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Crumbling Delight: What Does Feta Cheese Taste Like?

Feta cheese might perhaps be the most loved cheese type among the masses.

We are sure the majority of cheese enthusiasts affirm this.

If you’re new, you might wonder what Feta cheese tastes like.

Perhaps, this post can guide you to the taste profile of this cheese.

Unlike cheddar or parmesan cheese, Feta has a crumbly texture and is salty.

It has lower calories and fats compared to the two.

Want to know more about Feta cheese? Keep reading this post to learn more about this cheese and how to eat and buy it.

What is Feta Cheese?

Feta cheese is a Greek-based curd cheese made from a combination of goat and sheep milk.

It’s made in salt water solution making the cheese salty.

It’s one of the world’s oldest cheeses that has stood against time and is still popular among the masses.

The original ingredient in feta cheese consists of sheep and goat milk.

This cheese also received PDO (Protected Designation of Origin Product) certification.

It means Feta cheese should be made in Greece and the Lesbos area.

If the cheese is made in the United States or outside the European Union (EU), it’s not considered feta cheese.

Plus, it’s not authentic if the cheese is made of cow milk.

It should contain 70% sheep milk and 30 % goat milk.

Feta cheese is rich in B vitamins and calcium. However, it has a high content of sodium.

What Does Feta Cheese Taste Like?

The taste of feta cheese may vary depending on the ingredients used.

Some are rich in flavor, while some are salty or creamy.

Feta cheese has different variations, which makes it quite challenging to say a specific taste.

However, the superior Feta is Greek Feta.

It’s tangy and salty with a lemon aftertaste.

This feta cheese has a distinct taste making it stand out from others.

  • Greek Feta: This Greek-based is the most authentic one among different variations of feta cheese. It’s briny, tangy, and salty and leaves a lemony aftertaste. This feta cheese is ideal for salads or soups because of its crumbly and creamy texture. .
  • French Feta: It’s less salty and milder than Greek Feta. It’s made from sheep milk only and has a soft creamy texture. This cheese type goes well with roasted vegetables or bread. .
  • Bulgarian Feta: This Feta cheese is tangier and saltier than Greek Feta. It has a firm and cream texture allowing you to slice it up and have it with olives. This cheese mainly consists of sheep, goat, and cow milk. .
  • Danish Feta: This Feta cheese is made from cow milk and has a milder taste. The texture of this cheese is crumbly, smoother, and creamier. .
  • Israeli Feta: Compared to others, Israeli Feta is less tangy and has pungent flavors. It’s mild, not too salty, and is typically made from sheep’s milk. This Feta cheese has a moist and creamy texture making it easier to slice. .

How to Eat and Serve Feta Cheese?

There are no strict rules on how you can eat or serve Feta cheese.

Some of the common ways to enjoy this cheese are:

  • You can use it as pizza toppings which give a depth and rich flavor.
  • Feta cheese and salad are divine pairs. It’d be a crime if you don’t take a chance with this combo.
  • You can simply have it with bread by spreading the cheese on top of it.
  • Since Feta cheese has a crumbly texture, you can smash it to make dips.
  • You can have it with a grilled sandwich, which makes a delightful pair.
  • The cheese also blends well with meat-based ingredients.
  • You can use Feta cheese while making desserts like tarts and muffins.

Here is a cautionary note: Avoid cheese in the dish if you’re preparing it for pregnant women.

It has been reported that Feta cheese contains bacteria that might harm unborn babies, often causing miscarriages.

How to Buy Feta Cheese?

If you’re new, it can be a challenging task to buy authentic Feta cheese.

But you can cast your worry aside as we have it covered.

Here are some of the tips you can apply while buying Feta cheese:

Product Origin: In order to enjoy authentic Feta cheese, check the product label to see its origin.

It should originate from Greece and not from other countries.

As mentioned, cheese is considered Feta if it’s identified as PDO. So, ensure that you get a genuine one.

Checking the ingredients: Another vital factor you need to consider before getting Feta cheese is checking the ingredients.

Authentic Greek Feta is made of sheep or goat milk and contains rennet and salt.

If it’s made of cow’s milk, it’s not authentic.

Blocked cheese over crumbled ones: For longer shelf life, it would be better to opt for blocked cheese instead of crumbled ones.

Check the texture and color of the cheese: A good quality Feta cheese is white.

While looking for these cheese types, ensure that it’s not off-white or yellowish.

Additionally, the surface of the cheese should have small holes.

Selecting plain flavor cheese: You may find Feta cheese in herb or marinated form.

However, it would be better to go for plain ones to get a good flavor.

Plus, it has a longer shelf life.

Final Thought

Concluding the article, we hope it has answered your questions related to Feta cheese.

This cheese has different variations leading to a difference in taste.

Greek Feta remains the superior one among them.

Regardless, choose ones that meet your taste.

These cheese types are excellent salad ingredients that make the taste more flavorful and richer.

Feta cheese has various nutritional values that can benefit your health.

The only downside is that it has a high content of sodium which might not be suitable for some people.

Nevertheless, this cheese is worth giving a shot at because of its sharp and distinct flavor.

Head to your nearest grocery store and get authentic Feta cheese for a delightful experience.

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