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Savor the Spice: 10 Irresistible Sides for Enchiladas

Thinking of adding a Mexican touch to your menu this weekend by serving enchiladas? If so, then you’re going to make your guests very happy.

But you can’t only serve one item, right?

Adding some extra items to the menu will make your guests even happier.

Enchiladas taste lovely with many foods, but which makes the best pairings?

If you also think about what to serve with enchiladas, there is no need to look further.

Continue reading as we mention below the top ten dishes you can serve with enchiladas.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Enchiladas?

Enchiladas come in different flavors as they’re filled with various ingredients.

You can have veggies, meat, potatoes, or cheese as a filling, so you have several options.

As a snack, you can enjoy enchiladas, and you may not need other items.

However, if you plan to serve them at a gathering, you require at least a few side dishes.

Including side dishes serve two purposes; firstly, everyone can have sufficient food, and secondly, the dinner table looks more attractive.

Besides, everyone likes to taste different items, so why not?

What to Serve with Enchiladas? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Let’s find out what items you can serve with enchiladas so you can easily decide the next time.

1 – Tomato Salsa

It may be one of the simplest dishes but also one of the most delicious, and yes, it’s a suitable item to serve alongside enchiladas.

Add some tortilla chips on the side, and you’ll have the perfect combination.

It takes less than ten minutes to whip up a fresh and tangy tomato salsa, and you need only six ingredients.

Hence, if there are to be more guests at your party, it will be a handy addition.

You can make tomato salsa with tomatoes, red onion, coriander, lime juice, garlic, and white wine vinegar.

All you have to do is chop, mix in a bowl and refrigerate until it’s ready to serve.

2 – Spicy Corn Salad

If you have a Mexican dish on your menu, it’s only fair to include a dish with corn.

How about spicy corn salad to raise the temperature? It’s a yummy dish that is compatible with enchiladas and easy to make.

What makes this salad so tasteful is because of the grilled corn instead of the usual boiled variety.

It gives the salad a smoky flavor and aroma, making it even tastier.

Mayonnaise makes it creamy, while cotija cheese provides a tangy aspect.

Smoked paprika and jalapenos add the heat, while cilantro and lime juice make the salad fresher.

Add sea salt, garlic, and scallions, and you will have the perfect corn salad to serve with enchiladas.

Fresh corn tastes best, so choose wisely.

Fresh corn will feel heavier than it looks, firm the whole length, and its hair or tassels will be on the lighter side.

3 – Cilantro Lime Sauce

Sauces also combine nicely with enchiladas to add a few to your menu.

Cilantro lime sauce is one of the most compatible varieties to enjoy with enchiladas.

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the combo.

The simple sauce is immensely delicious but easy to make, and there isn’t any cooking involved.

You will need cilantro, Greek yogurt (or sour cream), avocado, garlic, green onion, olive oil, lime juice, salt, and water.

Prep, blend until you have a chunky paste, and serve or place it in the fridge and take it out before serving.

4 – Refried Beans

Please don’t go by its name because the dish doesn’t involve any frying.

However, refried beans are delicious and can accompany enchiladas at any time.

Besides, the dish is a crowd-pleaser, so it will be quite a hit when you serve it alongside the snacks.

Beans are naturally filling and keep you full for a long time.

So, when served with enchiladas, you not only get to enjoy its lovely taste, but the dish also satisfies your hunger.

Dry pinto beans, soaked and cooked down, will be more flavorful, but using this variety can also be time-consuming.

Hence, if you’re short of time, use canned beans.

You can also use black beans if the pinto variety is unavailable.

5 – Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread

We already added one dish made with corn, but the ingredient is so tasty and versatile that we had to add one more but a bit different.

Cornbread with cheddar and jalapeno is also a suitable candidate for accompanying enchiladas.

It’s a hugely popular and flavorful dish and pairs nicely with snacks.

Moreover, there isn’t any need to add many ingredients.

You can make the dish with everyday items you use to make cornbread and add only jalapenos and cheddar.

