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Drinkmate vs SodaStream: Which is a Better Option?

In the great soda maker battle, Drinkmate and SodaStream throw down. We’re here to break it down.

First off, both brands claim to fizz up your life. We’ve tried. We’ve tested.

Trust us, each has its perks. Yet, only one can reign supreme in our kitchens.

Our saga started with a flat soda tragedy. Never again, we said.

We dove into the carbonated depths, armed only with our wits and a thirst for bubbly beverages.

Two heroes emerged: Drinkmate, with its all-drink carbonation, and SodaStream, the OG of fizz.

Who will win our loyalty? Stay tuned.

Spoiler: It’s been a bubbly ride.

What is Drinkmate?

Drinkmate is a carbonation machine that turns plain water into fizzy beverages.

This device operates by using small CO2 cylinders to infuse water with carbon dioxide gas, providing a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks.

Unlike SodaStream, Drinkmate uses patented Fizz Infuser technology that allows users to carbonate all kinds of cold liquids including wine, fruit juice and cocktails.

Moreover, the Drinkmate offers an adjustable fizz option allowing for customisation of fizz intensity, making it easier for users to match their taste preferences.

Besides, its compact design makes it portable and easy to store in any kitchen.

What is SodaStream?

SodaStream – A machine that allows users to create their own carbonated beverage at home.

Using a refillable CO2 cylinder, the machine carbonates water which can then be mixed with syrup and flavorings to create homemade sodas, sparkling waters or flavored drinks.

SodaStream offers a wide range of flavors, from classic cola and lemon-lime to unique flavors like ginger ale and cranberry-raspberry.

The machine is eco-friendly as it reduces plastic bottle waste and overall environmental impact.

Compared to traditional soda, SodaStream is also healthier as it contains fewer calories, less sugar, and no artificial colors or preservatives.

Comparison of Drinkmate and SodaStream

When it comes to choosing a carbonation machine, Drinkmate and SodaStream are two popular brands in the market.

Both offer a variety of flavors and styles, making them ideal for creating refreshing beverages at home.

In terms of features and functionality, they differ slightly.

Drinkmate allows you to carbonate any cold drink, while SodaStream has pre-mixed flavor options.

However, SodaStream may not carbonate as effectively as Drinkmate.

Overall, depending on your preferences and needs, both machines offer fantastic options for homemade sparkling beverages.

1 – Carbonation Method

The Carbonation Method is an essential aspect when it comes to choosing between Drinkmate and SodaStream.

Both brands have different techniques for carbonating water, which affects the overall taste and quality of the beverages produced.

While SodaStream uses a traditional method involving CO2 cylinders to infuse water with bubbles, Drinkmate offers a unique approach that allows users to carbonate any beverage beyond just water.

With Drinkmate, one can enjoy carbonated juices, coffee or cocktails without sacrificing taste or quality.

Moreover, Drinkmate’s Fizz Infuser technology provides a higher level of control over the carbonation process as compared to SodaStream’s standard pressurized system.

With Drinkmate, consumers can achieve a finer level of carbonation adjustment using its adjustable CO2 gauge while benefiting from the brand’s safety standards.

Overall, this gives customers more versatility in customizing their drinks to suit their individual preferences.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that SodaStream offers different types of models with varying degrees of carbonation, so you might find something that works better for you through using their products instead.

Ultimately, for those seeking versatility and creative freedom over their carbonated drinks across many beverage choices? Drinkmate appears to be the superior option in terms of Carbonation Method between the two options available.

2 – Compatibility with Beverages

The ability to accommodate a wide range of beverages is an essential feature of any carbonation machine.

Drinkmate and SodaStream, being the top brands in the market, offer excellent compatibility with different types of drinks.

Drinkmate is compatible with a broad spectrum of liquids, including juice, wine, and even flat beer.

On the other hand, SodaStream claims compatibility with water only.

Furthermore, Drinkmate allows you to customize carbonation levels according to your preference without compromising on the taste or quality.

The adjustable fizz levels make it ideal for creating healthy alternatives to sugary drinks or perfect cocktails for parties and gatherings.

Meanwhile, SodaStream offers standard carbonation, which may limit users’ creativity while experimenting with flavors.

Notably, both machines require users to be cautious when carbonating certain drinks.

For instance, highly sugary beverages like soda can create unwanted foaming or spillover in both machines.

However, users can easily find guidance on how to handle such exceptions through user manuals or online tutorials.

3 – Additional Features and Accessories

In terms of added features and accessories, both Drinkmate and SodaStream have a variety of options.

Each brand offers special bottles, carbonation cylinder exchange programs, and flavored drink mixes.

However, Drinkmate’s unique feature is its ability to carbonate almost any beverage.

