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Unveiling the Flavor: What Does Fiji Water Taste Like?

Ever wondered what the Fiji Water hype is about?

What is so different about this water that makes it so talked about when we’ve always learned that water has no taste?

Apparently, not all water tastes the same.

Experts say that water has different flavors, and if you ever thought one bottled water tastes different from another, it’s not a placebo.

Factors like pH levels, salinity, mineral content, its source, and filtration process contribute to the taste of the water.

That’s why people think that some of them, like the Fiji Water, are superior to others.

Now, what does Fiji water latte taste like? Is it any different than your regular latte? Keep reading to know.

What is Fiji Water?

what is fiji water

Fiji Water is a water brand obtained from Fiji.

Canadian entrepreneur David Gilmour founded the company in 1996 as Natural Waters of Viti Ltd.

Later, in 2004, Lynda and Stewart Resnick bought the brand for US$50 million.

Fiji water made $85 million in 2009.

That alone should explain why it is one of the most popular brands out there.

Martin Riese, a German Mineral Water Trade Association-certified water sommelier, applauded the brand for its uniquely smooth texture and high levels of TDS.

But how does Fiji water get these features? Location.

According to the brand, what sets them apart is that its water comes from an aquifer deep underneath the Viti Levu Island in Fiji.

The unpolluted volcanic rock chambers of the island contain minerals, such as magnesium, silica, calcium, and natural electrolytes giving Fiji water its delicate taste.

It also has a balanced 7.

7 pH level, because of which you don’t get a weird aftertaste after drinking it.

What Does Fiji Water Taste Like?

what does fiji water taste like

It’s just water. Unless you’re talking about a flavored water bottle, plain water will taste like water.

However, the fact that Fiji water is actually from the islands of Fiji makes it unique and even tastes somewhat different compared to other brands.

Some water leaves a sour and funky aftertaste and has some kind of smell too.

But that’s something you’d never get from Fiji water because it remains untouched until you open the bottle cap.

Fiji continues to offer clean, underground water to around sixty countries.

Its acquired taste is simply because volcanic rocks naturally filter the water.

The water collects a good amount of minerals and electrolytes from its origin, enhancing its effortless taste.

Its high demand in the hospitality sector is a reason why Fiji water is expensive.

Nevertheless, customers simply drink Fiji due to its natural and pleasant taste and good reputation.

Do you know what Fiji Water Latte tastes like? Well, it will be hardly any different than a regular latte.

But the difference is in its mineral composition.

With a 240g regular latte, you’ll get 103 calories, 17mg cholesterol, 10g carbs, 9.7g sugar, 6.7g protein, 84mg sodium, and 3.9g fat.

If you’re making a Fiji Water Latte, you obviously get a good amount of other minerals.

Fiji Water Nutrition Value:

  • 14.7mg Magnesium.
  • 9.3mg Chloride.
  • 17.9mg Calcium.
  • 0.2mg Fluoride.
  • 93.4mg Silica.
  • 4.9mg Potassium.
  • 17.8mg Sodium.

FAQs about Fiji Water

faqs about fiji water
  • Why is Fiji water special?

One of the many things that make Fiji water stand out is its source.

An artesian aquifer on the depths of Viti Levu Island is where Fiji water comes from.

  • How long can you store Fiji Water?

You can check the “best by” date on your Fiji water bottle to know how long it is good for.

Generally, Fiji water sold in the US has a shelf life of two years.

  • What type is Fiji Water?

It is natural artesian water containing various minerals and electrolytes.

  • Is Fiji Water soft or hard?

Fiji water is moderately hard.

  • Does Fiji Water contain sugar?

No, it does not have added sugar.

  • What is the pH level of Fiji Water?

Fiji Water has a pH level of 7.

  • Does Fiji Water meet FDA regulations?

Yes. Fiji water is an FDA-tested brand and follows all regulations put forth by the association.

  • What type of plastic is used for Fiji water?

The brand uses polyethylene terephthalate plastic (PET), an FDA-approved plastic safe for packaging beverages and edibles.

  • Where can you buy Fiji Water?

You can check your local stores or visit the online stores to purchase Fiji water.

  • Is drinking Fiji Water beneficial?

Compared to many bottled water, Fiji Water has a wide range of minerals that your body requires daily.

So, yes, drinking Fiji Water is beneficial for your health.


Fiji Water shook the bottled water industry in 1996 by becoming the only brand to source and bottle their water from Fiji.

It isn’t surprising that Fiji water is a multi-billion dollar company today, offering quality water to numerous countries.

If you manage to get your hands on a bottle or two, you might as well try some recipes with this unique water.

Use it to make your favorite latte or something more daring.

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