Adding jalapenos will give a slightly spicy taste that complements enchiladas nicely.

When you serve them together, you will experience a burst of flavors that will make your meal even more exciting.

6 – Guacamole

Guacamole is also an ideal side dish that you can serve with enchiladas.

Depending on the occasion, you can use the avocado-based dish as a dip, salad, or spread.

It’s fresh, creamy, slightly tangy, and popular with everyone.

Though a Mexican dish, guacamole has also become a regular feature in most restaurants and events across the US.

There are also several variants, so you will likely find different types of guacamoles in different regions.

The main ingredients of this lovely dish include avocados, lime, cilantro, and salt.

You can also add sour cream, basil, tomatoes, and peas.

When selecting avocados, choose those that yield to gentle pressure but don’t have bruises and soft spots.

7 – Mexican Coleslaw

Mexican slaw uses a vinaigrette dressing which gives a tangy flavor rather than a mayo-based dressing.

It’s delicious and also suits enchiladas nicely.

Mexican slaw is also popular in many events, so you’ll have happy guests to feed.

This version also contains similar ingredients as classic slaw, including jalapeno, avocado, corn, red onions, black beans, and cumin.

Add different cabbage varieties to make your slaw more colorful and appetizing.

If your enchiladas have meat, you can put the slaw in them to have a crunchy and tangy addition to your snack.

8 – Sweet Potato Salad

It’s not exactly a dessert, but if you’re looking for a sweet addition to your menu, sweet potato salad will be the right choice.

It’s combined frequently with Mexican food, including enchiladas, and it complements the savory flavor nicely.

The making process is similar to classic potato salad, but the ingredients differ slightly.

Besides the sweet potatoes, you will need crumbled feta, red onion, dried cranberries, parsley, kosher salt, and black pepper.

The dressing is also slightly different as it includes ground cumin and paprika, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, and honey.

If you want your potatoes to be nice and tender when cooked, select medium-sized with unblemished skins.

9 – Pepper Salad

No, it’s not a salad made of spicy chile peppers but with their cousins, the sweeter bell peppers.

It also makes a nice combo with enchiladas, adding a slightly sweet and sour flavor.

Moreover, the pepper salad is straightforward, and you can finish making it in fifteen minutes.

It takes more time to prep the ingredients than to make the salad.

If you like colorful dishes, make the salad with red, orange, and yellow peppers.

Besides peppers, you will also need garlic, olive oil, parsley, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Pepper sides are harmless, but they have a slightly bitter crunch, so it’s best to remove them beforehand.

10 – Black Beans and Rice

Finally, we have a slightly different dish, black beans, and rice.

It’s a popular side dish with enchiladas and is a favorite.

Hence, you won’t regret serving the dish.

Making black beans and rice is easy; you can do it with only a few ingredients.

You can add cayenne pepper to add some kick to the dish.

You can use canned black beans rinsed and drained for the dish.

However, if you have dry beans, you can use them after soaking and cooking them.


Serving enchiladas will be more exciting from now on as you have at least ten dishes to serve alongside.

You can select your favorites or the easiest to cook with many guests.

You can pick different dishes every time to make them attractive, or having the same dishes can get boring sometimes.

What to Serve with Enchiladas? 10 BEST Side Dishes

Elevate your enchiladas with our curated list of the 10 best side dishes. From tangy salsa fresca to creamy guacamole, these pairings are tailored to perfectly complement the rich flavors of enchiladas, enhancing your dining experience with a variety of delicious accompaniments.
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
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  • 1 – Tomato Salsa
  • 2 – Spicy Corn Salad
  • 3 – Cilantro Lime Sauce
  • 4 – Refried Beans
  • 5 – Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread
  • 6 – Guacamole
  • 7 – Mexican Coleslaw
  • 8 – Sweet Potato Salad
  • 9 – Pepper Salad
  • 10 – Black Beans and Rice


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  • Organize your ingredients and utensils.
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the recipe to make your side dish.
  • Prepare and serve for delicious meal!
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