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What Does the Pink Velvet at Dunkin Taste Like?

Dunkin’ donuts is a food chain that doesn’t require much introduction.

It’s a donut and coffee chain well-loved by many today.

But their delicious donuts aren’t the only items keeping them in line with their popularity.

Ever heard of Dunkin pink velvet? Well, you may have heard about or even tasted the pink velvet donut.

But that’s not what we’re here for.

We’re talking about the Dunkin special pink velvet drinks (which many are probably unaware of).

So, today we’ll discuss this delicious Dunkin drink and dig into various questions such as, “what does the pink velvet at Dunkin taste like?”.

Let’s begin.

What is the Dunkin Pink Velvet?

The Dunkin pink velvet is a drink from Dunkin donuts.

Basically, there are two popular versions of the drink.

One is the Valentine’s special, aka the pink velvet macchiato, while the other is the pink velvet latte.

The pink velvet macchiato usually caters to espresso lovers with its combination of rich espresso and the flavor of the red velvet cake with notes of cream cheese icing.

It’s traditionally served iced and comes with a colorful pink layering.

The other version is, you’ve guessed it, for latte lovers.

This pink velvet signature latte is served both iced and cold and features the delicious Dunkin espresso paired with red velvet cake flavoring, hot chocolate powder, mocha drizzle, and whipped cream.

Both the drinks serve as two of the most popular and sought-after pink velvet drinks from the donut chain.

However, the latte version’s availability is higher than the Valentine’s special macchiato.

This may be due to the macchiato being a special drink.

What Does the Pink Velvet at Dunkin Taste Like?

Although there are two very popular versions of the drink, the two don’t vary much in terms of taste.

Generally, the drinks are known to have a combination of bright berry flavors infused with coffee taste and a sweet velvet-like finish.

While the latte version tends to have an additional flavor of whipped cream, the macchiato version goes along the lines of pink velvet powder.

The pink velvet drink can be described as a mixture of creamy and sweet espresso with notes of red velvet and cream cheese.

Many generally consider the drink to be quite sweet and rich, given the presence of red velvet.

It also delivers slight hints of tangy cream cheese.

The pink velvet beverage is unlike other espresso and cream-packed beverages as it tries to pull off the feeling of eating a decadent dessert while drinking.

So, if you’re a fan of sweet treats, the Dunkin pink velvet might be for you.

However, if you’re more of a traditional coffee lover, it might not be your cup of coffee.

Due to this, the taste of Dunkin pink velvet is pretty much subjective and often varies from person to person, depending on their preferences.

While some find the creamy and sweet blend enjoyable, others may not entirely enjoy the sweet essence of the drink.

You’ll likely find the Dunkin pink velvet a pleasant drink if you genuinely enjoy sweet treats and desserts.

So, if you’re one of those, it’s definitely worth trying.

How to Serve Dunkin Pink Velvet?

Getting Dunkin pink velvet from Dunkin donuts is one thing, and serving your own pink velvet drink is another thing.

But it’s not an impossible task.

In fact, you can create this popular drink with ease from your own kitchen.

So, how do we ensure this? First things first.

You’ll have to get the ingredients in order.

Moreover, we’ll be serving the latte since it’s the most well-known version of the drink.

Now, for the ingredient, you’ll need whipped cream, Dunkin’s signature latte (you can also prepare your own latte), pink velvet cake crumbles, ice cubes, and a tall glass.

You can start by getting the glass ready and adding some ice cubes.

Next, pour the latte into two-thirds of the glass, leaving space for the whipped cream.

Then, top the drink with whipped cream.

Make sure to cover the entire top area.

Lastly, sprinkle some pink velvet cake crumbles over the whipped cream, and your drink is ready.

You can also add other ingredients, such as chocolate chips, mocha drizzle, and more.

You can serve the drink with a slice of smooth and creamy red velvet cake to make things better.


A delicious beverage with unique flavor and taste is one way of describing the Dunkin’ pink velvet drink.

With creative flavor combinations such as red velvet cake, cream cheese, and more, the drink is definitely worthy of the attention it receives.

And now that you’re knowledgeable about the drink, you can also give some of your attention and try the drink.

Although it may not be for everyone, if a rich and sweet drink is what you’re looking for, Dunkin pink velvet is a great pick to experiment with.

Overall, pink velvet is a satisfying and delightful treat that combines the rich flavor profiles of coffee and the classic red velvet cake.

What Does the Pink Velvet at Dunkin Taste Like?

Eager to know the flavor of the Pink Velvet at Dunkin? Delve into its taste profile and discover what to expect from this sweet treat.
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