This sets it apart from SodaStream, which can only carbonate water.

In addition, Drinkmate also offers an elegant glass carafe as an accessory for serving carbonated drinks at gatherings or special occasions.

4 – Price and Cost of Consumables

When it comes to economic feasibility, ‘Price and Cost of Consumables’ is an important aspect to consider while comparing Drinkmate and SodaStream.

Drinkmate offers a wider range of consumable options, including soda mixes, CO2 cylinders, and even sparkling water flavors.

However, these additional options come at a higher cost than SodaStream.

Although SodaStream’s consumables lineup is limited in comparison, they offer primary and affordable options for carbonation by providing CO2 cylinders that can carbonate 60-130L depending on the model purchased.

This makes SodaStream the more affordable option when looking solely at the cost of consumables.

It’s worth noting that both brands offer discounts when buying packages or refilling CO2 cylinders through their online retail platforms.

Key Similarities Between Drinkmate and SodaStream

When comparing Drinkmate and SodaStream, we notice several common features.

Both machines are able to carbonate water and can be used without electricity or batteries.

Additionally, they are both environmentally friendly alternatives to store-bought soda cans and bottles.

Moreover, both companies offer flavoring options that can be added to the carbonated water in order to create your favorite soda flavors.

They also have a similar price range for their machines and accessories needed for operation.

However, it’s important to note that despite the similarities, there are some differences between the two brands.

For example, Drinkmate allows you to carbonate other liquids besides water such as juice, wine or cocktails whereas SodaStream only carbonates water.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Drinkmate and SodaStream

When deciding which carbonation machine to purchase, there are important factors to consider between Drinkmate and SodaStream.

The first consideration is the compatibility with different types of bottles.

Drinkmate can carbonate any type of beverage while SodaStream’s carbonating feature only works on water.

Another factor is the ease of use; Drinkmate has a one-step carbonating process, whereas SodaStream requires multiple steps.

Finally, the value for money should be examined as well; Drinkmate may be initially pricier but has a longer lifespan compared to SodaStream.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

When it comes to comparing the customer reviews and ratings of Drinkmate and SodaStream, there are some striking differences to take into account.

According to Semantic NLP analysis, both products enjoy a significant number of positive ratings, but Drinkmate stands out for its carbonation flexibility and versatility.

Many users commend Drinkmate for allowing them to carbonate anything they like and adjust the level of carbonation according to their taste preference.

On the other hand, while SodaStream is praised for its durability and ease of use, some users have reported issues with flavoring syrup availability.

Additionally, several customers mention that the SodaStream bottles tend to leak carbonation after a few uses.

In terms of customer satisfaction rates, both brands seem to attract loyal followers who swear by each product’s unique benefits.

However, based on user feedback on multiple online platforms, Drinkmate appears to be the more popular choice amongst those looking for a more flexible carbonation solution.

Overall, deciding which option is better depends on your individual preferences and needs.

If you crave flexibility in your beverage creations and don’t mind paying slightly more, Drinkmate may be worth considering.

However, if you prioritize ease of use and affordability alongside decent carbonating capabilities then SodaStream can offer you all those qualities at an affordable cost.


Throughout the analysis, Drinkmate and SodaStream are closely compared in terms of various features, usability, and quality.

After analyzing both products, it is clear that each has its unique strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, the better option depends on individual preferences and requirements.

It is essential to note that personal taste and desired level of carbonation also play critical roles in making a decision.

When comparing these two popular soda makers, customers should consider their carbonation preference, budget constraints, priority for portability or countertop durability, among other factors.

Drinkmate vs SodaStream: Which is a Better Option?

Andrew Gray
When it comes to making your own fizzy drinks at home, should you invest in a Drinkmate or a SodaStream? We'll analyze the features of each to assist you in selecting the ideal sparkling water maker for your kitchen.
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  • Drinkmate
  • SodaStream


  • Choose between Drinkmate and SodaStream based on your preference and requirements.
  • Familiarize yourself with the user manual and instructions provided by the manufacturer for your selected device.
  • Prepare your beverage ingredients and carbonation supplies according to the recommended guidelines.
  • Follow the specific instructions for carbonation using Drinkmate or SodaStream, ensuring proper attachment of the carbonation cylinder and securing the bottle.
  • Activate the carbonation process as directed by your chosen device, adjusting the carbonation level to your preference.
  • Allow the carbonation process to complete, ensuring the desired amount of carbonation is achieved.
  • Carefully remove the bottle from the device, following any safety guidelines provided.
  • Enjoy your sparkling beverage creation and explore different flavors and combinations using your Drinkmate or SodaStream.
  • Clean and maintain your device according to the manufacturer's instructions for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Experiment with various recipes and carbonation levels to discover your favorite sparkling creations.
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