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What to Serve with Escargot? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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Have you tried Escargot yet? If not, you might want to try it out now.

Although it is eaten mainly in France and other European countries, it is gradually gaining popularity worldwide.

However, today we are not talking about Escargot in itself but rather about the side dishes that go best with them.

The traditional way Escargot is prepared can be pretty heavy on the stomach.

And so, the side dish should help balance out the heaviness of the Escargot.

Something fresh and tangy is usually recommended.

And so, the question remains; What to Serve with Escargot? Read below to find out.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Escargot?

why consider serving side dishes with escargot

Escargot is a dish that is made of cooked land snail.

It is usually served in the shell with garlic and parsley butter sauce.

However, other recipes are also available depending on regions, cultures, and individual preferences.

The snail meat has a texture similar to clams or oysters, just being chewier.

Escargot is a protein and microelements-rich dish that can be considered fatty overall.

Hence, serving side dishes with Escargot can help to create a more complete and balanced meal for the individual eating it.

What to Serve with Escargot? 7 BEST Side Dishes

Escargot can be served in a dish by itself but accompanying it with a side dish or two works wonder, creating a fulfilling meal time.

Read on to find some of the best side dishes for Escargot.

1. Rye Bread

rye bread

Yes, you read it right; Escargot with a slice of toasted rye bread is a delicacy that is usually served in France.

It is both delicious and easy to plate. Just lay a toasted bread on a platter and pour your Escargot on top.

The bread will absorb the excess fatty sauce from the Escargot making it less rich.

The other reason rye bread makes a great side dish is that it helps prevent indigestion.

2. Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Vinegar

roasted asparagus with balsamic vinegar

You cannot go wrong with roasted asparagus as a side dish for your Escargot.

It is quick and easy to make; sprinkle asparagus with oil, salt, pepper, and roast until lightly brown.

Drizzle balsamic vinegar over it before serving.

The combination of roasted asparagus and balsamic vinegar balances sweet and savory flavors.

Roasting the asparagus also brings out its natural sweetness.

Moreover, asparagus is also good for your health as they are rich in vitamins and fiber.

They are a great source of antioxidants too.

3. Boiled White Rice

boiled white rice

Rice is a versatile and popular food. It can be boiled, fried, or seasoned to make it a perfect side dish.

And for Escargot, we will pick boiled white rice as our favorite.

Boiled white rice is a simple and nutritious side dish that can be cooked in just 10 minutes.

The gentle and neutral flavor of the rice perfectly harmonizes with the rich flavors of the Escargot.

Think of your boiled rice as a white canvas and your Escargot as your art – a true masterpiece.

Boiled rice is also a source of manganese and selenium, making it a perfect pick for health-conscious people.

4. Pureed Zucchini Soup

pureed zucchini soup

One soup you should pair with your Escargot is Zucchini soup.

Why? Because it not only tastes lovely but is also packed with health benefits.

You don’t need any fancy ingredients – zucchini, onion, vegetable stock, rice, pepper, and lemon juice and you’re good to go.

It can be stored for 2-3 days, so you can always make it ahead of time.

Zucchini soup is light and refreshing, with a subtle flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the palate.

Its low-calorie count and high fiber content add more reason to serve zucchini soup as a side dish.

5. Green Salad

green salad

Green salads are the perfect side dish for any occasion.

They are healthy, refreshing, and easy to make.

They can be made in varieties, so you can find one that suits your taste buds here.

You need fresh vegetables; slice, chop or dice them; it’s up to you.

Sprinkle salt and pepper, and garnish with vinaigrette or lemon zest.

The crunchy and refreshing salad with the chewy and heavy Escargot makes a perfect blend on your palate.

Moreover, this side dish is a good option for health-conscious people and vegans alike.

6. Sautéed Cremini Mushrooms

sauted cremini mushrooms

You can opt for a sauté cremini mushroom as a side for your Escargot for a hearty mealtime.

They are healthy and taste sublime.

Moreover, they are easy and fast to cook – cremini mushrooms, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a spritz of lemon juice, and your side dish is ready.

The umami flavor profile of the mushroom will complement the richness of the Escargot.

Although similar to button mushrooms, cremini mushrooms have a more earthy undertone.

They are a rich source of vitamin D and potassium.

You also get the added benefit of boot in your immune system.

7. Steamed Broccoli with Lemon Juice

steamed broccoli with lemon juice

Broccoli is the go-to side dish that works with every meal, including Escargot.

And the best way to cook it? Steamed.

It may sound drab but be assured that a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of salt, and garnished with lemon juice turns this simple veggie into the best side dish.

Stem it for about 3-4 minutes, and you will get bright green, crispy and tender broccoli.

It is light on the stomach so that you won’t be feeling bloated after your escargot meal.

It also adds a splash of color to your plate, tastes beautiful, and is filled with nutrients – an all-rounder.


Be it asparagus, bread, mushrooms, zucchini, or other green veggies, the secret to selecting the suitable side dish for your Escargot is balance.

We recommend serving Escargot with a fresh, slightly savory, or tangy side as a rich and fatty dish.

Your side dish should be light on the stomach and easy to digest.

We hope that you now have an idea for your sides.

Enjoy your mealtime with Escargot and the sides with a glass of wine.

What to Serve with Escargot? 7 BEST Side Dishes

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  • Rye Bread

  • Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Vinegar

  • Boiled White Rice

  • Pureed Zucchini Soup

  • Green Salad

  • Sautéed Cremini Mushrooms

  • Steamed Broccoli with Lemon Juice


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