Demerara Syrup and Simple Syrup at Home

Making Demerara and simple syrup at home is easy.

Just a few ingredients and minimal effort are needed.

These syrups can add flavor and sweetness to drinks or desserts.

Demerara syrup is made with Demerara sugar, which has a hint of molasses.

Simple syrup is made with equal parts water and granulated sugar.

To make Demerara syrup, mix equal parts of Demerara sugar and water in a saucepan.

Heat until the sugar dissolves, stirring occasionally.

Then, remove from heat and let cool.

Transfer it to a glass bottle or jar.

The result is a rich and flavorful syrup.

To make simple syrup, combine equal parts water and granulated sugar in a saucepan.

Heat until the sugar fully dissolves, stirring occasionally.

Then, remove from heat and let cool.

Transfer it to a container for storage.

Simple syrup is versatile and can be used in drinks, lemonades, iced teas, or baking.

Both syrups are easy to make.

But Demerara syrup adds natural nutty and caramel notes due to its brown sugar variety.

Simple syrup provides straightforward sweetness without any distinct taste.


From all of this detailed information, one can now draw a comparison between Demerara Syrup and Simple Syrup.

While the two are very similar in that they are both composed of sugar and water, there are nuances that separate them from each other.

Demerara syrup is a thicker substance made with raw cane sugar crystals, which gives it a unique flavor and color.

By comparison, simple syrup is typically made using granulated white sugar and has fewer residual minerals than Demerara Syrup but also has less flavor and complexity.

Ultimately, the choice between these two types of syrups is yours to make.

With all this in mind, you can decide for yourself whether you prefer the subtle sweetness of Demerara Syrup or the slightly sharper taste of Simple Syrup.

Whichever you prefer, don’t be afraid to explore; experimenting with different flavors can be very rewarding.

After all, variety is the spice of life.

Demerara Syrup vs Simple Syrup: What’s the Difference?

Exploring Demerara Syrup vs Simple Syrup? Discover the key difference between these sweeteners to enhance your culinary creations.
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  • Demerara Syrup
  • Simple Syrup


  • Choose between Demerara syrup and simple syrup based on your flavor preference.
  • For Demerara syrup, combine equal parts Demerara sugar and water in a saucepan. Heat until the sugar dissolves, then cool.
  • For simple syrup, combine equal parts granulated sugar and water in a saucepan. Heat until sugar dissolves, then cool.
  • Use your chosen syrup in cocktails, beverages, or recipes to sweeten and enhance flavors.
  • Experiment with both syrups to discover which best complements your favorite drinks and dishes.
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